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T.Sisk enters the game to pitch.  
  M.Wills lines a single to RCF.
DPSH++ W.Davis grounds one back to the pitcher who throws to second for the force.
DPSB W.Davis is caught stealing 2B.  
  B.Williams grounds a single to RCF.
  F.Howard walks.
  D.Clendenon takes ball four.
  J.Edwards flies out to RCF.
4/28/2013 4:20 PM
F.Howard walks.
D.Clendonon takes ball four.

Why are there 2 different explanations for a walk?
4/28/2013 4:22 PM
For the same reason there are multiple explanations of home runs... to give the play by play variety and realism.
4/28/2013 5:05 PM
4/28/2013 5:29 PM
Home Runs I can understand. One barely clears the wall, the another is crushed, and so on....
If it is variety that is needed in an explanation of a walk, how about, the pitch is just a bit outside or the ump missed that one right down the middle.
When you get F.Howard walks. and D.Clendonon takes ball four. that kind of variety and realism isn't really variety at all. Ho hum!

4/28/2013 6:39 PM
Breaking ball...just misses the strike zone. Ball four ! Clendenon heads to first. 

Almost a wild pitch. And he walks Frank Howard...

Clendenon ---just held up - they check with the third base umpire...no swing, ball four ! Clendenon walks. 

4/28/2013 7:56 PM
*is caught looking for strike 3*,
*swings and misses for strike 3*,
*strikes out looking*,
*is frozen on strike 3*,
*strikes out on a ball out of the zone*,

just to add color to the play-by-play
4/28/2013 8:59 PM
It would be cool if the words actually translated to the decision tree.  For example, a home run that "barely clears the wall" means something different in the Astrodome than it does in AFC in RL; since ballpark effects are part of the decision tree, that could actually mean something - you could see your park decision in action.  Similarly, a description of "leaning into the stands the SS caught the foul ball" would mean something different in Oakland Alameda than in just about any other park.  These descriptions would definitely enhance my game experience, although not my participation level (which, after all, is what it's all about).
4/29/2013 1:40 AM
I don't see how you could possibly incorporate foul territory into the sim engine as it's built now without it being a totally random afterthought...  You could, however, easily make the home run descriptions more meaningful.  If the sim is run with a 1000-sided die, maybe the average hitter has between 10 and 20 sides that pop up "home run" (obviously some could have many more).  Make the bottom 5 or 10% show up as just over, the top 20% can be crushed.  That wouldn't be hard to program in.
4/29/2013 5:25 AM
"The ball barely clears the wall. If only you had picked Shea or Dodger stadium, your team would have won the World Series, but instead a routine flyball in most parks just makes it over the LF fence in Wrigley field, and you are toast."

"High soaring flyball, a sure HR  in most parks is easily caught in the cavernous Astrodome, and your team goes home for the winter."
4/29/2013 7:48 AM
What's the difference? Topic

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