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Smokey, I strongly suggest that you first assign the 5 2nd teams with the bottom 5 picks to 4 different divisions FIRST. Three divisions will have one each, and the other will have two of them. THEN you assign the other 5, assuring that no owner has 2 teams in the same conference. I'll give you an example of what I would do using letters as teams, if you like it then you can randomly assign each guy a letter. You'll see what I mean in a minute (Sry using my phone to write this so it will take a few minutes)
4/30/2013 2:42 PM
Life would be a lot easier if we had an even number of repeats, but IMO this is how the 5-2x guys should be assigned:

Atl: C2, E2, A1
Cen: D2, B1

Mid: B2, C1
Pac: A2, D1, E1

With this:
A has C&D and E twice
B has C&D
C has A&B&E
D has A&B&E
E has C&D and A twice

With 5 guys and 10 teams at least two teams MUST end up in the same division both times, two guys get 3 of the other 4, and the last guy gets 2 of the 4.

Now all you have to do is randomly assign each of the 5 guys a different letter, apply the above, and randomly put the other 14 guys in a division, and ur done.
4/30/2013 3:24 PM (edited)
With the above the bottom 5 teams are evenly spread out, A1 is with E2, and A2 is with E1. Only the Atlantic gets two of the bottom 5 and the other three divisions each get 1. Since you placed these teams at the bottom Smokey, IMO if you want this league to have the parity you advertised then you should utilize the above suggestion.
4/30/2013 3:32 PM
Sounds good nate, we can do it that way. I just wanted to have the 2 teams in different conferences.
4/30/2013 3:36 PM
And I'm not saying the bottom 5 will suck per se, just that in a non-cap league they start at what IMO is an inherent disadvantage.
4/30/2013 3:39 PM
Thanks Smokey. For the record I have way more faith on your drawing out of a hat than I do any "random" WIS division assignments. And combined with the above all issues are resolved concerning separating the two-team owners not only from thier own teams but from each other as best you can with an odd number greater than four.
4/30/2013 3:48 PM (edited)
wrt draft position, I've drafted a couple of teams from deep in the draft, with the ABBA sequence, and they've done really well. The 1st & 48th vs 24th & 25th picks really levels the playing field. The draft stratagy for an early pick vs a late pick is very different, but either place can produce a solid team. A superstar usually requires a certain team design to support their talents (Wilt/MJ/Olajuwon), this is much harder to accomplish in a single instance draft. I think in this format a team without a superstar has more flexiblity in the draft, and is easier to build. Actually I'm 7th, the earlest pick I've ever had and I'm a bit unsure of how to proceed. But I'm excited about it, I'll figure out something. 
4/30/2013 5:53 PM
SIM's division assignments are alot of things, random isn't one of them.
4/30/2013 5:56 PM
Already this league is acting different, the norm for an open draft is to make a strong run on Centers. So far in the DDL draft it's gone; SG, PF, C, SF, C, SF & PG. The top players at each position went in the first 7 picks...hmmm. Knowing I was 7th, my 1st round board was; Karl Malone, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley & John Stockton and 2 players still at large. Thinking folks would run on Center, I thought the board was solid. It would appear "thinking" is way over rated.
4/30/2013 8:54 PM

Of course mentioning to the guy picking 2nd that you thought Karl Malone was the most valuable player in the draft wasn't too bright either.  You better win it all sky!  Remember I know where you buddy!

4/30/2013 9:01 PM
Random Division Assignments

Atlantic                                    Central                                        Midwest                                       Pacific                
badja                                       coachcroft                                   husker75                                       thomcat
alecmcafee                            kdforester                                   steelers821                                  shawbigred natenoy                                   cmcafeeky                                  dh555                                            98average
skypilot 1                                tanguma 1                                  smokey 1                                      jhsukow 1
carbonjones 1                       smokey 2                                   seapilots 1                                    tanguma 2
jhsukow 2                              seapilots 2                                 skypilot 2                                       carbonjones 2

Well now we know who our cellmates are for DDL #1
This may not be truly random due to to the 2 team owners, but it is surely without bias. Therefore the goal was achived.
Modified 5/2/13
5/2/2013 1:34 PM (edited)
nate, thx for the suggestion, I think I followed the directions correctly. Have a look...
4/30/2013 11:37 PM
Verified that its perfect Smokey (except for the fact that I have Barkley and the Admiral in my division already) Thanks for taking my suggestion.
5/1/2013 12:47 AM
Weekend at Bernie's
5/1/2013 10:20 AM
So is this 1979-80 through 1988-89? 
5/1/2013 4:13 PM
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