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80-81 to 89-90
5/1/2013 5:16 PM
Smokey, (very important), if jhsuk replaces cat's team then you should randomly select one of the three single entry teams from the Midwest and switch divisions with what will now be jhsuk's 2nd team. Should do this as soon as he is the confirmed owner.

This would accomplish the following:

(1) and most important, put jhsuk's two teams in separate conferences;
(2) Give each conference exactly three of the bottom six picks teams,
(3) Give each division exactly three of the multi-entry teams; and
(4) Give exactly two divisionss two of the bottom six while giving the other two exactly one.
5/1/2013 6:48 PM
nate, I'm going to repeat the whole division assignment process.
5/1/2013 7:32 PM
Smokey, Here is a suggested 6-man/ 12 teams single owner breakdown:

Div 1: A1, F1, D2
Div 2: B1, C2, E2

Div 3: C1, E1, A2
Div 4: D1, B2, F2

Will explain the logic and the breakdown in a minute, suggest you re-assign the letters to the now six teams, then do your random draw for the remaining 12 of us.
5/1/2013 10:43 PM
With 6 guys having 2x teams you can place exactly 3 in each division. If you go this route the 4 teams are paired with exactly one other team in both divisions they are in, and two other teams from the group. The other 2 teams are paired with 4 separate teams.

The above gives you:

(1) None of the six have two teams in the same conference
(2) One division in each conference has two of the bottom six and the other has one, each conference gets exactly 3 of the 6 from the bottom group of 6.
(3) The other division in each conference has exactly one of the bottom six and two other teams owned by a guy from the group of six.

Teams and who they are paired with:
Team A: C,D,E,F
Team B: C,D,E,F
Team C: A,B, & E(2x)
Team D; A.B, & F(2x)
Team E: A,B, & C(2x)
Team F: A.B, & D(2x)
5/1/2013 10:55 PM
Smokey I have one more suggestion on how to distribute the remaining 12 teams, this is not nearly as critical as separating each multi-team owner from themselves in each conference, but it would better distribute the top talent.

Note that the multi-team owner distribution and the 12 single teams are unique events and are not combined until the very end of the process. 

Here is what I would do: place the 12-teams in Pods containing 3 teams each and assigned by WHERE they selected their first round pick. It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that you ignore the 12 multi-teams when assigning these slots, I'll provide a better explanation in a moment.

Here would be the Pods:
Eastern Conference  
Pod #1: Pick 1, Pick 8, Pick 9
Pod #2: Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 12

Western Conference 
Pod #3: Pick 3, Pick 6, Pick 11
Pod #4: Pick 2, Pick 7, Pick 10

Will explain how this would impact us in just a minute in another post. For this to work you MUST assign letters  A-E to the other six teams on a completely RANDOM basis, the MJ team should have the same chance at drawing letter A as it does B, C, D, E, or F.

5/1/2013 11:30 PM (edited)
So for our league this WOULD be the process:

1) jhsukow - IGNORE Part of 6-man
2) skypilot - IGNORE
3) badja - Pod #1(Pick 1)
4) thomcat - Pod #4(Pick 2)
5) husker75 - Pod #3 (Pick 3)
6) carbonjones - IGNORE
7) smokey57 - IGNORE
8) coachcroft - Pod #2 (Pick 4)
9) kdforester - Pod #2 (Pick 5)
10) steelers821 - Pod #3 (Pick 6)
11) shawbigred - Pod #4 (Pick 7)
12) alecmcafee - Pod #1 (Pick 8)
13) tanguma44 - IGNORE
14) natenoy - Pod #1 (Pick 9) 
15) 98average - Pod #4 (Pick 10)
16) dh555 - Pod #3 (Pick 11)
17) seapilots - IGNORE
18) cmcafeeky - Pod #2 (Pick 12)

5/1/2013 11:20 PM
So now your four pods break down as:

Eastern Conference 
Pod #1: badja, alecmcafee, natenoy
Pod #2 coachcroft, kdforester, cmcafeeky

Western Conference
Pod #3: husker75, steelers821, dh555
Pod #4: thomcat, shawbigred, 98average

The next part HAS to be totally RANDOM.

5/1/2013 11:26 PM
So, PRIOR to randomly assigning letters A-E to the other 6 owners the conferences/ divisions would like this:

Atlantic: badja, alecmcafee, natenoy, A1, F1, D2
coachcroft, kdforester, cmcafeeky, B1, C2, E2

husker75, steelers821, dh555, C1, E1, A2
Pacific: thomcat, shawbigred, 98average D1, B2, F2

5/1/2013 11:46 PM (edited)
All that would be left at this point would be to RANDOMLY draw a letter out of the hat for the six remaining multi-team owners. Once you have each person's letter you know EXACTLY which division you place each of the remaining 12 teams in.
5/1/2013 11:46 PM
Doing the above maximizes the probability that the top players get evenly spread among the two conferences and four divisions. Yes, in theory jhsukow could draw letter A and skypilot could draw letter F, thus creating a MJ, Mailman, Bird divison (MY division mind you), BUT as long as the draw is truly RANDOM then the odds are EXACTLY the same that jhsukow could draw the C and skpilot the D, thus putting each of these guys in a separate division. 

I truly believe that using this suggested division assignment will give us the best chance at true parity in the league (the parity you have been talking about from the beginning smokey.) With the above we are VERY unlikely to end up with 6 really horrible teams in the same division and just as unlikely for one division to have 6 elite teams. With the above none of the divisions should become a cakewalk nor should they become a murders row.
5/2/2013 12:01 AM
One last thing, in case anyone is wondering I've run upwards of 200-250 fantasy leagues in my life (in all the major sports). Started in high school and it consumed about all of my free time until I got married. I've conducted drafts, created schedules, assigned teams to balanced divisions, been quoted by the Wall Street Journal and even wrote a piece for Jon Hunt of Baseball America about running drafts (which he heavily quoted and directed people to online) back when he was still there and it was called that. When it comes to division assignments I think WIS very closely parallels fantasy leagues, and I've been there done that more times than I want to recall.
5/2/2013 12:34 AM
nate, it is clear that you've put alot of thought and work into this and I'll adopt your statagy gladly. Thank you for the input, you've been a great help. I have a clear goal for the league, but I'm open to any suggestions that move us close to achiving the goal. Basicly I had an idea and a very rough plan to start with, the WIS BB community is filling in the details and I appreciate the effort. Vertually (pun intended) any idea that doesn't expand the draft pool will be given objective and serious consideration. Sky, seapilots dh & nate have contributed a great deal, even owners that aren't coming on the maiden run are giving me valuable input. A big "Thank You" to everyone who's helping. 
5/2/2013 4:20 AM
WRT the draft, I'm drafting 4 teams in 3 league as I write this and we're doing better in the DDL than the other 2 leagues. A forum draft is simply a slow process, but I really enjoy the draft and feel it's worth the time given the alternatives. So hang in there we're doing just fine. G'nite
5/2/2013 4:28 AM
The random draw

A - skypilot
B - Tanguma
C - smokey
D - sukow
E - seapilots
F - carbonjones
5/2/2013 11:18 AM
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