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Assist are going to be critical, but I've built many 30ast/g teams that get ast by committee. So load up on those 4-6 ast/g players. Without the assist your FG% will suffer also. Here's a phenom I've seen, you draft a team with 42 boards a game and average 50 boards a game...why. Because a basketball game is going to happen regardless of what you drafted. The number of possessions are dictated by tempo not players, 180-200 shots on net total per game at uptempo. Rebounds are a function of shots on net, but ast are the wild card. In this type of league with this limited player pool, you have consider advance stat's to draft off.
5/3/2013 10:39 PM
@ uptempo there's 100-110 rebounds on average, if you have the potential to take 50% wrt your opponent you'll average 50-55 rbs/g. Even if your numbers say you only drafted 42 rbs/g. The game is going to happen.
5/3/2013 10:52 PM
In a draft like this you have to have a team design that does things by committee. There just not enough players like stockton (14apg) but 3 x 5 ast works just fine and is harder to shut down.
5/3/2013 11:01 PM
I've noticed in the Era Draft format, that any player that was a "star" IRL is a "star" again, regardless of how he plays in WIS open format. So, when you have 4-5 players that can do the job, take the one that used to be in the highlights alot. In the Era Draft format Don Ohl is a "star"!!!
5/4/2013 3:43 PM
dh555, we have a difference of opinion, I think Magic is the 2nd best SG in the draft. For my 1st pick Magic was the player listed right below Stockton. The difference had to do with def rating.
5/4/2013 4:08 PM
Look at it this way, for PG I'm looking for ast% & Def. Magic - 377+69=446, Stockton - 431+80=511 So, I took Stockton.
If I want the BPA, I use salery because it's the indicator for the overall pakage. Then I would have taken Magic (11th vs 15th) and you would have been robbed. lol
Either way 7th taking 11th or 15th is an upgrade for the player wrt draft position.
5/4/2013 4:38 PM (edited)
I believe that each decade (X0-X9) forms a unique epoch in NBA history. Distinquished by distinctive traits, like Tempo, FG%, 3PTA, Defense & style. To me the 80's is the FG% epoch. I was thinking about running the DDL on a 10 season cycle using both X0-X9 & X5-X4 decades. Now I think the split decade era's are a blend of two different epochs therefore different than the x0-x9 epochs. The X5-X4 decades are a blend of two distinct eras creating a hybred player pool. I'm thinking they would be better in a new league called the Split Decade Draft League (SDDL).  The exact same rules using X5-X4 decades. I'll stagger the two draft starting one at the AS break of the other. They will both have a different flavor. This way each league will cycle on a 1 year basis. Comments...
5/4/2013 4:56 PM
Shame on me for thinking pippen would be there at 48....
5/4/2013 6:57 PM
Posted by natenoy on 5/3/2013 10:20:00 PM (view original):
Didn't say that I don't like the Price pick dh, because I do. I've seen teams in OL's win without three's and I'm likely 70/30 heading that way myself right now. At this point I figure my only way to get threes is by considering Rodman a PF. I KNOW I need ast% from pg, and there are plenty of very low usage guys with decent D at that position that offer that (and yea Price is a goldmine there because he gives you both ast% and threes). 

I figure the 67% Gilmore is like a really poor man's 66-67 Wilt with less rebounding (but not horrible for the 1980's only) a fraction of the assists and 3/4 of the minutes. Right now in an OL I have the 66-67 Wilt shooting over 71% and averaging close to 29ppg. Gilmore has the same 18.5 usage as that Wilt. With that team I have SG as my only usage position and Wilt is almost always the 2nd or 3rd highest usage guy on the floor for me(along with two guys that are sub-17.5), his FGA/48 is up over 25% from RL after 22 games. Trying to find a way to do the same with Gilmore here, but it will likely land me near the bottom in threes. With enough ast% I know I can hit 122-128 possessions and 92-96 FGA's a game, if I can keep Gilmore as my 2nd or 3rd option then I will hopefully be getting 200-300 extra shots from him, shots that have a 67% chance of going in, which IMO will net me more than a few extra W's.
oh i didnt think that nate...was just explaining why i went so far down the salary ladder

yea...i was really hoping youd let gilmore fall to me...hes insanely good in this league

5/4/2013 7:00 PM i said...i didnt think stockton was a bad pick....makes sense if you wanted him over magic....both guys are awesome

but you said stockton was by far the best pg....thats what i was calling you out on cause its just not true at all....magic should def be used as a pg

5/4/2013 7:05 PM
Was surprised Pippen was still there, too. He is not quite the defensive presence he would become. Marques 80s a notch or so behind Pippen defensively but offers some more offensive options depending on how the draft goes.   
5/4/2013 7:32 PM
Dh, I'm very happy that you and 98 are in the other conference, yea there are a lot of good owners, but the two of you are always near the top of the draft leagues I've been in.
5/4/2013 8:08 PM
Pippen went way late...
5/4/2013 8:24 PM

Notice - Do you guy's want a 72 hour trade period at the end of the draft, before we finalize our roster???

5/4/2013 8:27 PM
I'd be for it, why not.
5/4/2013 9:51 PM
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