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Select any team in MLB history. Using the chart below twist the appropriate number of players from your chosen team. The rest of your roster must be players from the same team and season as your selected team. Players must have appeared in at least one game from your chosen team and season to be eligible to be twisted.

110 mil salary cap
NO WW, DH or clones
Trades are allowed as long as they don't create a clone situation.
AAA will be 6/2 below average
Ballpark must be from the team and season you selected

40 games must be played live to participate in the post season.

If your chosen team does not have 25 players available to be drafted any 200k player can be used to fill the openings

 2 twists   .600 pct or better
 3 twists   .580 to .599 pct
 4 twists   .560 to .579 pct
 5 twists   .540 to .559 pct
 6 twists   .520 to .539 pct
 7 twists   .500 to .529 pct
10 twists  .470 to .499 pct
unlimited twists  any team .469 pct or less

5/22/2013 6:15 PM (edited)
Interested owners:

1.szczubelek (1964 Houston Colt .45s)   .407 (unlimited)
2.dahsdebater (1982 New York Yankees)   .488 (10 twists)
3.braveboy73 (2008 Atlanta Braves)   .444 (unlimited)
4.donaldjtrump(1986 Chicago Cubs)   .438 (unlimited)
5.steve9955(1966 Boston Red Sox)   .444 (unlimited)
6.Yaz_Benders (1921 Cincinnati Reds)   .458 (unlimited)
7.joshkvt (1983 Boston Red Sox)   .481 (10 twists)
8.gusv (1944 St. Louis Cardinals)   .682 (2 twists)
9.arvidjosef (1991 Houston Astros)   .401 (unlimited)
10.steve9955 (1948 Cleveland Indians)   .626 (2 twists)
11.szczubelek (1907 New York Highlanders)   .473 (10 twists)
12.jocrane14 (2008 Los Angeles Dodgers)   .519 (7 twists)
13.11kwyetman28 (1984 Milwaukee Brewers)  .416 (unlimited)
14.dmoss (1992 Los Angeles Dodgers)   .389 (unlimited)
15.dmoss (1981 Pittsburgh Pirates)   .451 (unlimited)
16.blaisebbss8 (1888 St. Louis Browns) over .600 (2 twists)

Waiting List

6/12/2013 7:49 AM (edited)
You need a season...

'27 Yankees will be tough, even with only 2 twists.  I'll let someone else have them, though, since I'm such a nice guy.  I'll pick a team and let you know.

4/30/2013 1:38 PM
Let's try the '82 Yankees.
4/30/2013 2:04 PM
And 2009 Mets.  If somebody wants that Yankee team badly enough I'll let them have it.  Since they're Yankees.
4/30/2013 2:09 PM
I will try the 2008 Atlanta braves please
5/2/2013 2:42 AM
I'll go with 1964 Houston Colt .45s  .407 pct
5/2/2013 8:25 AM
1986 Chicago Cubs (70-90, .438 win pct.)
5/2/2013 11:31 PM
1966 Boston Red Sox -- .444
5/7/2013 5:23 AM
I'll take the 1921 Reds, thanks - winning % of .458
5/11/2013 4:05 AM
I'll be in, team TBA
5/11/2013 11:42 AM
1944 Cards (105-49), over .600 winning percentage (2 twists) ... Stab Da Man (deceased in Jan) - and a few other bats in Kurowski, Sanders, and Hopp- and a fine pitching rotation of Cooper, Lanier, Wilks and Brecheen; with Munger and Gumbert in the BP ... 
5/12/2013 10:10 PM
WIS only gave me 24 players for 1944 Cards line up ... Will draft 1943 back up OF Frank Demaree (455k, 103 PA's) and eject him for AAA at season start ... Shortage in line up occurs with old time teams a lot ...  
5/12/2013 10:52 PM
Oops ... WIS only gave me 23 players  for 1944 Cards line up ... Will also draft 1945 back up OF Jim Mallory (648k, 155 PA's) and eject him for AAA at season start ... 
5/12/2013 10:59 PM

hey Gus, I think you should be able to draft any 200k player so long as you then drop him into AAA permanently - of course, coming from me, that's not official...
welcome aboard anyway!

5/12/2013 11:32 PM
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Winning Pct Twist-waiting list Topic

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