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Down to 5
5/7/2013 4:52 PM
I was one of those five, in now.
5/7/2013 11:46 PM
Final four are Bbondsmvp, elleryq, lenbo, and mensu.
5/8/2013 8:53 AM
Roster sent.  Was without internet service from midnight Friday night until late Tuesday waiting installation from my new internet provider.  My apologies to all.


5/9/2013 2:24 AM
Lenbo and elleryq are the last two out. Reminders sent.
5/9/2013 9:46 AM
Lenbo is in.
5/9/2013 3:50 PM
Elleryq is in. Results will be released tomorrow.
5/9/2013 10:00 PM
Hurray! I went for the usual suspects on my pitching staff but quite a few lesser known names for my position players. I'm curious to see how my strategy worked out.
5/9/2013 10:38 PM
I'm looking forward to improving on my first effort in this league.  Noplace to go but up after losing 102 with my 1890's pitching staff, Matty, Johnson in the bullpen with their cheapest partial seasons, Rusie losing 30.  A lot of great owners in this league, I'm hoping to pick up some creds. 
5/9/2013 11:29 PM
OK, finally ready to go. (This would go faster if I didn't have blacklisted players to replace.) As always, we bigin with the most requested players. If you have any of these guys, your rebuilding program can start.

5   3  
Luke Appling Roberto Alomar
Rogers Hornsby Bill Bernhard
Doc White Ty Cobb
    Mickey Cochrane
4   Wilson Delgado
Mordecai Brown Roger Maris
Max Carey Joe Mauer
Elton Chamberlain Willie McGee
Roy Cullenbine Art Nehf
Tony Gwynn Placido Polanco
Greg Maddux Ed Reulbach
Pete Rose J.R. Richard
Ed Walsh Ted Simmons
    Zane Smith
    Fred Toney
    John Tudor
    Dazzy Vance
5/10/2013 1:55 PM
Now, time to send out sitemails, followed by posting the master list.
5/10/2013 1:56 PM
Everyone should have their sitemail and the master list is up.

bbondsmvp 16
beauchamp 10
boclaird 14
brocktoon93 20
cholatse 15
dcmatcheck 18
dlchow 12
donburgh 18
elleryq 12
gbakker 5
halo23 15
jbap17 11
lenbo1212 23
mensu1954 19
mllama54 18
newarkwilder 21
nmchnv 12
pfattkatt 12
rickysdad44 20
sinfonian11 16
skunk206 16
spinaldog 17
The Taint 13
truemen 17
5/10/2013 2:23 PM
Although gbakker only claimed five players, he made the most amazing successful claim that I can recall. He was able to secure the services of one George Herman Ruth.
5/10/2013 2:25 PM
OTOH, dlchow snared both Joe Dimaggio AND Ted Williams! Were we all napping, or something?

EDIT:Looking over dlchow's list, he also got Lou Gehrig, Stan Musial, Tony Lazzeri, and Prince Fielder. It'll be interesting to see how he tries to afford all that.
5/10/2013 2:31 PM (edited)

Finally, the list of players claimed exactly twice, and who claimed them. Just so you all know who to blame later.


Doyle Alexander nmchnv;pfattkatt   Manny Martinez newarkwilder;nmchnv
Richie Ashburn newarkwilder;The Taint   Pedro Martinez dlchow;The Taint
Adrian Beltre brocktoon93;donburgh   Christy Mathewson bbondsmvp;gbakker
Tiny Bonham cholatse;mllama54   Tim McCabe mensu1954;pfattkatt
Bobby Bonilla beauchamp;mllama54   John McGraw elleryq;jbap17
Denis Boucher rickysdad44;spinaldog   George McQuillan newarkwilder;truemen
Kevin Brown beauchamp;dlchow   Eddie Murray gbakker;rickysdad44
Ray Caldwell dcmatcheck;skunk206   Ray Narleski dcmatcheck;mllama54
Cisco Carlos beauchamp;truemen   Mel Ott boclaird;dlchow
Gary Carter beauchamp;dlchow   Troy Percival jbap17;sinfonian11
Eddie Cicotte dlchow;gbakker   Jack Pfiester gbakker;skunk206
Roger Clemens dlchow;donburgh   Tony Phillips halo23;spinaldog
Guy Cooper elleryq;skunk206   Tim Raines gbakker;pfattkatt
George Davis halo23;jbap17   Mariano Rivera boclaird;jbap17
Dizzy Dean elleryq;nmchnv   Fernando Rodney spinaldog;truemen
Bobby Doerr boclaird;cholatse   Alex Rodriguez boclaird;brocktoon93
Ferris Fain jbap17;truemen   Bret Saberhagen dlchow;nmchnv
Russ Ford boclaird;skunk206   Pablo Sandoval bbondsmvp;cholatse
Jimmie Foxx elleryq;gbakker   Hank Severeid beauchamp;The Taint
Frankie Frisch gbakker;mllama54   Bobby Shantz boclaird;newarkwilder
Ralph Garr skunk206;truemen   Ozzie Smith elleryq;The Taint
Al Grabowski beauchamp;brocktoon93   Tris Speaker elleryq;gbakker
Billy Hamilton boclaird;gbakker   Elmer Steele elleryq;pfattkatt
Harry Heilmann cholatse;skunk206   Miguel Tejada dlchow;lenbo1212
Tom Henke boclaird;jbap17   Luis Tiant halo23;The Taint
Bill Henry jbap17;The Taint   Omar Vizquel gbakker;mensu1954
Tom Herr mensu1954;rickysdad44   Honus Wagner donburgh;sinfonian11
Gregg Jefferies beauchamp;The Taint   John Wehner bbondsmvp;donburgh
Walter Johnson bbondsmvp;gbakker   Hoyt Wilhelm bbondsmvp;mensu1954
Addie Joss gbakker;halo23   Dave Winfield dlchow;spinaldog
Sandy Koufax dlchow;sinfonian11   Ross Youngs jbap17;skunk206
Felipe Lopez halo23;truemen   Robin Yount dlchow;nmchnv
Mickey Mantle beauchamp;spinaldog        
5/10/2013 2:36 PM
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