5/7/2013 10:32 AM
Has anyone had any success running the wishbone? This is my first beta season, and I just did a few test games against teams with comparable talent. I've got my gameplan set to resemble an old school triple option wishbone atttack, but the offense did not look good in the few games I tried. It was just a bunch of 2-4 yard runs all resulting in 3rd down and 1-4 yards with a punt, all game long. Does anyone run the wishbone? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.
5/7/2013 1:51 PM
Ah... been meaning to bring this up...  Pretty much the same poor results here.  The senior RB that I just graduated in DII Romero rushed for over 3700 yards and 37 TD, and the entire stable of backs ran for well over 5000 yards last season, but none of that was out of wishbone.  I toyed around with a fairly heavy wishi attack in test games, only passing on 3'rd and long or medium, and had pretty much no success with it.  I tried inside running, outside running, balanced, vs. the default D's of sim teams or the custom d's of human teams, and a variety of D's vs. my own team and couldn't seem to get it off the ground.  I don't remember seeing any of the human opponents that I've played run it either.  Great you brought this up, as I'd be interested if anyone IS having any definitive success with it.
5/9/2013 1:34 AM
No definite success, but is one of three formations I use. Nearly all  of the success is to the outside. Had some success throwing out of it because everyone usually is in 4-4 trying to stop the run. Good outside receiver with high speed, elusiveness, and hands was a big factor.
5/9/2013 12:50 PM
Man, that's too bad. I love the wishbone, even though I was an Air Raid QB. Something about that old fashioned style has always had a place in my heart. I may stick with it and just suffer through some losing seasons to see if something changes in the Beta. But most likely I'll just switch to the I-Formation. Any ideas about the Notre Dame Box?
5/9/2013 2:38 PM
Had a DIII RB rush for 4600 yds most out of the I formation.  Tried ND Box and Wishbone but loads more sucess out of the I.  He was a power back who ran inside the best.
5/13/2013 10:39 PM
I agree.  Wishbone seems to be less effective then other formations

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