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Last Night
#2 Buena Vista 81   #1 Millsaps 85
I'd say that this one was as good as advertised.  The first half was filled with alternating leads ending with Millsaps holding a 4 point advantage.  brianxavier must have really made some ingenious defensive adjustments in the locker room during the break because in the second half Millsaps rode some tough defense to an 18 point lead with ten minutes left.  But then Buena Vista came charging back, all the way back to tie the game with three minutes to play.  They traded scores down the stretch but Millsaps grabed two steals in the last minute to build a lead and then made their free throws to seal it.  Millsaps had five scorers in double figures including John Teeter with 26, just outscoring Buena Vista's Tim Arriola who notched 23.  I'll hold off making any jokes about those two names and just end by mentioning that both teams kept their rankings from yesterday.

Also considered:  #10 Emory had no problem with Wooster 66-48 (stupid refs), Wisconsin Superior handled Emmanuel 59-45, and #15 Elizabethtown got a 3ptr with two seconds left to send it to overtime and a tip-in with eight seconds left in OT to get the 77-74 victory over Lynchburg.

Sim blowout watch:  UMass Boston got within 35 at #16 Tufts 57-92 and Bard had an impressive showing, only losing by 18 at #11 Old Westbury 54-72.

#3 Susquehanna (8-0)(zeuspole) at #6 Wisconsin Superior (7-1)(cbryant31)
Tonight we have another match up between top ten teams that the odds-makers are putting at a pick.  Susquehanna puts their undefeated record on the line and Wisconsin Superior looks to move into the top five.  Should be another good one.

Also considered: #9 Willamette at #8 Colorado, Hardin-Simmons at #10 Emory, Rivier at #14 Penn St. Altoona, and a battle of whits as #7 Whittier visits Whitworth.

Sim blowout watch: DeSales is getting 42 when it visits #11 Old Westbury and Skidmore is a 50 point underdog at fellow Sim Cabrini

5/22/2013 3:33 PM
Last Night
#2 Susquehanna 52   #9 Wisconsin Superior 50
We saw a fairly low-scoring affair last night with Wisconsin Superior holding a small lead through the first half.  The second half started with a scoreless stretch for both teams that lasted almost five minutes, not sure if it was good defense or sad offense.  Susquehanna was able to get a few more buckets down the stretch and pulled a couple points ahead.  The game ended with Chad Hagins getting a critical block of a Wisconsin Superior tying layup attempt with just one second left.  Susquehanna and zeuspole stay undefeated and jump up one spot in the rankings while Wisconsin Superior and cbryant drop three spots to #9.

Also considered:  #6 Colorado kept their perfect record with a 72-63 win over #15 Willamette, Hardin-Simmons scored a nice upset over #19 Emory 63-48, #12 Penn St. Altoona held off Rivier 53-48, and #7 Whittier proved the sharpest Whit beating Whitworth 65-55.

Sim blowout watch:  DeSales closed the gap to just 10 points against #11 Old Westbury 59-69 and Skidmore juuuuust barely squeaked out a cover of the 50 points against fellow-Sim Cabrini 46-93.

#6 Colorado (9-0)(bdpoor) at #21 Howard Payne (7-2)(aggiegeog)
Only two games tonight between ranked teams and this one should be a quality affair.  Colorado looks to remain undefeated and is favored by just 2 points while visiting Howard Payne.  You could say that the hosts are looking to "bring the Payne".  Or maybe Colorado is visiting the House of Payne.  Or more likely you could say that my attempts at jokes here can be somewhat Payneful.

Also considered: #22 Ursinus at #19 Emory, #10 Elizabethtown at Wittenberg (they're back!), S. Vermont at #15 Willamette

Sim blowout watch: 0-9 Juniata is getting a deserved 75 points as they visit #11 Old Westbury and Johns Hopkins is receiving a 66 point buffer against #4 Greensboro.
5/23/2013 2:45 PM
Believe it or not, my Willamette squad had an 18 point lead with 11:30 minutes remaining against Colorado and proceeded to go on a 0-24 run.  Next time I am thinking about calling a time out.
5/23/2013 7:20 PM
Great job pseudochamp....keep up the great work.
5/23/2013 7:58 PM
Anyone interested in joining the Concordia Invitational? We are looking for one team.
5/23/2013 9:01 PM
Sure, I'd be interested in giving it a try if you're still looking for someone.
5/24/2013 12:24 AM
Last Night
#7 Colorado 72   #19 Howard Payne 75
I wouldn't really describe it as "bringing the Payne" but Howard Payne held the lead for most of the game until Colorado staged a late charge to tie the game at 65 with just under three minutes left.  Howard Payne then used some solid defense to get back in front by 4 with a minute left and then held on for dear life.  They certainly made things more difficult for themselves with some truly Payneful free throw shooting, missing six straight freebies with a 1 point lead.  Colorado couldn't take advantage though and suffered their first loss of the season.  Howard Payne and aggiegoog move up a couple spots to #19 while Colorado and bdpoor slip one spot to #7.

Also considered: #18 Ursinus knocked Emory from the top 25 with a 56-46 win, #6 Elizabethtown handled Wittenberg 76-56, and #11 Willamette held off S. Vermont 65-56.

Sim blowout watch:  Juniata only lost by 34 to #15 Old Westbury 52-86 and #4 Greensboro was almost our first confirmed Sim blowout bully but Johns Hopkins covered by 3 points 50-113.

Enjoy the rest day tonight, GotN is back tomorrow.
5/24/2013 1:12 PM
Conference season kicks off tonight, here we go...

CSU Eastbay (10-0)(cstruck23) at #7 Colorado (9-1)(bdpoor)
Colorado looks to rebound from a loss by kicking off the conference season against undefeated CSU Eastbay.  Winner gets the early lead in the south division of the SoCo conference.

Also considered: #17 Centre at #1 Millsaps, #15 W. New England at Suffolk, #25 Texas Lutheran at Austin

Sim blowout watch:  I'm so excited for conference season, finally my chance to blow out some sims!  Oberlin is getting a generous 52 points at #23 Wooster, Pittsburgh Greensburg and California Tech are both getting 42 against #2 Susquehanna and #10 Whittier respectively.

5/25/2013 6:54 PM
Last Night
#25 CSU Eastbay 84   #17 Colorado 74
Colorado maintained a lead for most of the first half and halfway through the second half, but then CSU Eastbay surged ahead by scoring 29 points in the last ten minutes.  They closed out the ten point victory with a few defensive stops and a clutch 3ptr with just over a minute left.  CSU Eastbay and cstruck got balanced scoring from all five starters and move up into the rankings with the win.  Colorado and bdpoor fall down to #17.

Also considered: #1 Millsaps handled Centre 80-58, #9 W. New England did the same with Suffolk 76-54, and #21 Texas Lutheran ran up the score on Austin 116-86.

Sim blowout watch: Oberlin got within 26 against #23 Wooster 58-84, California Tech also covered against #14 Whittier 59-80, and finally we get our first sim blowout bully as #2 Susquehanna officially blew out Pittsburgh Greensburg 107-47.  Boom.

#1 Millsaps (11-0)(brianxavier) at #5 Trinity (10-1)(bobmeyer)
These two teams can claim to be the top teams in each of the University conference divisions and their only match up of the regular season comes early in the conference slate.  Millsaps is on an impressive roll and has looked very impressive every time out.  Trinity is just behind in both rankings and RPI but this game will be their toughest task so far.  bomeyer has only won one out of fifteen against brianxavier so he surely has some revenge motivation.

Also considered: #9 W. New England at St. Joseph's, Ohio Wesleyan at #23 Wooster, Piedmont at Palm Beach Atlantic

Sim blowout watch: #2 Susquehanna looks for another victim with Juniata getting an impressive 89 points at home, California Lutheran is getting 67 while hosting #17 Colorado, and Linfield is a 66 point underdog at home against #12 Chapman
5/26/2013 4:27 PM
Last Night
#1 Millsaps 73   #4 Trinity 88
Trinity caught fire late in the first half and charged to a 11 point advantage at the break.  Millsaps couldn't climb back into the game during the second half and Trinity finished off the upset to give the top ranked team their first loss.  As Neo would say, there is no spoon.  Trinity and bobmeyer were led by David Lee's 23 points and moved up one spot to #4.  Millsaps and brianxavier got double digits from four guards but it wasn't enough to prevent the loss, though they retain the top ranking.

Also considered: #7 W. New England remained undefeated with a 56-41 win over St. Joseph's, Ohio Wesleyan scored a road upset over Wooster 75-68 (boo), and Palm Beach Atlantic handled Piedmont 76-65.

Sim blowout watch: Ok, now #2 Susquehanna is just being mean.  They ran uptempo the whole game to run up the score over Juniata and got a second consecutive official blowout 136-41.  An impressive tripling up on the sim, very nice.  The other two sims fared much better by covering both spreads, California Lutheran lost to #19 Colorado 54-80 and Linfield fell to #17 Chapman 54-89.

#2 Susquehanna (12-0)(zeuspole) at #8 Penn St. Altoona (10-2)(frankgrimes1)
I don't think Susquehnna is going to be tripling up their opponent tonight as they visit the defending champ.  Should be a very good game, with a win Susquehanna could argue for the top ranking.

Also considered: #10 Vassar at #15 Utica, Swanee at #24 Centre, #25 John Carroll at Marietta

Sim blowout watch: Penn St. Berks is getting 40 points at #23 Dickinson and Whitman is getting a modest 28 hosting #9 Willamette.

5/27/2013 12:12 PM
Last Night
#6 Susquehanna 50   #8 Penn St. Altoona 57
It was a very close, low-scoring game throughout with Penn St. Altoona maintaining a small lead most of the way.  Susquehanna made a late push but Penn St. Altoona sank their free throws to close out the 7 point victory, much to the delight of the sims at Pittsburgh Greenburg and Juniata.  These two teams are obviously very evenly matched and a tiny advantage in 3pt and free throw shooting proved to be the difference for defending champs Penn St. Altoona and frankgrimes.  Susquehanna and zeuspole suffer their first loss of the season, slip down to #6, and immediately begin looking forward to the rematch later this season.

Also considered: #9 Vassar rode a big second half to a 89-74 win over #23 Utica, Centre missed a game-tying shot at the end and fell to Sewanee 62-60, and #21 John Carroll shot Marietta out of the gym 92-62.

Sim blowout watch: Yet another sim failed to cover as Penn St. Berks fell to #25 Dickinson 57-114 while Whitman did much better only losing by 10 to #13 Willamette 53-63.

#24 Capital (12-1)(buckeye101) at #21 John Carroll (11-2)(whit6r)
Tonight we have the first of two games between these ranked Ohio conference foes.  Both are 3-0 in conference play, both have an RPI in the 30's, and the odds-makers have the visitors as a 1 point favorite.  Incredibly, this is the fiftieth regular season battle between these two coaches as buckeye looks to improve on his 27-22 record against whit6r.

Also considered: #1 Millsaps at Sewanee, #10 Howard Payne at Austin, Wooster at Wittenberg

Sim blowout watch: Linfield is getting 64 points hosting #13 Willamette and Johns Hopkins is getting 50 points at home against #25 Dickinson.

5/28/2013 11:51 AM
The last time I got mentioned in this I got beat by a sim that I should have blown out by 60.   Haha.
5/28/2013 7:52 PM
Last Night
Capital 62   #18 John Carroll 76
My jinxing powers over Capital struck again as my picking them as game of the night doomed them to fall at John Carroll.  The Capital players must have been out late the night before because they looked sleepy in the first half, quickly falling behind by double digits.  They made an attempt at a comeback in the second half but the hole was too big and John Carroll and whit6r held on for the win to move up to #18.  I would like to personally apologize to Capital and buckeye for jinxing them again, I'm sorry and I promise it won't happen again.  Probably.

Also considered: #1 Millsaps pulled away late against Sewanee 67-57, #10 Howard Payne came all the way back from a 15 halftime deficit and made two free throws with four seconds left to nip Austin 97-96, and I don't have anything rational to say about the Wooster/Wittenberg game.  In fact, let's never speak of it again.

Sim blowout watch: Both sims had no trouble covering last night as Linfield lost to #16 Willamette 56-79 and Johns Hopkins fell to Dickinson 70-94.

#6 W. New England (14-0)(rednu) at Daniel Webster (10-3)(kermit)
Obviously rednu picked the wrong season to be too busy for these writeups, he could have been raving about his team every night.  W. New England looks to continue rolling with another conference road test.  kermit is behind in games between these two 6-9 and Daniel Webster is getting 8 points at home.

Also considered: #14 Emerson at #25 Johnson and Wales, #16 Willamette at Chapman, #24 Emory at Swanee

Sim blowout watch: Widener is getting 69 as they visit #8 Penn St. Altoona and La Roche is a 38 point underdog at #7 Susqeuhanna.
5/29/2013 12:09 PM
Posted by buckeye101 on 5/28/2013 7:52:00 PM (view original):
The last time I got mentioned in this I got beat by a sim that I should have blown out by 60.   Haha.
I swear buckeye, I'm not doing it on purpose.
5/29/2013 12:10 PM
Last Night
#5 W. New England 87   Daniel Webster 78
W. New England pulled ahead at the end of a very tight first half and maintained that lead through the entire second half for a solid 9 point victory.  rednu and W. New England spread the scoring around with five players in double figures and remained undefeated, moving up one spot in the rankings.  Daniel Webster and kermit suffer another loss in conference play, much like the real Daniel Webster's three failed campaigns for the White House.

Also considered: #21 Johnson and Wales deals the first defeat to sim-controlled #22 Emerson 98-89, #14 Willamette handled Chapman 80-65, and Sewanee upended Emory in OT 88-80.

Sim blowout watch: Widener covered the spread against #8 Penn St. Altoona 49-99 as did La Roche against #7 Susquehanna 72-103.

#5 W. New England (15-0)(rednu) at #22 Emerson (13-1)(Sim)
Only one game tonight between ranked teams and it involves a simmy and a team from last night's GotN, but I'm picking it anyway.  W. New England looks for yet another conference road victory to stay undefeated and near the top of the rankings.  Emerson is carrying the flag for all the sims and looks to stay in the top 25 with all those smelly humans.

Also considered: Ozarks at #6 Trinity, Hardin-Simmons at #10 Howard Payne, E. Oregon at #14 Willamette, #21 Johnson and Wales at Rivier

Sim blowout watch: Poor winless Worcester St. is getting 72 points hosting #13 Tufts, Widener is getting 67 at #7 Susquehanna, and Central is getting 60 against #2 Buena Vista.
5/30/2013 1:17 PM
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