5/10/2013 12:25 PM
it wasn't just a survey. it was 'everyone get tested- if a certain percentage of you (or more) fail the PED test, we will enact penalties. and regardless of what the pa says, enough players failed the test to start the penalizing phase. the union is ****** (rightfully so) that the names got matched to the samples and were made public (some of them).
if it was just a survey and no testing, every player would just say 'no, i'm not juicing' and that would be the end of it. sadly for the pa, taking players at their word would not be enough for the issue to go away, hence the tests.

at the time, mlb and the pa were denying that roids were a big issue. the players thought 'im not gonna stop juicing cause nobody is supposed to find out its me', so they took the tests and failed
5/10/2013 12:47 PM
i like this part the best:

“Third, in 2003, legally available nutritional supplements could trigger an initial

"positive" test under our program. To account for this, each "test" conducted in

2003 actually consisted of a pair of collections: the first was unannounced and

random, the second was approximately 7 days later, with the player advised to

cease taking supplements during the interim. Under the 2003 program, a test

could be initially reported as "positive", but not treated as such by the bargaining

parties on account of the second test. “

5/10/2013 12:53 PM
in other words, players could have tested positive from the first, unannounced test (which according to the pa is worthless cause it could have been a false positive). if that happened, we told the guy to stop roiding for a week when the next test would take place and hopefully the player passed that test so we can have the first one argued to be inaccurate. but even if he failed the second test we still say it was a false positive. so no player (even if they tested positive, possibly twice in 8 days) is allowed to have been categorized as a PED test failure
5/10/2013 12:56 PM
Did burnsy write that rebuttal?
5/10/2013 2:41 PM
i'm gonna say yes
5/10/2013 3:18 PM
8/2/2013 9:25 AM
"Waaahh!!!  I only swing at strikes!  I never swing at balls!!!  I have never not swung at a strike in my career!!!!"

Can anyone else say "Roid Rage???"

8/2/2013 9:26 AM
Waaahh!!!!!  I wanna contract extension!!!   Waaaaahhhh!!!!
3/11/2014 4:47 PM
Dang, Yankees fan?
3/11/2014 7:29 PM
Nope.  Pirates fan like you are.  I just happen to be stuck here in Red Sux country.
3/11/2014 9:19 PM
I like the Sox too.
More love. Less hate
3/12/2014 7:04 PM

David Ortiz reprimanded by MLB

Updated: June 21, 2014, 12:06 AM ET

Major League Baseball executive vice president for baseball operations Joe Torre on Friday scolded Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz for showing his displeasure about an official scorer's decision earlier this week.

"Official scorers have a job to do, and by their very nature, their decisions don't make everyone happy," Torre said in a statement released by MLB on Friday. "But everyone in our game deserves respect. I hope that David will meet that standard going forward, because I don't share the same views that he expressed."

Asked about Torre's statement before Friday night's game in Oakland, California, Ortiz said, "I got no comment on that."

The call in question took place when Ortiz hit a sharp two-hopper just to the right of Twins first baseman Joe Mauer in the seventh inning of Wednesday's game at Fenway Park. The ball bounced off Mauer's glove and rolled a few feet away. The off-balance Mauer was unable to recover, and Ortiz reached first base safely.

After viewing a couple of replays, the official scorer, Bob Ellis, charged Mauer with an error. When the inning ended, Ortiz could be seen yelling at the press box, making a thumbs-down motion several times to indicate his displeasure with the call.

After the game, Ortiz was still fuming, saying he "thought people were supposed to have your back at home, and it never happens.

"It's always like that," he continued. "I've been here for more than a decade and the scorekeepers here are always horrible. This is home, man."

Torre took issue with Ortiz's contention that an official scorer should give some leeway to the home team in making decisions on hits and errors.

"Official scorers should never give any benefit of the doubt to the home team. We want their best judgment, based on the rules," Torre said. "We have a process to review the decisions that our scorers make. Even when there are inevitable disagreements, we expect everybody to act professionally and respect the game and the integrity of our scorers."

Red Sox manager John Farrell says the team plans to appeal the decision.

"I think the thing that could be said is any time there's a discrepancy, a dispute or differing of opinion, there's a process that the play can be forwarded for further review, and that's what we'll do with David's ball that glanced off Mauer's glove the other day," he said.

Farrell dismissed Ortiz's reaction as a slumping slugger blowing off some steam. 

Ortiz, who is hitting just .188 this month, felt justified in venting.

"I've got to make it clear," Ortiz said Wednesday. "It's not my first rodeo, man. You know how hard it is to get a hit, man?"

It's not clear whether Ortiz was also fined.

Information from ESPNBoston.com's Gordon Edes and ESPNBoston.com contributor Eric Gilmore was used in this report.


6/21/2014 9:36 AM
What a *****!

David Ortiz=Barry Bonds
6/21/2014 9:37 AM
Barry Bonds is calling Ortiz a whining *****.
6/21/2014 9:46 AM
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