5/11/2013 12:56 AM (edited)
I started this thread so that coaches could post their PLAY OF THE DAY. This would be the play that they though was the biggest headscratcher in their recent game.

I'll start:

 OFF: Trips    DEF: Nickel
99 WR1 Michael Harvey speed = 57
85 LB1 Mark McLean speed = 26

3:56 Own 27 3rd & 8

Daniel Lopez takes the snap and drops back to pass. [Pass Defense - medium cover] Lopez throws to a covered Harvey (Young, Smith) at the SWO 25 (deep). Harvey pulls in the catch. Harvey breaks a tackle by Mark McLean and runs into the end zone. 73 yards gain. TOUCHDOWN.

So my 26 speed LB was able to track a 57 speed WR (not in coverage) back 50 yards downfield to miss the tackle.  Hmmmm.
5/12/2013 9:43 PM
he had the angel.     not the angle
5/13/2013 4:24 PM
Whats your QB arm strength? Maybe he floated one real high in the air, caught an updraft lofting it even higher, finally catching a tailwind taking it to the wr. Thus allowing the 26 speed LB to catch up. Dang Mox; I thought you knew!
5/14/2013 8:27 PM (edited)
6:42 Own 28 3rd & 7   OFF: Pro-Set    DEF: 4-4
93 QB Jerry Doyle
92 OL1 Louis Lewis
91 OL2 Nathan Melton
92 OL3 Clarence Glass
91 OL4 Jerry Harvey
90 OL5 Aaron Robinson
92 TE Jason Simmons
90 RB1 Kenneth Mendez
92 RB2 Peter Knox
93 WR1 Joshua York
92 WR2 Michael Jones
98 DL1 Joshua Gonzales
90 DL2 Robert Groves
100 DL3 Randall Blackmon
98 DL4 Edgar Brown
90 LB1 James Davis
88 LB2 Charles Smith
86 LB3 Ruben Thomason
89 LB4 Robert Johnson
98 CB1 Frank McKinney
90 CB2 Robert Kurtz
97 FS Derek Maldonado

Jerry Doyle takes the snap and drops back to pass. [Pass Defense - medium cover] Doyle throws to Jones (McKinney, Maldonado, Smith) at the BCV 36 (medium). Jones pulls in the catch. Charles Smith can't get his hands on Jones. Frank McKinney trips up Jones to bring him down at the USS 1. 71-yard gain.

Here's my play ? - How can a 71 yard pass completion occur when I make the correct call - Pass medium - and have triple coverage? Seems we get no credit for having all the right defense.

5/14/2013 9:24 PM (edited)

Give this Berg guy credit!

12:54 Own 27 2nd & 8   OFF: Trips    DEF: Nickel
99 QB James Jones
100 TE Michael Smith
97 RB Antonio Davis
98 LB2 Larry Berg

James Jones takes the snap and drops back to pass. [Pass Defense - long cover] The defense is starting to get pressure on Jones. The defense has heavy pressure on Jones. Smith (Berg) is well covered at the SWO 33 (short). Smith (Berg) is well covered at the SWO 32 (short). Jones throws to a covered Davis (Berg) behind the line of scrimmage (very short). Davis makes the catch. Larry Berg gets a hand on Davis to bring him down at the SWO 29. 2-yard gain.

 He covered everyone and then made the tackle! This may work inside a computer where there there is no width to the field, but realistically I don't think both targets would be in the same location to be covered by the same player.

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