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The lists of Available players from the NL 1946, the AL 1946 and the list of Secondary players available to draft are all on page 4 of this forum thread. 
5/15/2013 10:03 AM
  I addeda request for the waiting list. Just had a cornea transplant and am in the recovery mode.
5/15/2013 6:01 PM
You are on the waiting list blues322 and if anyone has a reason they need to leave their team, we will be delighted to have you in the league and more delighted to know that your eye has healed well. 
5/15/2013 6:06 PM
Our founding draft of National League 1946 players is taking place now in the forum that league member owners should all see called "Space Age Progressive (Temporary)". So please go there for all future communications involving the league and our draft. 

Thanks everyone !
5/16/2013 5:07 AM
The Space Age Progressive just finished its first full season - 1946.

mountainjack's Texas Comanches won the World Series. Ted Williams hit .375, beating Stan Musial for the MLB batting title by just 2 points. Hank Greenberg's 50 home runs stand as the league record for now. 

We are unlike nearly any other progressive league:

We are a single season, 24 team (so 8 playoff spots) league that compensates for the disparity between the 16 MLB real life teams' rosters and the number of players needed for 24 teams by filling our rosters with a draft of Secondary players, drawn from unusual sources (not AL or NL teams) in the WIS database.

We will be using a slightly adjusted list of Secondary players for the 1947 draft than the one owners will find on the first pages of this thread, but the overall idea is the same. Having learned some things from our first season, we are using players from the American Association, Players League and Federal League that have at least 350 PA and batting averages no higher than .260, and pitchers with no more than 300 IP and with WHIP no lower than 1.40.

 This enables us to keep a single season format and authenticity, have primarily current (1946, now 1947) players be the main ones that matter, but also have enough players to field all our teams. These Secondary Players are never eligible to be keepers, so they allow us to fill our rosters and make sure every team is competitive, without skewing our single season character as a league. Every season they return to the overall pool of Secondary Players to be re-drafted for the following season and they do not advance in time, only players from the current season (now 1947) who played in the AL or NL do so and only those current season players can be keepers. So we are really a single season prog yet are able to have the maximum number of teams and playoff positions.

We have two separate drafts for the players from our current seasons who played primarily in the AL and in the NL - so there are two number 1 spots in our draft not one. Our draft order is random until 1950 when it will be based on cumulative 4-season W-L record, so that no one season can determine draft order, minimizing chance of tanking and also that a team having an unusual confluence of bad seasons by players, or great ones, will skew draft order. 

We need owners for two teams . The rosters below belongs to a teams that plays at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh and the Baker Bowl in Philadelphia. The rosters appear to have few players. This is because we usually end up with around 16 ro so  players on  each team roster AFTER  the AL and NL player drafts, and fill our rosters with the Secondary players draft. Thus, a keepers list of 10 to 15 players is quite typical. But the Secondary players are really secondary: many play full time but none may have a batting average above .260 or a WHIP below 1.40, even if they have many PA or IP which help make sure each team is reasonably competitive. 

Sitemail or write here if you are interested in taking one of these teams. Keepers are due when you can get them in, as we are now all ready to go with our draft as soon as we can recruit the new owners for these two teams. 

Here is the roster in question - using its 1946 players. All secondary players are ineligible to be keepers and return to pool of secondary players where any owner can draft them (no clones) for the following season. 

Forbes Field  Pittsburgh - this team went 90-72 and won its division,, the NL Central, losing in the playoffs in 1946.

Aaron Robinson C                                         

Ken O’Dea C                                                                                                                   

Johnny Mize 1B

 Don Kolloway 2B

Stan Hack 3B

Pinky Higgins 3B

Goody Rosen OF

Taffy Wright OF

Tuck Stainback OF

Dizzy Trout P

Kirby Higbe P

Hank Wyse P

Ed Bahr P

Hal Schumacher P

Bill Zuber P

Joe Berry P 

Baker Bowl - Philadelphia - this team went 68-94 and finished third in its division, the NL East in 1946.

Walker Cooper C                                           

Stew Hofferth C

Bill Baker C

George McQuinn 1B

Elbie Fletcher 1B

Jake Jones 1B

Joe Gordon 2B

Don Johnson 2B

Bob Elliott OF/3B

Ron Northey OF

Danny Litwhiler OF

Hal Peck OF

Erv Dusak OF

Dutch Leonard P

Charlie Schanz P

Freddy Schmidt P

Joe Haynes P

Mel Queen P

Charlie Gassaway P

Take a team and join the Space Age  now !

8/25/2013 7:03 AM (edited)
Two good teams available ! 
8/25/2013 6:53 AM
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