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5/15/2013 4:22 PM
Not just guaranteed starts, but all starters seem to be having an issue registering.  I looked at both my Bava and Argento teams and it looks like a limited number of players are getting starts registered for them.  On one of the teams, 3 DL have starts for all 4 games, the others don't even though I am running a 5-2 along with Dime defense.  My DBs are very similar as well as to starts getting recorded.  It looks like 2 are getting consistent credit for the starts and the others are getting around half of the starts even though they are at 70% playing time. 

Maybe it is how I am setting up the positions.  On DL I have the 5 best listed for both DT and DE in identical order.  Could it be an issue that 4 and 5 best aren't getting credit for the start at DE?  I hope that is not correct, but my DBs are setup similarly and it appears to be plausible.

Norbert, an explanation of why would be helpful.
5/16/2013 12:03 AM
As long as they are getting on the field then how you set up your depth chart shouldn't matter at all in regards to players getting credit for starting. All that matters is the "Player Settings" screen under "Coaching." If you have them selected as starters there, and they're getting playing time and still not credited with a start, then there is a problem.
5/16/2013 9:58 AM
All the players complaining about starts are listed as starter on player settings.  They are also in the correct spot on the depth chart.  When I save my depth chart and look at my players, everyone that is complaining has the starter symbol next to them.  Something is definately wrong, I just don't know what it is.
5/17/2013 1:26 AM
I am running into the same thing. I only have nine defensive players with registered starts in all games.

I generally run 4-3/Dime, but the players settings values are based on the 4-3 defensive set. I'm attempting to modify the defensive formation for the 4-3 default to use the more position specific rankings (DE/DT rather then DL) to see if it makes any difference.
5/17/2013 10:35 AM (edited)
I just had a guy complain about not starting, even though I had him marked as a starter and he has played over 80% of the plays in every game.  I had him third on the depth chart at ILB, OLB, and User LB 2 in a 3-4, but the same player was ahead of him in all 3 spots, and he obviously can't start at all of them at once.  I have since moved him to #1 on the depth chart at OLB.

And he has been the #2 LB the whole season.
5/17/2013 3:50 PM
I did get the complaining player a start, however, one of the linebackers did not register a start as a result. So, still only nine players registered as starters in all games.
5/17/2013 9:22 PM
I have no starters registering after my first 3 games on my entire defense - gp is showing but no starts - yes, depth charts are set :)
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