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I have a real nice player who wants to test UFA. I am thinking of releasing him, and telling the league it was an accident, and then when I resign him (yes I know I would have to pay him the original salary and the 300K I would resign him for, but Im willing to do that and I budgeted for that).

After I release him, write on the league chat saying that it was an accident and then resign him. Everyone would probalby agree that I wouldnt be that dumb to release the guy and let me sign him and if anyone claims him, I can always write WIS and plead for them to correct it since I posted so quickly after dropping him.

Anyone ever have success with this?

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5/16/2013 1:05 PM
I am then assuming that nobody else in your league knows about these forum posts?
5/16/2013 1:12 PM
I have two leagues so I doubt they would be able to figure out which one I am talking about.
5/16/2013 1:13 PM
How can you NOT consider this cheating?
5/16/2013 1:15 PM
I'm still confused.  What benefit are you getting out of this?
5/16/2013 1:18 PM
This thread is a joke, right?
5/16/2013 1:18 PM
I can only assume someone did this in hoggett's world and WifS "corrected" the situation.

Which means I'd have been a lot more verbose in opposing their intervention.
5/16/2013 1:22 PM
Caray just rolled so maybe it's that one. 
5/16/2013 1:24 PM
OK I get it now.  Couple things:

A) How do you "release someone on accident?"  There's some work involved there.

B) Intelligent owners should look at the players patience rating.  If it's low, the answer is "**** you, that's bullshit."

5/16/2013 1:30 PM
No, "Tough ****, dumbass" would be the proper response to anyone claiming "It was an accident!!!"

I wouldn't play in a world that said "Oh, yeah, nobody would be that dumb.   Let him get his player back!!!!"
5/16/2013 1:32 PM
You forgot option #4 on your poll..
5/16/2013 1:57 PM
Spill the beans, hoggett.    I so hope it was plague as he said n00b-rape was a legit strategy. 
5/16/2013 1:59 PM
Two whole leagues! This is going to be a tough one to figure out!
5/16/2013 2:15 PM
Pics or didn't happen, imo
5/16/2013 2:48 PM
Option D.  Wish I had two minutes of my life back and had never clicked on this thread.
5/16/2013 4:34 PM
Has anyone ever tried this before? Topic

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