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5/16/2013 7:09 PM
I really believe that a big part of our problem in beta is coaching, or lack of. Winning the conference or even a NT here means nothing, so most coaches, including myself, aren't coaching like we would in a "real" world. I know I'm not spending near the time I spend on my "real" team.
That said, over the past couple of day's (until today) I actually spent more time game planning and scouting my opponent and got much better results. This isn't meant to say we should spend as much time in beta as we do with our "real" teams, but I do think we would get better results and also think we should consider this when we are judging 3.0. I'm not sure what the answer is but my plan is to try and spend more time when I can and look at those results closer.

5/16/2013 9:10 PM
That would be great but unfortunately it takes 3 hours to set up a game plan.
5/16/2013 9:30 PM

I think that as the bugs get worked out it will get better.
Right now, I see no reason to do anything but pass it long, so until they chuck and duck offense is stopped I won't worry too much about testing.

5/17/2013 5:29 AM
aegsm76, what world are you in and what team do you coach?
5/18/2013 2:07 PM (edited)

Well I have been focusing on trying to coach my beta teams better right now as my 2.0 teams are both in job change periods right now. I've gotten better results by going through the offensive and defensive formations and setting them up with proper position roles (setting tackles, guards instead of the default OL all the way down the line and what not).

However, I have noticed that no matter how much 'coaching' I try and do with one of my beta teams that it does not matter one bit, the team loses every game and every test game against any team I test against.The only conclusion that I can come to as a reasoning for this would be talent and the fact that every sophomore I have was a horrible AC signing of a sim ai player. (Coach before me didn't recruit or sign anyone?). Plus I didn't exactly sign the worlds best freshman class either as it was a battle to turn even the basic undecided player green for me. Anyway, I took all the sophomore sim ai players off the depth charts I'm assuming my team is just too short handed now. I tried using the same game plans on my other beta team and they win all the time with it.

So any thoughts on this? Is it really just talent or do i suck that bad at this game, lol?

Here is the bad team

and the better team


I'm also kind of curious to know how much effort should I be putting on these teams. Such as when it is time to move the entire game to 3.0 do these beta worlds cease to exist while the real worlds get updated to 3.0 and all the history stays intact or do the current worlds now go away and the beta worlds become the real worlds going forward?


5/18/2013 5:16 PM
First, from what I understand, the beta worlds will cease to exist. That said, I still believe we all need to put as much time as possible into our beta teams so we can/will get true readings. In other words if we put little time or effort into them now and much more when 3.0 goes live we may get totally different results.
As far as your two teams, IMHO talent, or lack of, is the issue, not your coaching. One of the biggest complaints before beta was that talent didn't mean enough for most coaches (I was NOT in that group), so one of the first changes I believe Norbert made was making talent more important. I like the balance now because the way 3.0 is set up coaching/game planning is very important simply because there is so much more we can do, so many more options. I also believe you have to know more about football in general than 2.0 (to win consistently, not to enjoy/play the game).
I think, though, that this is part of the reason the passing game seems so far out of whack. When one coach is either able to spend much more time than another coach, or is simply much better, he can make his opponent look pretty bad in that area. It kind of reminds me of college football in the mid 80's when Houston's Run-N-Shoot would role up HUGE scores, 60-70 points at times. They put up 95 against SMU one yr.!

5/18/2013 8:12 PM
I think there is truth in more time will equal better results. I also think if everyone puts in more time it will only highlight some of the current issues.

If a coach goes all pass and maximizes its effectiveness with formations and game planing, the opposing coach will have to game plan against it accordingly. I feel the defense will have to 'sell out' to the pass to consistently stop it. And this will leave them vulnerable to the run.This sets up a guessing game for each half, should I stop the long pass or play a more balanced defense.

I am using North Dakota in Craven. I have not messed with game plans much the past season and a half, and am not the best coach. But when my Defense has a talent advantage over the offence, and I try and play a balanced D, most of the game goes as pretty well - save the high completion pct. But there are the 2 -3 '.. throws to so-and-so (covered), makes the catch, ... breaks tackle, 50+ yard catch or touchdown. And the opponent scores 25 - 35 points. Not always scoring that much, but more than they should.

I have tried a few different game plans that vary in their run and pass attention. They aren't 90/10 one way or the other. More like 60/40 vs 40/60 ratios. There just does not seem to be a huge difference. If I saw a bigger difference I would spend more time.

If you are able to look at my games and see where I am messing up please let me know. I'd like to help test the beta effectively.


5/19/2013 6:24 AM
eddy02, you're 100% correct that regardless of how much time we spend there is still a problem with the passing game. I guess the issue is how much of a problem. And you're also right in the fact that we shouldn't have to totally sell out to slow the passing game down, which we do.
5/19/2013 2:50 PM
I am at Tusculum in Craven.
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