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This league will blend the best Hall of Famers with a whole lot of top-notch Prospects. Each team will draft 4 hitters and 3 pitchers from a pool consisting of the 237 players in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The remainder of your drafted roster will be $200K players who will be waived as soon as the league starts (after which the waiver wire will be turned off). Each team will also be assigned 80 Way Above Average AAA players (60 hitters, 20 pitchers) with their real names so identifying them will be easy.

I will align the league in the morning so everyone will have most of a full day to bring up AAA players before the first game. With a 7-round draft, assigned stadiums and most of the roster 200K filler, this league should start very quickly after it fills. The draft will go on the clock 48 hours after it fills since proxies will be simple to do with such a small pool of available players. Rounds 1-2-3 will take one day each, 4-5 and 6-7 will be two rounds per day.

16-Team League (barring overwhelming interest in a 24)
7-player draft from pool of Hall of Fame players
Players must be drafted in role listed (Ruth only available as a hitter, etc.)
60/20 WAA AAA (clones created by AAA matching your drafted players are allowed)
No Trades, DH, WW (other than dropping 200K players drafted)
Stadium Twist: After the draft, one round will be randomly selected as the Stadium Round; your stadium will be that used in the last active season of the player you chose in that round.
No cap
50 Live Game Minimum
6/12/2013 12:13 PM (edited)
Alexander, Grover C
Bender, Charles A. "Chief"
Blyleven, Rik Aalbert "Bert"*
Brown, Mordecai P.
Brown, Raymond
Bunning, James P. D*
Carlton, Steven N.*
Chesbro, John D.
Clarkson, John G.
Cooper, Andy
Coveleski, Stanley A.
Day, Leon
Dean, Jay H. "Dizzy"
Dihigo, Martin
Drysdale, Donald S.
Eckersley, Dennis*
Faber, Urban C. "Red"
Feller, Robert W. A.
Fingers, Roland G.*
Ford, Edward C. "Whitey"*
Foster, Willie H.
Galvin, James F. "Pud"
Gibson, Robert*
Gomez, Vernon L. "Lefty"
Gossage, Rich “Goose”*
Grimes, Burleigh A.
Grove, Robert M. "Lefty"
Haines, Jesse J. "Pop"
Hoyt, Waite C.
Hubbell, Carl O.
Hunter, James A. "Catfish"
Jenkins, Ferguson A.*
Johnson, Walter P.
Joss, Adrian
Keefe, Timothy J.
Koufax, Sanford*
Lemon, Robert G.
Lyons, Theodore A.
Marichal, Juan A.*
Marquard, Richard W. "Rube" 1971
Mathewson, Christopher
McGinnity, Joseph J.
Méndez, José
Newhouser, Harold
Nichols, Charles A. "Kid"
Niekro, Philip H.*
Paige, Leroy R. "Satchel"
Palmer, James A.*
Pennock, Herbert J.
Perry, Gaylord*
Plank, Edward S.
Radbourn, Charles G.
Rixey, Eppa
Roberts, Robin E.
Rogan, Wilber J.
Ruffing, Charles H. "Red"
Rusie, Amos W.
Ryan, Lynn Nolan 
Seaver, George T.*
Smith, Hilton
Spahn, Warren E.
Sutter, Howard Bruce*
Sutton, Donald H.*
Vance, Arthur C. "Dazzy"
Waddell, George E. "Rube"
Walsh, Edward A.
Welch, Michael F.
Wilhelm, James Hoyt
Williams, Joe "Smokey Joe"
Willis, Victor, G.
Wynn, Early
Young, Denton T. "Cy"

6/13/2013 12:51 PM (edited)
Bench, Johnny L.*
Berra, Lawrence P. "Yogi"*
Bresnahan, Roger P.
Campanella, Roy
Carter, Gary E.
Cochrane, Gordon S.
Dickey, William M.
Ewing, William B. "Buck"
Ferrell, Richard B.
Fisk, Carlton*
Gibson, Joshua
Hartnett, Charles L. "Gabby" 1955
Lombardi, Ernest
Mackey, Biz
Santop, Louis
Schalk, Raymond W.

Anson, Adrian C. "Cap"
Beckley, Jacob P.
Bottomley, James L.
Brouthers, Dennis "Dan"
Cepeda, Orlando M.*
Chance, Frank L.
Connor, Roger
Foxx, James E.
Gehrig, H. Louis
Greenberg, Henry B.
Kelly, George L.
Killebrew, Harmon C.
Leonard, Walter F. "Buck"
McCovey, Willie L.*
Mize, John R.
Murray, Eddie C.*
Pérez, Tony*
Sisler, George H.
Suttles, Mule
Taylor, Ben
Terry, William H.

Alomar, Roberto (Velazquez)* 2011
Carew, Rodney C.*
Collins, Edward T.
Doerr, Robert P.*
Evers, John J.
Fox, Nelson J.
Frisch, Frank F.
Gehringer, Charles L.
Gordon, Joseph L. "Flash"
Grant, Frank
Herman, William J.
Hornsby, Rogers
Lajoie, Napoleon "Larry"
Lazzeri, Anthony M.
Mazeroski, William S.*
McPhee, Bid
Morgan, Joe L.*
Robinson, Jack R.
Sandberg, Ryne*
Schoendienst, Albert F.*

Baker, J. Franklin
Boggs, Wade*
Brett, George H.  
Collins, James J.
Dandridge, Raymond E.
Johnson, William J. "Judy"
Kell, George C.
Lindstrom, Frederick C.
Mathews, Edwin L.
Molitor, Paul*
Robinson, Jr. Brooks C.*
Santo, Ronald E.
Schmidt, Michael J.*
Traynor, Harold J. "Pie"
White, Deacon
Wilson, Jud

Aparicio, Luis E.*
Appling, Lucius B. "Luke"
Bancroft, David J.
Banks, Ernest*
Boudreau, Louis
Cronin, Joseph E.
Davis, George S.
Jackson, Travis C.
Jennings, Hugh A.
Larkin, Barry L.*
Lloyd, John H.
Maranville, Walter J. "Rabbit" 1954
Reese, Harold H. "Pee Wee"
Ripken, Calvin E. Jr. “Cal”*  2007
Rizzuto, Philip F.
Sewell, Joseph W.
Smith, Ozzie*
Tinker, Joseph B.
Vaughan, Joseph F. "Arky"
Wagner, John P. "Honus"
Wallace, Roderick J.
Ward, John M.
Wells, Willie Sr.
Yount, Robin R.  

Brock, Louis C.*
Burkett, Jesse C.
Clarke, Frederick C.
Delahanty, Edward J.
Goslin, Leon A. "Goose"
Hafey, Charles J. "Chick"
Henderson, Rickey N. H.*
Irvin, Monford "Monte"*
Kelley, Joseph J.
Kiner, Ralph M.*
Manush, Henry E. "Heinie"
Medwick, Joseph M.
Musial, Stanley F.*
O'Rourke, James H.
Rice, James E. "Jim"*
Simmons, Aloysius H.
Stargell, Wilver D. "Willie"
Wheat, Zachariah D.
Williams, Billy L.*
Williams, Theodore S.
Yastrzemski, Carl M. "Yaz"* 1989

Ashburn, Don R. "Richie"
Averill, H. Earl
Bell, James T. "Cool Papa"
Brown, Willard
Carey, Max G.
Charleston, Oscar M.
Cobb, Tyrus R.
Combs, Earle B.
DiMaggio, Joseph P.
Doby, Lawrence E.
Duffy, Hugh
Hamilton, William R.
Hill, Pete
Mantle, Mickey C.
Mays, Willie H.*
Puckett, Kirby
Roush, Edd J.
Snider, Edwin D. "Duke"
Speaker, Tristram E.
Stearnes, Turkey
Torriente, Cristóbal
Waner, Lloyd J.
Wilson, Lewis R. "Hack"

Aaron, Henry L.*
Clemente, Roberto W.
Crawford, Samuel E.
Cuyler, Hazen S. "Kiki"
Dawson, Andre N.*
Flick, Elmer
Gwynn, Anthony K. "Tony"*  2007
Heilmann, Harry E.
Hooper, Harry B.
Jackson, Reginald M.*
Kaline, Albert W.*
Keeler, William H. "Willie"
Kelly, Michael J. "King"
Klein, Charles H.
McCarthy, Thomas F.
Ott, Melvin T.
Rice, Edgar C. "Sam"
Robinson, Frank*
Ruth, George H. "Babe"
Slaughter, Enos B.
Thompson, Samuel L.
Waner, Paul G
Winfield, David M.*
Youngs, Ross M.
6/14/2013 8:55 AM (edited)
1. joshkvt
2. Fiireballers

3. arvidjosef
4. dubrightway
5. steve9955
6. coyote522
7. chris_son
8. frozen_rope

9. szczubelek
10. besterateam
11. Yaz_Benders
12. braveboy_73
13. tato526
14. The Taint

15. toddleduc
16. hbomb223
17. joshkvt2
18. mvprookie5
19. dmoss
20. blaisebbss8
21. ConansDad
22. Yaz_Benders (2nd)
23. The_Hodags

24. BastanRedsox

hbomb223; besterateam; blaisebbss8; steve9955; frozen_rope; The Taint; Yaz_Benders; szczubelek; chris_son; arvidjosef; coyote522; toddleduc; dmoss; ConansDad; joshkvt; mvprookie5; The_Hodags; dubrightway; braveboy73; Fiireballers; grusso1349; tato526; BastanRedsox

6/15/2013 12:31 AM (edited)
16 hbomb223
10 besterateam
20 blaisebbss8
5 steve9955
8 frozen_rope
14 The Taint
11 Yaz_Benders 1
9 szczubelek
7 chris_son
3 arvidjosef
6 coyote522
15 toddleduc
19 dmoss
21 ConansDad
1 joshkvt1
18 mvprookie5
23 The_Hodags
4 dubrightway
12 braveboy_73
2 Fiireballers
22 Yaz_Benders 2
17 grusso1349
24 joshkvt2
13 tato526
6/4/2013 12:29 AM (edited)
  ROUND 1 Saturday, June 8, 13
1 dmoss2 Walter Johnson P
2 besterateam Pete Alexander
3 blaisebbss8 Ed Walsh
4 steve9955 Addie Joss
5 frozen_rope Christy Mathewson
6 The Taint Tim Keefe
7 Yaz_Benders 1 Sandy Koufax
8 szczubelek Babe Ruth
9 chris_son Carl Yastrzemski
10 arvidjosef Mordecai Brown
11 coyote522 Lou Gehrig
12 toddleduc Rogers Hornsby
13 dmoss Bob Gibson
14 ConansDad Cal Ripken, Jr.
15 joshkvt1 Cy Young
16 mvprookie5 John Clarkson
17 The_Hodags Steve Carlton
18 dubrightway Juan Marichal
19 braveboy73 Hugh Duffy
20 Fiireballers Ty Cobb
21 Yaz_Benders 2 Eddie Plank
22 joshkvt2 Tom Seaver
23 BastanRedsox Mickey Mantle
24 tato526 Don Sutton
  ROUND 2 Sunday, June 9, 13
1 tato526 Nap Lajoie
2 BastanRedsox Catfish Hunter
3 joshkvt2 Warren Spahn
4 Yaz_Benders 2 Amos Rusie
5 Fiireballers Mickey Welch
6 braveboy73 John Chesbro
7 dubrightway Carl Hubbell
8 The_Hodags Don Drysdale
9 mvprookie5 Ted Williams
10 joshkvt1 Chief Bender
11 ConansDad Willie Mays
12 dmoss Rube Waddell
13 toddleduc Joe McGinnity
14 coyote522 Stan Coveleski
15 arvidjosef Kid Nichols
16 chris_son Joe Morgan
17 szczubelek Hal Newhousewr
18 Yaz_Benders 1 Nolan Ryan
19 The Taint Jimmy Foxx
20 frozen_rope Honus Wagner
21 steve9955 Billy Hamilton
22 blaisebbss8 Dazzy Vance
23 besterateam Hoss Radbourn
24 dmoss2 Bob Lemon
  ROUND 3 Monday, June 10, 13
1 dmoss2 Whitey Ford
2 besterateam Stan Musial
3 blaisebbss8 Jim Palmer
4 steve9955 Vic Willis
5 frozen_rope Gaylor Perry
6 The Taint Lefty Grove
7 Yaz_Benders 1 Tris Speaker
8 szczubelek Dizzy Dean
9 chris_son Robin Roberts
10 arvidjosef Burleigh Grimes
11 coyote522 Lou Boudreau
12 toddleduc Bob Feller
13 dmoss Dennis Eckersley
14 ConansDad Red Faber
15 joshkvt1 King Kelly
16 mvprookie5 Ed Delahanty
17 The_Hodags Rich Gossage
18 dubrightway Rollie Fingers
19 braveboy73 Eppa Rixey
20 Fiireballers George Brett
21 Yaz_Benders 2 Bruce Sutter
22 joshkvt2 Arky Vaughan
23 BastanRedsox Hughie Jennings
24 tato526 Jim Bunning
  ROUND 4 Wednesday, June 12, 13
1 tato526 Phil Niekro
2 BastanRedsox Joe Kelley
3 joshkvt2 Rickey Henderson
4 Yaz_Benders 2 Joe Dimaggio
5 Fiireballers Red Ruffing
6 braveboy73 Ted Lyons
7 dubrightway Johnny Bench
8 The_Hodags Robin Yount
9 mvprookie5 Lefty Gomez
10 joshkvt1 Ozzie Smith
11 ConansDad Bert Blyleven
12 dmoss Wade Boggs
13 toddleduc Hoyt Wilhelm
14 coyote522 Rube Marquard
15 arvidjosef Eddie Collins
16 chris_son Herb Pennock
17 szczubelek Al Kaline
18 Yaz_Benders 1 Al Simmons
19 The Taint Rod Carew
20 frozen_rope Mike Schmidt
21 steve9955 Hack Wilson
22 blaisebbss8 Ernie Banks
23 besterateam Pud Galvin
24 hbomb223 Willie Keeler
Wednesday, June 12, 13
1 hbomb223 Willie McCovey
2 besterateam George Sisler
3 blaisebbss8 Charlie Gehringer
4 steve9955 Ferguson Jenkins
5 frozen_rope Dan Brouthers
6 The Taint Joe Medwick
7 Yaz_Benders 1 Richie Ashburn
8 szczubelek Hank Greenberg
9 chris_son Satchel Paige
10 arvidjosef Luke Appling
11 coyote522 Jackie Robinson
12 toddleduc Chuck Klein
13 dmoss Sam Thompson
14 ConansDad Early Wynn
15 joshkvt1 Pie Traynor
16 mvprookie5 Mickey Cochrane
17 The_Hodags Hank Aaron
18 dubrightway Duke Snider
19 braveboy73 Tony Gwynn
20 Fiireballers Billy Williams
21 Yaz_Benders 2 Roger Connor
22 joshkvt2 Roberto Alomar
23 BastanRedsox Bill Terry
24 tato526 Harry Heilman
  ROUND 6 Thursday, June 13, 13
1 tato526 Jesse Burkett
2 BastanRedsox Kirby Puckett
3 joshkvt2 Brooks Robinson
4 Yaz_Benders 2 Bill Dickey
5 Fiireballers Harmon Killebrew
6 braveboy73 Freddy Lindstrom
7 dubrightway Mel Ott
8 The_Hodags Red Schoendienst
9 mvprookie5 Joe Cronin
10 joshkvt1 Max Carey
11 ConansDad Frank Baker
12 dmoss Earl Averill
13 toddleduc Carlton Fisk
14 coyote522 Frank Robinson
15 arvidjosef Buck Ewing
16 chris_son Roy Campanella
17 szczubelek George Kell
18 Yaz_Benders 1 Barry Larkin
19 The Taint Eddie Mathews
20 frozen_rope Ralph Kiner
21 steve9955 George Davis
22 blaisebbss8 Willie Stargell
23 besterateam Goose Goslin
24 hbomb223 3:45 PM
  ROUND 7 Thursday, June 13, 13
1 hbomb223 4:00 PM
2 besterateam Frankie Frisch
3 blaisebbss8 Heinie Manush
4 steve9955 Ryne Sandberg
5 frozen_rope Cap Anson
6 The Taint Kiki Cuyler
7 Yaz_Benders 1 Gabby Hartnett
8 szczubelek 5:45 PM
9 chris_son Ron Santo
10 arvidjosef Tommy McCarthy
11 coyote522 Paul Waner
12 toddleduc Larry Doby
13 dmoss Edd Roush
14 ConansDad Gary Carter
15 joshkvt1 Nellie Fox
16 mvprookie5 Johnny Mize
17 The_Hodags Paul Molitor
18 dubrightway Joe Sewell
19 braveboy73 Jim Bottomley
20 Fiireballers Roberto Clemente
21 Yaz_Benders 2 Luis Aparicio
22 joshkvt2 Roger Bresnahan
23 BastanRedsox 9:30 PM
24 tato526 Fred Clarke
6/14/2013 11:45 AM (edited)
I'm in if it it can get to 24
5/18/2013 11:44 PM
5/18/2013 11:44 PM
I'd like to play.
5/19/2013 12:18 AM
Count me in...
5/19/2013 9:18 AM
I'm in.
5/19/2013 12:43 PM
I will join.

I think that we should use more of the HOF players though. If only 16 teams..let's use at least 7 hitters and 3 pitchers
5/19/2013 1:30 PM
I want owners to have to pick and choose what they want for HOF, rather than just automatically take a bunch of sluggers. Limiting it to 4 adds some strategy to the picks, and means teams will have to use AAA extensively, which is the point.
5/19/2013 1:52 PM
I'm in but strongly prefer a 24-team league.
5/19/2013 4:07 PM
I'll play

Are we allowed to rename the AAA players? No big deal either way.

5/20/2013 7:14 AM
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