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Here it is kids.  I twist on an old school favorite.

A two round draft:

First round you can pick any player, and the second round you select any team.

The draft will run serpentine.  So if you select a player first you will then select a team last.

When you let me know tell me whether you are more interested in picking early in the player round, or in the team round.

When you draft a player that player will be exclusively yours unless that player is on a franchise that you select.  So you may draft Kevin Durant, and I may select the Sonics/Thunder franchise.  We would both hold the rights to Kevin Durant.

The cap will be 48 Million to keep things from becoming too imbalanced.  No rooks or clones.

You can also twist a player to any season played.  So your Washington Wizards/Bullets will have the benefit of His Airness in all of his 88-89 glory, or the Cavs can have the 2013 LeBron.

So who is in?

1. malone9975
2. shawbigred
3. benhoidal
4. shooter83211
5. slymonium  High Pick in Team Round
6. coachcroft High Pick in Team Round
7. onslaught High Pick in Team Round
8. kacyon
9. jkaye24

6/5/2013 8:17 AM (edited)
I am in. So if I have a team, say the Celtics, I can have anyone who has ever played for the Celtics even when they weren't a Celtic? So I could put 2000 Shaq on my Celtic team?
5/20/2013 4:56 PM
And for your drafted player, can you only use one season of that player not on your team, or multiple? For example, if I drafted LeBron and the Celtics, could I have as many LeBrons as I wanted or just one?
5/20/2013 4:58 PM
You can have just one of a player you draft, but yes if you draft the Celtics and LeBron your line up could be:
99-00 Payton
12-13 LeBron
84-85 Bird
63-64 Russell
99-00 Shaq
5/20/2013 7:20 PM
I'm intrigued.  Let me mull it over.
5/20/2013 10:02 PM
I'll play.
5/21/2013 5:55 AM
Welcome Shaw
5/21/2013 7:48 AM
Does the player actually have to play for the team to be available? Like technically, Jeremy Lamb was a member of the Houston Rockets, but never played a game for them. Is he draft able as a Rocket?
5/21/2013 10:31 AM
If a player has PLAYED ANY GAMES for your drafted franchise according basketball-reference.com they can be used. A prime example is the Charlotte Hornets drafted Kobe Bryant, but since he never played a game for the Hornets he is not eligible to be used by the Hornets.
5/21/2013 1:32 PM
I am in
5/21/2013 3:35 PM
5/21/2013 4:57 PM
welcome ben and shooter
5/21/2013 11:10 PM
In- want to pick high in team round.
5/23/2013 12:31 AM
welcome sly
5/23/2013 8:43 PM
What if you drft Wade and the Heat, do you get to clone Wade?
5/24/2013 9:55 PM
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Dream Gym Rat Draft League 9 IN Topic

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