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My team had a RPI of 70 and did not make the PIT when I was sure I was a lock for it.  32 teams make the PIT.  Of the 32, 19 of them have a worse RPI and some are substantially worse such as 101, 123 and 98.  This is patently unfair and makes no sense.  Some even have losing records.  If the teams were all from big conferences with way harder competition, I would get it...But, they are not it.  I contacted Whatif and all they said was RPI isnt the only factor.  Well, that is not helpful.  How does this happen?  Has this happened to any of you?

5/22/2013 2:49 PM
I believe that projection report is kind of the tell all be all these days. You were at 108 on the report so yeah I guess it makes sense that you missed out. RPI was definitely solid but that SOS seemed to hurt ya a bit!
5/22/2013 3:51 PM
Then the problem is also with the projection report.  There is no way teams from low conference with rpi's in the 90's and hundreds would get in over me or be projected over me.
5/22/2013 4:30 PM
I sent this to What if and waiting for a response "to avoid this nonsense in the future for others, I propose the following easy and equitable solution.  First of all, no team with both a worse RPI AND a losing record every gets in ahead of a team with both a better RPI AND a winning record.  Second, no team with an RPI 30 or more spots worse (in my case 53 spots worse!!!) gets in over a team with an RPI 30 or more spots better.  I defy you to find anyone who would disagree with me here.  Let me know."
5/23/2013 8:45 AM
ms, it's easy to game the RPI. There were a lot more problems when RPI decided NT bids. 

Just schedule 10 non-conf away games, find a way to 14 wins, and poof......you've made it due to RPI. 

I prefer the projection report - it most often picks the best teams. RPI is not the sole measure for choosing the best teams. 

In D1 in real life, for instance, I believe New Mexico U. has the #2 RPI. Did they deserve a #1 seed? Nope. 
It's easy to be upset when the ranking system is more mysterious and less formulaic - but trust me, there were MANY more complaints when we went just by RPI. 

5/23/2013 5:43 PM
You beat a bunch of nobodies. You had no reason to make the PIT.
5/24/2013 1:54 AM
Glad to see you've learned from your mistake and scheduled a tough non-conference next season...wait nevermind, you went with 9 more cream puffs and Baylor.
5/24/2013 10:06 AM
whatif responded and basically agreed that a team with a losing record and an rpi 53 spots worse is bizarre and they said they noted it for a tweaking in the future.  As for scheduling, because I am a decent midmajor teams i ask to play me either dont respond or say no.
5/24/2013 4:57 PM
Once again, I have tried and made offers to play teams and they arent responding,
6/3/2013 3:34 PM
glad to see stine also checks the world-specific forums

i don't believe in karma...but in Allen where my Loyola MD team missed the PIT with a 74 rpi 21-9 record, better RPI's than two 10-17 teams that made it in and i went and started somewhat of a heated discussion on the main boards afterwards...i scheduled much tougher (9 humans) the next season to learn from my inability to game the system.

what happened? 4 of the 9 coaches left their teams. watch, i'll end up missing the NT at 24-6 w/ 40 RPI lol.
6/3/2013 7:59 PM
ha!  at least whatif admitted to me that there was for sure an error to look at.  And again, i have three open spots and cant get anyone to play me.....
6/4/2013 11:53 AM
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