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My old laptop gave up the ghost, so I had to go out and buy a new one. Considering the old one was going on eight years of age, I'm in heaven right now...EXCEPT...I cannot post a thing to the forums here. I can post in conference chat fine, but when I come into the forums, the little "dogbone" cursor that indicates you can type text doesn't appear. All I get is a mouse cursor arrow. 

Any tech-types want to take a stab at helping out? (New laptop is an HP with Windows 8, running Explorer for a browser). Thanks in advance!
5/25/2013 10:16 PM
Use google chrome. It happens on Internet explorer on my computer
5/25/2013 10:33 PM
I'd like to add on to this question, if I may.  Jetsrok is right...I also cannot comment in the forum while on IE but can while using Chrome.  But I cannot update practice plans while on Chrome.  Can change the amounts, but it never gets passed 67% when hitting submit.  
5/26/2013 8:04 AM
i use google chrome and have no problems at all with anything on HD. but i may also have set myself to not update back on like chrome 8 and may still be using it, so i might be a bad example. however, i would highly recommend using firefox or chrome over internet explorer, as internet explorer is across the board, one of the biggest pieces of **** ever compiled.

not only is it total crap, there is a moral hazard with internet explorer. they intentionally use standards in non-standard ways to screw over the community, flag opposing companies software as security risks, etc, to abuse the market situation (just like microsoft has always done). in teh first place, the wiping out of netscape with internet explorer set the internet community back a decade - mark andresson, founder of netscape, talked about wanting to make a machine that booted straight into a browser, that some day, thats all most users would need. the chrome book is the first implementation of that idea, at least the first one with any traction, but im confident it would have come a decade earlier, if not for microsoft violating anti trust laws and leveraging their operating system monopoly to wipe netscape out in a brutally illegal manner. the idea of booting into netscape just scared them too much to allow. its one of the worst examples of microsoft's anti trust abuse, but more people may be familiar with the billions in fines microsoft had to pay more recently, such as their abused around windows media player, where the EU really took the lead on prosecution (and the states individually did so as well, i think the states settled for like 2 billion themselves). and thats really a pea in comparison. the netscape incident was so bad for the tech community, many wanted microsoft ripped apart ATT style, bill clinton pushed for years for them to at least get cut in half. shame it never happened, but at least the evil empire has been taken down a couple notches by google apple & co (who have their flaws as well, but i feel those companies generally promote progress, where microsoft has a incredibly long rap sheet of stamping out innovation. any product you know microsoft for was stolen or created through destruction of a rival in an illegal manner, except maybe xbox).
5/26/2013 9:26 AM
Can post on AOL, but not in explorer.  Will try Google Chrome.  Doing HD on AOL is a huge pain.
5/26/2013 1:35 PM
thanks guys! Had never heard of this problem before, but will look forward to returning to Firefox as a browser. 
5/26/2013 8:15 PM
And now for something completely different... Topic

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