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I do not know the feasibility of this idea, but I would like to see WIS add levels of leagues cumulating with "one "Ultimate" league, crowning one "Ultimate: champion. I think it would help leagues to fill faster and probably increase WIS profit by changing the prize structure.

I would propose that there should be 4 levels, Open, Advanced, Elite
and Ultimate.

Open League
-Remains just as it is right now, however, winning an Open League championship will reward you with one free entry into the next level, the Advance League, where you will be placed in the first opening of the first available league. All other prizes for this level would be discontinued.

Advanced League - Any owners that have won a title will be grandfathered into an Advanced League. Winning an Open League Championship will also entitle you to a free entry and you may be in as many Advanced Leagues as you have titles, however, you must pay for each subsequent season. Priority to advance to the Elite League will be based on number of Advanced League Titles with a minimum of 2 Advanced League Titles. Winners will be placed in the first available league with the first available team at no cost. There are no prizes.

There will be 2 new rule changes for the Advanced League and all future levels (Elite and Ultimate)
1. 4 vetoes will veto a trade
2. 70 win MWR. Failure to accomplish this will result in loss of team.

Elite League - There will only be 4 Elite Leagues. An owner may only be in 1 Elite League with 1 Team. Priority to advance to the Elite League will be based on the number of Advanced League titles with a minimum of 2. No prizes

There will be 1 new rule change for this level. Teams will not initially have a roster. There will be a one time snake draft based on the order of entry. i.e. First team to win a spot picks first, last team entered picks last and then reverse. There will be 40 rounds and the draft will be the same as the Amateur Draft i.e. rank players. There would be one month for teams to prepare for the draft. Priority to be promoted to the Ultimate HBD League would be based on the number of Elite Titles when an opening occurs at the Ultimate Level.

Ultimate League - Priority to enter this league will be based on the number of Elite Titles when an opening occurs. There will only be 1 Ultimate League.. The rules are the same as the Elite League. Since there are no longer prizes in other leagues, the prize in this league can increase. i.e. $300 in WIS credits and the biggest prize of all "Top Dog in HBD"

I have a lot more thoughts on how this could be really cool but am limiting them due to space. Please keep any comments and suggestions on topic and no comments such as "they won't do this" I know they probably won't before I wrote this but... you never know.
6/2/2013 6:34 PM
Interesting post until the font size became too hard to read.
6/5/2013 7:32 PM
If WIS was doing anything much with HBD, they'd do something like this. Words you had to win your way into and worlds you could pay your way into.

6/5/2013 11:14 PM
The Ultimate Champion Topic

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