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Chris, your recounting of events doesn't match mine at all.  The league manager (me) never told you anything like that.  

As best as I can remember, you sent me a series of TCs and sitemail appeals for special consideration, and I recall intentionally NOT responding to most of those messages.  The only direct message I specifically recall telling you was that you should try to improve your squad to meet the MWR, so you wouldn't need special consideration.  

For 'special consideration,' I didn't leave that up to me: there was a poll of owners.  There were more votes favoring enforcing the MWR than making an exception, and that was true both within the Rules Committee and in the world at large.  That's what I remember telling you at the time, too.
6/13/2013 6:06 PM (edited)
Flat out lie.  How did you get Odalis Martinez?  Check the logs, I dealt him to you for a pitcher and position player.  You stretched the truth about me staying to poach a player from me before I left.  I sure as hell wouldn't have dealt him otherwise.

Garbage like this is what people should know about.

6/13/2013 6:10 PM
Yes, we made a trade.  3B Odalis Martinez (#10 draft pick) from you for 2B Nick Thompson (#12 pick, same draft) and SP Josh Griffiths (79 overall rating) from me.  And I threw in some cash, because I think you had spent all yours signing an intn'l prospect.  Martinez and Thompson were and still are pretty equivalent in value, and you really needed the pitching and cash.

If you were motivated to make the trade to acquire a good SP because you needed to win to make the MWR, that's one thing.  GMs go through that in real life.

It is a fiction to suggest there was any quid-pro-quo beyond the trade.  You needed to make the MWR, and when you didn't, we held a community vote.  
6/13/2013 7:01 PM

World Schmidt now considering name change to... JUSTICE LEAGUE.  

Commish wishes he could change his username to Aquaman. 
6/13/2013 11:10 PM
6/13/2013 11:10 PM
Argue all you want, I've made my point.  You know what you did and shady crap like that should never occur in any league especially from the commissioner.  

Take a long hard look at this league before you consider joining.  Watching the dysfunctional bickering in the world chat during the offseason should be proof enough to stay away.  
6/13/2013 11:26 PM
The history of this world speaks for itself.  High turnover, tanking, aliases confirmed by WIS, etc.  Do what you want to do, but know what you're getting into.
6/14/2013 2:21 PM
Hello hartjh14

The histories to which you refer (tanking, aliases) are common to many public worlds, and Kruk-Schmidt was public until something like 5 seasons ago.  The point of becoming private and instituting some rules is to stop the sorts of nonsense you mention. 

I'm sorry Kruk-Schmidt was a bad experience for you 10 seasons ago when you were a member.  
6/14/2013 3:08 PM
I joined (as a total newbie) right before the public-private transition, and I'll say that the 9 owners who stuck around between seasons 8 and 18 were very helpful in teaching me the game.  I asked for a lot of advice, and guys were very nice about giving prompt, clear feedback.  

That's a big part of why I chose to stick around.

And the one veteran who was notorious for preying on newbies with veto-worthy trades (he knows who he is) was also the most fantastic mentor for teaching ins and outs of building a lasting franchise.  He's really great-  Still is.  Strong competitor, and maybe the best mentor in the league- 
6/14/2013 3:22 PM
I thought you were advertising a league with experienced members?  Why would you need someone to help the newbies?
6/14/2013 3:43 PM
6/19/2013 2:11 AM
6/19/2013 11:40 AM
6/20/2013 12:05 AM
12 openings in a private world with "experienced owners".  The turnover is like this every season.  Stay away.
6/20/2013 1:10 AM
Sent sitemail... interested in Memphis
6/21/2013 11:22 AM
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Schmidt full- thanks for interest Topic

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