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Q.         Who was replaced as Phillies manager after managing them through 160 games of the 2004 season?
Hint:     This was despite a winning record and a 2nd place finish in the National League East.
Hint:     John Kruk labeled him with several expletives, but said the best thing to happen to him “was him becoming my manager”.
Twint:    He was third base coach for the Yankees and then the Dodgers over 5 consecutive seasons.
Twint:    In his only other Managerial job, he was replaced in the early part of the 1988 season by Jack McKeon.
A.          (85-75 record, replaced by Gary Varsho; finished 2nd to the Braves; from Kruk’s book I Ain’t An Athlete Lady)
FCR -    Bob Kimball, Washington, DC

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Through No Fault of Their Own   - Baseball Researchers Site




Answer  -  Larry Bowa

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To give you an idea, here are the questions and answers from a week in 2010:
Q.         Which Oriole is widely considered the best fielding third baseman ever?
Hint:     He won 16 consecutive Gold Glove awards.
Twint:    Really?  You needed to check this?
A.         Brooks Robinson (GGs 1960-75)
Q.         Who was the last player-manager to win a World Series for the Tigers?
Hint:     Bump Hadley threw the pitch that ended his playing career.
Hint:     Hall of Fame umpire Billy Evans called him “…a shortstop with shin-guards and a chest protector.”
Twint:    Others called him “Black Mike”.
A.         Mickey Cochrane (WS 1935; Hadley pitch 25-May-1937)
Q.         Who was the first player to hit 200 home runs for two different teams?
Hint:     It was not done again until Mark McGwire did it for the A’s and Cardinals.
Hint:     He was the first player to hit a home run in each of the first two games of a World Series.
Twint:    He is the only player to win multiple MVP awards for the A's.
A.         Jimmie Foxx (302 HR for the A’s, 222 HR for the Red Sox.  Rafael Palmeiro, Ken Griffey, Jr & Manny Ramirez have since accomplished the feat; WS HRs 1929; MVPs 1932-33)
Q.         Who is the only National League player to win a league Most Valuable Player award for a team that finished in last place?
Hint:     He had 18 sacrifice flies in one season for the Expos.  No other Expo ever had more than 12.
Hint:     He won six consecutive Gold Glove awards.
Twint:    He prefers not to be called “Hawk”.
A.         Andre Dawson (MVP 1987 for the Cubs; SF 1983; GGs 1980-1985)
Q.         Who hit more doubles in a season than any other National Leaguer?
Hint:     His parents were born in Hungary.
Twint:    He is the last National League player to win a Triple Crown.
A.         Joe Medwick (64 2b 1936; TC 1937)
Q.         What MLB All-Star set a national high school record with four kickoff returns for touchdowns in a game?
Hint:     He played with four teams during a 12-year career, appearing in seven World Series winning three World Championships with two different teams.
Twint:    He is one of only two players with consecutive MVPs who are eligible for, but not elected to the Hall of Fame.
A.         Roger Maris (MVPs 1960-61 [Dale Murphy 1982-83])
Q.         Who was the last player to collect 200 hits in a season without hitting a home run?
Hint:     He moved from shortstop to third base to make room for an All-Star teammate.
Twint:    He is a Pole and has a pole.
A.         Johnny Pesky (207 H in 1947; AS Vern Stephens; of Polish descent, Pesky Pole at Fenway)
Q.         Who began his career in the majors as the 4th youngest player that season and ended it 23 years later as the oldest?
Hint:     His tag at second sealed his first team’s first World Series championship.
Twint:    He is not really two people, but his play and his first name might make you think so.
A.         Rogers Hornsby (19 in 1915, 41 in 1937; tagged out Babe Ruth attempting steal to end the 1926 WS giving the Cardinals their first of 10)
Q.         What former Gael became the producer of Major League films?
Hint:     Over a 12-year period, he skyrocketed from 0.8% of the Hall of Fame vote all the way to 1.1%.
Twint:    He once hit over .360 to win the American League batting title.
A.         Lew Fonseca (1948 he received 1 vote of 121 possible, in 1960 he received 3 of 269 possible votes; .369 in 1929)
WEEKLY THEME – Select players whose uniform numbers matched their position on the field, as traditionally scored.
Pitcher            =    1    Fonseca     1933 White Sox
Catcher           =    2    Cochrane    1931-33 A’s
First Base        =    3    Foxx           1931-34 A’s, 1936-42 Red Sox
Second Base   =    4    Hornsby      1933 Cardinals, 1936-37 Browns
Third Base       =    5    Robinson    1958-77 Orioles
Shortstop        =    6    Pesky         1942-52 Red Sox
Left Field         =    7    Medwick     1933-40 Cardinals, 1940, 43 Dodgers
Center Field     =    8    Dawson      1987-92 Cubs, 1995-96 Marlins
Right Field       =    9    Maris          1960-66 Yankees, 1967-68 Cardinals
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Who is the last switch hitter to win AL MVP?
6/11/2013 2:43 AM

Vida Blue?
6/11/2013 5:03 AM
Posted by Got_Worms on 6/11/2013 2:43:00 AM (view original):
Who is the last switch hitter to win AL MVP? Bullpen page for Vida Blue

Biographical Information

Vida Blue, a big star in his era, pitched 17 years in the major leagues, winning 209 games. He won the Cy Young Awardand the MVP Award in the same year, 1971, appeared in three World Series and six All-Star games, and won 20+ games in the regular season three times. There are three Hall of Famers on his similarity scores list, with the most similar one being another A's pitcher, Catfish Hunter, who was his teammate.


Vida Blue is the answer to the great trivia question: "Who was the last switch-hitter to win the AL MVP Award?"

Charles Finley, the owner of the Oakland A's, once offered Blue a bonus if he'd change his first name to "True".


He is the youngest pitcher (at age 22) to have won the AL Cy Young Award award - Dwight Gooden won the award at age 20 in the National League. Blue had already pitched a no-hitter by then, achieving the feat on September 211970 against the Minnesota Twins. On September 281975, he would combine with three other pitchers to hurl a second no-hitter against the California Angels. After his great 1971 season, when he went 24-8, 1.82, with 301 strikeouts and 8 shutouts, Blue held out for more money at the start of 1972, threatening to retire and work for a plumbing supply company of which he was vice-president. In the end, he returned to the team but only went 6-10, 2.80 in 25 starts. Still, he was at his best in the postseason, pitching in relief in four of the five games against the Detroit Tigers in the 1972 ALCS, including four scoreless innings in relief of John Odom to pick up the save in the decisive Game 5. In the 1972 World Series, he picked another save in Game 1 against the Cincinnati Reds, then after two more relief appearances, started Game 6, but lost, 8-1.




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Q.         Whose 43-year-old franchise never went to the postseason without him?
Hint:     They went seven times while he played for them.
Hint:     It’s been over 25 years.
Twint:    He won batting titles in three different decades*.
A.         George Brett (Royals last postseason appearance was in in 1985 when they won the World Series; Batting titles in 197619801990)
FCR -    Jason Schmidt, New York
Q.         Who pitched for his for his local high school team even though he had dropped out of school in the 4th grade?
Hint:     His academic status didn’t prevent him from being featured on the cover of Time magazine.
Hint:     About school, he explained, "I got as far in school as the Second Reader, only I didn't learn it all."
Hint:     In the majors, he once pitched a three-hit shutout on the same day his rookie teammate brother pitched a no-hitter.
Twint:    He responded to critics of his vocabulary with, "A lot of folks that ain't saying ain't, ain't eatin’."
A.         Dizzy Dean (Time cover 15-Apr-1935Paul Dean’s no-hitter 21-Sep-1934; Dizzy’s ShO)
FCR -    Bill Carle, Lee’s Summit, MO
Q.         Who was the first Pittsburgh Pirates player to win the league Most Valuable Player Award?
Hint:     He was the first 20th century National League player to collect 200 hits in a season for four consecutive years.
Hint:     He also had 200 hits in four of the next seven seasons.
Twint:    He hit .401 for the San Francisco Seals in 1925.
A.         Paul Waner (200 H 1927-30)
FCR -    David Girdany, Bedford, PA
Q.         Who was the first to collect 200 hits in a season for the Atlanta Braves?
Hint:     He managed an existing major league franchise to the best winning percentage in its history.
Twint:    He also guided the San Francisco Giants to the 2nd best winning percentage in their history.
A.         Felipe Alou (218 H 1966; .649 for the 1994 Montreal Expos; .621 for the2003 San Francisco Giants)
FCR -    Art Springsteen, Sunapee, NH
Q.         What pitcher earned a World Series victory on the day his father died?
Hint:     He was the reigning league MVP at the time.
Hint:     Although Stan Musial hit .579 off him, he never had a home run in nineteen at-bats.
Twint:    He is the only pitcher to take the loss in consecutive All-Star games.
A.         Mort Cooper (WS W 06-Oct-19431942 MVP; ASG losses 194343)
FCR -    Tal Smith, Houston
Q.         Who was the winning pitcher in the fastest nine-inning game ever played in major league history?
Hint:     Three years later, he no-hit the Phillies.
Hint:     He led the National League in losses for the Braves, was traded to the Giants where he led the league in wins and was traded back to the Braves where he once again led the league in losses.
Hint:     The second time he led the league in losses with the Braves, he also led the league in shutouts.
Twint:    His brother Clark pitched in the minor leagues.
A.         Jesse Barnes (Shortest game 28-Sep-1919 0h 51 min; No-hitter 07-May-1922; 1924 Braves 20 L 4 ShO
FCR -    Tom Kennedy, Houston
WEEKLY THEME – Players who had a World Series teammate brother
Player                   Brother         Year Team
Alou                 Matty          1962 Giants
Barnes              Virgil           1922 Giants
Brett                 Ken            1980 Royals
Cooper             Walker        1942 Cardinals
                                          1943 Cardinals
                                          1944 Cardinals
Dean                Paul            1934 Cardinals
Waner               Lloyd          1927 Pirates
First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Arieh Siegal, Austin
Horsehide Trivia blog (has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks:
*By at least one commonly-accepted definition of a decade.

June 11-17, 2012 Players who had a World Series teammate brother


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