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Two issues have been brought up by league members that I hope we can discuss.  It’s not “my” league, but my thought is that if four or more people object to either idea then we don’t do it, but if less than 17% of the league is against it then we should give it a try at least one time. The first idea would be for the season after this, the second idea could still be implemented this season if we decide to give it a try.

Idea 1: Progressive style lottery for assigning all draft slots (1-24). Would be run like the HDP and other lotteries on WIS utilizing the NY Lottery, where all 24 teams would have an equal chance at each draft slot. Sly has volunteered to run the lotto, and from my own experience in the HDP this would be conducted fairly and happen within a day.

Idea 2: Division draft. Now a part of the DH$52 league, and was tabled here because of a nay vote a few seasons back. Final-4 teams from previous season get to draft their divisions, brings a pretty cool element of competition to the league IMO, and helps better assure an even distribution of the top teams across the divisions. (Note, Final-4 here means four teams from conference finals(in Dh$52 its top four records, regardless of playoff outcome), with league champ as the #1, runner-up as the #2, then best record for #3 and #4, if any of the final-4 opt not to draft a division or drop out of the league, then the best record from the final-8 replaces them, and so on until we have four guys that want to draft.)

Let you opinions be known please.

6/12/2013 11:49 PM

I’m ok with trying idea #1, if would be fun a have a “shot” each time at Wilt or LeBron.

You all KNOW I’m VERY MUCH in favor of a division draft. I can live without it, but I think we have seen in the DH$52 how much fun it adds to the league.

6/12/2013 11:49 PM
I'd be in favor of both.
6/13/2013 12:40 AM
Idea #1 is fine with me but not for upcoming season XLIII.  The returning non playoff owners signed up with the
option of closer to 1 and I'm sticking to if for upcoming season.
Idea #2 I vote yes 

Only cast votes will be tallied.  If only 10 owners vote 6 votes will carry the day.
I'll sm this out to everyone as well tomorrow 6\13

Idea #1*   Yes - 8    No - 1
Idea #2    Yes - 8    No - 1
*begins next season XLIV
6/14/2013 12:24 AM (edited)

Sly, hoping we all feel that way. It seems that the population on WIS has dwindled even in the last year since I've been on here and I know you old-timers have seen a major decline over the years. These two ideas are both fresh and add excitement to the league IMO.

The current DH$52 league is the most active league I have ever been in “in-season”. Other leagues we do the draft, have some fun banter during the draft, then go 60 days with only an occasional chime in on the league message board. This DH$52 has been great, active involvement from numerous people as the season plays out, I personally check my play-by-play there before any other league twice a day and sometimes just skim the rest, but NOT the DH$52 team. IMO the division draft added a sense of ownership to the divisions for all of us, and of course competing for the top-4 is a prize that we all want for next time. I think the ODL would see the same benefits.

The lottery is also a cool idea. In the OL I just used the 12-13 LeBron there were 8 teams with him. In the ODL I don’t plan to ever finish in the bottom two (could happen of course, but I’ll NEVER tank games in this league). So as it stands with the current rules I will NEVER get to be in a league where I am the ONLY one with that LeBron or Wilt. Yes, it is established that anyone can win from any draft spot here, but I’d love the chance to someday see LeBron in my boxscore in this league without having to suffer through a 20-win season to get that.

Also in a complete re-draft league it does seem kind of a raw deal to reward the guys that flubbed the season before. The population has dropped but the quality of ownership seems better than ever (at least in my whopping 28 seasons of experience.) The 12-13 draft we are currently in has been BRUTAL. There have been at least 20 guys taken that I was SURE would make it back to my pick and they have not. So parity here seems better than ever, which to me means it’s only fitting that “rewards” for the guys that fail are not necessary in a complete re-draft league like the ODL. I get it for progressives, and it makes perfect sense there, but from my first ODL the rule “new guys get slotted after returning owners” seemed kind of crappy, it is much better to have: lottery decides all options for slot selections. And BTW, even though the best I have ever done in the HDP lottery I absolutely LOVE slowly scrolling up the results to see where I landed, we could bring that here as well if people are on board.

6/13/2013 1:56 AM
seapilots, as I noted above the vote for idea #1 should be for NEXT season. I think we all understanding that logistically you can't change it at this late date and teams have already selected their slots under the old rules. I'd vote NO for THIS season, because even though I personally may not like the old way other people relied on the rules to make a decision on whether or not to return. 

This is America and I believe in Due Process, we can't up and implement idea #1 after people have made decisions based on a format that they had to assume would stay in place. So, IMO you should tally Idea #1 votes as going into effect NEXT season. If I had the #1 or #2 pick for this one and you tried to change the rule on me right now I'd likely tell you to **** off, so I completely understand. But if we vote on this idea NOW for NEXT season the no one knows who be benefiting in the future from the old rule, and we all KNOW that the new rule will give us ALL an equal chance at deciding what draft slot we end up in.

Also for idea #2 I'm NOT a final-4 team, and I'm pretty far down the final-8 list, so there is almost no way I'd be drafting a division this year, i.e., no conflict of interest for me. I'd LOVE to see felonius draft me so I could have 8 shots at avenging my playoff ouster from last season.
6/13/2013 2:06 AM

As an FYI on the division draft idea, this is our 2nd season in the DH$52 with drafted divisions. In season one exactly ZERO of the teams that drafted their own division won it the next season. So far this season the four teams that drafted the divisions are in: 4th; 3rd; tied for 1st; and 6th places in their respective divisions.

The fear may be that an ash or a vance finishes in the final-4 for 3-4 years in a row and gets to keep drafting a weak division could be on some people's minds, but it’s a lot harder than it looks (just ask vance who won back-to-back titles then finished 5th in the division he drafted for himself.) If anything, it puts serious pressure on the top-4 teams. If we go a few years and it looks like it gives certain owners an unfair advantage then we can bring it back up for a vote, but IMO we would be more likely to see the same type of results here as the early results from the DH$52 thus far.

6/13/2013 2:45 AM

This is how the division draft would operate for the upcoming season if adopted as I noted above.

The four teams would be:

1.     Theyard2 (league champs)

2.     Felonius (runner-up)

3.     Eleibowitz (final-4; 49 wins)

4.     Coachcroft (final-4; 45 wins)

Next in line in case one of the above opted not to draft his own division:

1.       Vancem (final-8; 52 wins)

2.       DH555 (final-8; 49 wins)

3.       Natenoy (final-8; 44 wins)

Note that tadmand dropped out, so his spot in the line is vacated.

The divisions would be:


Atlantic: Theyard2

Central: Coachcroft


Midwest: Felonius

Pacific: Eleibowitz

The other 20 teams would then be ranked by the four people drafting the divisions, with #1 being the team you WANT to have in your division. The draft order would go:

Theyard2: 1,8,9,16,17

Felonius: 2,7,10,15,18

Eleibowitz: 3,6,11,14,19

Coachcroft: 4,5,12,13,20

The only other provision would be that the same owner cannot have two teams in the same conference, so for example if seapilots has two teams as soon as one of his teams is drafted in a conference he would not be eligible to be selected again by either team in that conference, if his spot came up on a list then he would be passed over for the next eligible team.

All lists are submitted and made public after the draft. This was fun last time (in the DH$52) as tricky ranked Vance relatively high on his list to draft (Vance currently has the best record in the league and the other three owners had him near the bottom) or DH who drafted me in the 3rd round, while Tar had me ranked 5th from the bottom (my team is currently tied for the 2nd best record), also the last team selected and the one that was last on most people’s lists is currently only a game over .500 (we won’t name names on this one because IMO this team will turn it around soon).

Since the draft and the lists are made public the entire league gets to see how the process unfolds, there are no secrets and again IMO we get a very even distribution of the better teams across the divisions.

6/13/2013 6:47 AM (edited)
I like both ideas
6/13/2013 9:21 AM
I'm on board with both ideas.
6/13/2013 11:05 AM
Would anyone consider changing the Salery Cap to $50M, so there's some room for rotation changes. I felt like last season was a hand of blackjack that lasted for a month and a half.
6/13/2013 11:11 AM
Posted by smokey57 on 6/13/2013 11:11:00 AM (view original):
Would anyone consider changing the Salery Cap to $50M, so there's some room for rotation changes. I felt like last season was a hand of blackjack that lasted for a month and a half.
I ok with both ideas but not raising the cap. 
6/13/2013 1:32 PM
No on raising the cap.
6/13/2013 2:12 PM
"or DH who drafted me in the 3rd round"

to be fair...i did pick last that round and i did have you in the group of teams i wanted to avoid...i just happened to pick you first from that group...whoops haha

im all for both ideas...maybe i can finally get the chance to use wilt or rodman.....the only two 1st rounders ive never used in a draft league
6/13/2013 6:04 PM
Dh, "3rd round" makes for a much better story, and it is factual.

To be honest I was far more raw about your 3* grade for my team, hence part of the name as you know. But the way this team has played on the road 3* may be too high. I still think I'll hit the 30+ home wins I believed this team would reach, but our division is so brutal its anyone's guess which one of the four of us will be on top at the end.
6/13/2013 6:21 PM
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