anyone seen DougsDawgs? 2002 Team available...... Topic


Has anyone seen DougsDawgs or know his story? 
He participated in our Season 2 Free Agency Auction- then has been MIA for 2 weeks & hasn't opened any sitemails....

We've got 23 guys waiting to stary if anyone wants his team.
Below are the League details & his Roster- if you'd like to window shop even, I'll add you to the Forum access...
Thanks fellas & Good Luck in all of your Leagues !

6/14/2013 10:20 AM

2002-   Rookie & Free Agency Auction
League # MLB105580



* All teams will have $100 Milion Salary Cap of Auction Money per team each Season. We'll roll out 30-40 players each day from the 2001 database up for bid in a Silent Auction via sitemail. Bids will be in $100K minimum increments and due at midnight (EST) each night. Whoever bids the highest on that player wins that player and holds that player's rights for up to 5 years at the annaul salary that you won your player for. So if you won Pujols for $9 million- you would play him $9 million each year up to 5 years, unless you cut him sooner than the 5 year period. No Home-town resigning discount.  ALL players after 5 years (or sooner if cut) become Free agents for all teams to bid on. So eventually guys like Puljos, Votto, Cabtrera, Verlander, Carlos Gonzalez, ect. will go back on the open market and up for Auction again every 5 years or sooner.

* Going into 2002 we will bid on 2002 Rookies & Free Agents with what money you have left in our $100 million budgets after our 2002 payroll is calculated. Everyone will be allowed to carry up tp 33 players at one time. If you go broke, we'll hold a (AAA) draft at the very end of the Auction where teams will Draft and sign up to 33 total remaining players fill out their Roster to max 1 year contracts.


$10 million Rollover allowed each Season
If you have any extra cash left after each season you will be allowed to roll it over into the next Season's Budget.
$110 million asolute max Budget allowed going into each season's Auction, though.

* That way everyone is encouraged to go for it every year & to avoid any teams from stockpiling more than $110 million.

Sitemail List-
toddleduc; Oli35; chargingryno; joshkvt; jrnyfan01; jeffc7823; Pubs; yatagon; fillies; szczubelek; calhoop; just4me; Unnaturals; rickysdad44; DougsDawgs; cholatse; oakgrove32; dskantor; Robin4; BlueTufts; bargearse; flbarons; coldfeet; Yankeejoe5

6/14/2013 10:28 AM (edited)

DougsDawgs  (Cleveland) ROSTER-  23 players Position Salary Season Signed Last Contract Season
DougsDawgs Klesko, Ryan 1B $6,000,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Durazo, Erubiel 1B $4,200,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Colbrunn, Greg 1B $900,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Hillenbrand, Shea 3B $5,400,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Castilla, Vinny 3B $5,100,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Huff, Aubrey 3B $5,000,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Lugo, Julio SS $6,200,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Jimenez, D'angelo SS $2,900,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Cora, Alex SS $700,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Guillen, Jose OF  $4,800,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Brown, Emil OF  $500,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Echevarria, Angel OF  $100,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Burks, Ellis DH $5,500,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Ibanez, Raul DH $5,000,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Lowe, Derek P 10,100,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Burnett, A.J. P $7,800,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Loaiza, Esteban P $6,900,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Daal, Omar P $3,800,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Ohka, Tomokazu P $2,800,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Burba, Dave P $700,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs D'amico, Jeff P $400,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs Kim, Byung-hyun P $5,800,000 2001 2005
DougsDawgs King, Ray P $3,000,000 2001 2005
  Total Team  Salary:   $93,600,000 2002 Cash Left: $6,400,000
6/14/2013 10:24 AM
Looks like he can add up to 10 (AAA) players left from the Availables & has $6,400,000 of Roll Over Cash going into next seasons's 2003 Rookie / Free Agent Auction.
6/14/2013 10:26 AM
Hi   Very interested in the league and Cleveland team have purchased a spot  have sent a site mail to toddleduc.   Just need to know how to fill last 2 slots on 25 man roster and the 10 AAA.  Glad to be here with all the VG owners here. Should be entering the team on Sunday.    ht.

Just noticed that the Cleveland team needs 2 catchers-- is there an available list?   Still have 6.4 Mil.
6/15/2013 3:03 PM (edited)
anyone seen DougsDawgs? 2002 Team available...... Topic

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