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Now that Random World Series Teams Season 19 has been completed we are ready for Season 20. Participants in Random World Series Season 19 (this does not include participants in the sister theme Random Playoff Teams season 19) will have until 11:00 AM ET on Monday June 17 to have preference in signing up. There are usually 6-8 openings in this always popular theme, so if you were not a participant in season 18 and are interested do sign up for the wait list. Wait list owners will be notified at or about Noon ET on 6/17 whether they are in the league and if they are in their random teams will be assigned at that time.

From 1901 to 2010 there would have been 220 participants in the World Series if it had been played every year. For 1901, 1902 and 1904 the AL & NL champions are added to the participants. The strike years of 1981 (WS was played after very a short season) and 1994 (no series was played) are omitted, leaving 216 eligible teams. Each owner will receive 9 random teams from this group (9X24=216). You must select at least 1 player from the roster of each of your Random teams. Must be the actual WS year, no twists. You must use a ballpark used by one of your assigned teams. Salary cap $120 Mil, No DH, no clones ,no trades, no ww, no AAA.

If interested please sign up below. After at least 12 teams are in I will ask another HOF owner to do the random selection of my teams.

1. dspahlinger
2. jballot (by site mail)
3. specsman
4. ejstockman (by site mail)
5. dlchow
6. Poddy (by site mail)
7. pinotfan
8. dweigel
9. je3rd
10. mulder
12. parking31
13. alston 
14. splitter24
15. trunk_monkey
16. antoncresten
17. shawbigred
18.  DartDurron
19. winterhawk
20. happyhours
21. elduro25
22. stlbombers
23. wedhead36
24. dilligafdbp

One opening due to an owner failing to enter a team-the list of random teams assigned to him is on page 4.

site mail list: dspahlingr;jballot;specsman;ejsctockman;dlchow;Poddy;pinotfan;dweigel;je3rd;mulder;cubbies84;parking31;

wait list: jjper1
6/30/2013 1:59 PM (edited)
jballot, thanks for returning. Your random teams are:

1958   New York Yankees
1903   Boston Americans
1964   New York Yankees
1907   Detroit Tigers
1921   New York Giants
1936   New York Giants
1906   Chicago White Sox
1941   New York Yankees
1957   Milwaukee Braves
6/15/2013 11:12 AM
I'm back
6/15/2013 11:35 AM
6/15/2013 12:05 PM
i'm in again, thanks
6/15/2013 12:13 PM
Sign me up!
6/15/2013 1:02 PM
I'd like to get on the waitlist please.
6/15/2013 1:26 PM
6/15/2013 1:34 PM
I'm back as well
6/15/2013 1:41 PM
specsman, thanks for returning. Your random teams are:

1967   St. Louis Cardinals
1975   Cincinnati Reds
1924   New York Giants
1970   Cincinnati Reds
1946   Boston Red Sox
1905   New York Giants
1978   New York Yankees
1976   New York Yankees
1939   New York Yankees

6/15/2013 2:24 PM
ejstockman, thanks for returning. Your random teams are:

2002   San Francisco Giants
1920   Brooklyn Robins
1951   New York Yankees
1969   Baltimore Orioles
1928   New York Yankees
1937   New York Yankees
1971   Baltimore Orioles
2006   St. Louis Cardinals
1963   Los Angeles Dodgers

6/15/2013 2:26 PM
dlchow, thanks for returning. Your random teams are:

1910   Philadelphia Athletics
1916   Brooklyn Robins
1986   New York Mets
1956   Brooklyn Dodgers
1968   Detroit Tigers
1956   New York Yankees
1902   Philadelphia Athletics
2003   Florida Marlins
1918   Boston Red Sox
6/15/2013 2:34 PM
Poddy, thanks for returning. Your random teams are:

1992   Atlanta Braves
1944   St. Louis Cardinals
1942   New York Yankees
2010   Texas Rangers
1915   Philadelphia Phillies
1910   Chicago Cubs
2003   New York Yankees
1972   Oakland Athletics
1990   Oakland Athletics
6/15/2013 2:35 PM
pinotfan, thanks for returning. Your random teams are:

1972   Cincinnati Reds
1935   Chicago Cubs
1955   Brooklyn Dodgers
1907   Chicago Cubs
1950   Philadelphia Phillies
1955   New York Yankees
1912   New York Giants
2000   New York Mets
1982   Milwaukee Brewers

6/15/2013 2:37 PM
dweigel, thanks for returning. Your random teams are:

1988   Los Angeles Dodgers
1913   Philadelphia Athletics
1930   Philadelphia Athletics
1988   Oakland Athletics
2006   Detroit Tigers
1933   New York Giants
1976   Cincinnati Reds
2000   New York Yankees
1999   New York Yankees

6/15/2013 2:40 PM
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Random World Series Teams season 20-Need one!! Topic

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