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UNO !!!  Volume 10 !

It’s been too long since we had an UNO League going… Uno is one of the most interesting, fun Drafts out there and my personal favorite League of all time.  Essentially we all take turns picking a franchise and a player from that franchise to srtart each new Round.  Everyone else "follows suit" picking a player from that frnachise unless a REVERSE CARD or a WILD CARD is used (everyone gets one of each to play during the Draft).  We'll go slow off the clock for the first couple of Rounds - once everyone gets the hang of it we can have multiple Rounds going at once ahead of schedule with team changes to keep you on your toes !  I'll keep close tabs on the Draft & can sitemail the League when teams change if someone plays a Reverse Card.  Round 25 is a freebie to pick anyone in the database that hasn't already been picked.

$120 million Salary Cap.
50 game Live for Playoffs.
NO AAA, NO DH, NO Waiver Wire.
TRADES ALLOWED- once the season starts.
NO CLONES League Wide
(only 1 Babe Ruth, ect.)
Stadium--must be a stadium used one of your players.
*You may use any season of your selected player as long as the season used is one for the team selected in that round.
Sitemailing the Next 3 is helpful as teams can change mid-Round.  I should be able to keep close tabs on things during the draft & sitemail the League as well.

How it works:
* Once we get 24 owners, I’ll have a respected owner not in the League do a & post it in this thread to set the ROUND 1Draft Order.
* Each owner moves up one slot each new Round and whoever drafted first the Round previously goes to the line in the next Round.
* Each New Round- whoever picks 1st selects a team from all of the teams in the WIS Database and a Player from that team.  That team becomes the team everyone will choose from for that Round UNLESS you play a RESERVE or WILD.  Everyone will have (1) Reverse Card & (1) Wild Card over the course of the Draft.  (explained below)

REVERSE CARDS-  (1 per player) When played, You can SWITCH the current team that’s up for that Round to a different team.  Everyone after you in that Round will pick a player from the team you Reversed it to.  REVERSE CARDS MUST be played prior to our durring your timeslot.  **(Note – previous versions only allowed 1 Reverse Card to be played per Round, but some a couple guys never got a chance to use theirs.  So we will allow as many guys to use their 1 Reverse Card per Round as they want- but once you use it, it’s gone…)
WILD CARDS-  (1 per player)  Everyone will have one Wild Card as well.  Wild Cards allow you to pick ANY player that has not already picked.

Round 25- Is a FREE Round for guys to pick anyone not already picked.   The Round 25 Draft order will be in Reverse Order of who used their Wild Card first.  First to use their Wild Card it goes Last in Round 25, ect…

Draft Procedures Example- 
Round 1 begins, say Steve has the first overall pick and chooses the Yankees & Babe Ruth.  Everyone following Steve in Round 1 picks someone from the Yankees.  We get down to the 8th pick in Round 1 and TheTaint REVERSES teams to the Atlanta Braves and picks Greg Maddux.  Now everyone after the 8th pick picks a player from the Atlanta BravesJosh at Pick 21 doesn’t want a Brave left on the board and uses a Wild Card and picks Ty Cobb. Everyone left in Round 1 still picks an Atlanta Brave unless they choose to use their (1) Wild Card.
* Once a player has been selected, he cannot be selected from another team.  That player MUST be used in the team unifrom he was drafted for. For Example--let's say Rickey Henderson was chosen in the New York Yankee Round.  He must be used as a Yankee and cannot be chosen later in the A's round.
Any Questions- just Post 'em up or sitemail me ! 
FYI- The "NON-LIVE" version is drafting now over in the Theme League Forums if someone is interested in seeing how it works, just click this Link:


8/15/2013 12:18 PM (edited)
UNO !  Volume 10 Signups

(1)  toddleduc
(2)  TheTaint
(3)  joshkvt
(4)  leeelci
(5)  tato526  
(6)  frozen_rope
(7)  blaisebbss8 
(8)  besterateam
(9)  jbar8888
(10)  scaljay
(11)  dubrighrway
(12)  jeffc7823
(13)  grox 
(14)  timothygroth
(15)  11kwyetman28
(16)  jocrane14
(17)  jlrunruh

UNO Sitemail List: 
toddleduc; TheTaint; joshkvt; leeelci; tato526; frozen_rope; blaisebbss8; besterateam; jbar8888; scaljay; dubrightway; jeffc7823; grox; timothygroth; 11kwyetman28; jocrane14; jlrunruh

8/15/2013 12:17 PM (edited)
TEAMS to Choose from:

(if I missed any- Just let me know which and I'll add 'em)

Anaheim Angels (1997-2005)
Arizona Diamonbacks (1998-2012)
Atlanta Braves (1966-2012)
Baltimore Orioles (1885-2012)
Baltimore Terrapins (1914-1915)
Boston Americans (1901-1907)
Boston Beaneaters (1885-1906)
Boston Bees (1936-1940)
Boston Braves (1911-1952)
Boston Doves (1907-1910)
Boston Red Sox (1908-2012)
Boston Reds (1890-1891)
Brooklyn Bridegrooms (1888-1898)
Brooklyn Dodgers (1911-1957)
Brooklyn Feds (1914-1915)
Brooklyn Gladiators (1890)
Brooklyn Grays (1885-1886)
Brooklyn Robins (1914-1931)
Brooklyn Superbas (1899-1910)
Brooklyn Wonders (1890)
Buffalo Bisons (1885-1890)
Buffalo Giants (1914-1915)
California Angels (1965-1996)
Chicago Colts (1890-1897)
Chicago Cubs (1903-2012)
Chicago Orphans (1898-1902)
Chicago Pirates (1890)
Chicago Whales (1914-1915)
Chicago White Sox (1901-2012)
Chicago White Stockings (1885-1889)
Cincinnati Kelly’s Killers (1891)
Cincinnati Red Stockings (1885-1889)
Cincinnati Reds (1890-2012)
Cleveland Blues (1887-1902)
Cleveland Indians (1915-2012)
Cleveland Infants (1890)
Cleveland Naps (1903-1914)
Cleveland Spiders (1889-1899)
Colorado Rockies (1993-2012)
Columbus Solons (1889-1891)
Detroit Tigers (1901-2012)
Detroit Wolverines (1885-1888)
Florida Marlins (1993-2012)
Houston Astros (1965-2012)
Houston Colt 45's (1962-1964)
Indianapolis Hoosier-Feds (1887-1914)
Kansas City A's (1955-1967)
Kansas City Cowboys (1886-1889)
Kansas City Packers (1914-1915)
Kansas City Royals (1969-2012)
Los Angeles Angels (1961-2012)
Los Angeles Dodgers (1958-2012)
Louisville Colonels (1885 -1899)

Milwaukee Braves (1953-1965)
Milwaukee Brewers (1891-2012)
Minnesota Twins (1961-2012)
Montreal Expos (1969-2004)
New York Giants (1885-1957)
New York Highlanders (1903-1912)
New York Metropolitans (1885-1887)
New York Mets (1962-2012)
New York Yankees (1913-2012)
Newark Pepper (1915)
Oakland Athletics (1968-2012)
Philadelphia Athletics (1885-1954)
Philadelphia Blue Jays (1944-1945)
Philadelphia Phillies (1890-2012)
Philadelphia Quakers (1885-1891)
Pittsburgh Alleghenys (1885-1890)
Pittsburgh Burghers (1890)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1891-2012)
Pittsburgh Rebels (1914-1915)
Providence Grays (1885)
Rochester Broncos (1890)
San Diego Padres (1969-2012)
San Francisco Giants (1958-2012)
Seattle Mariners (1977-2012)
Seattle Pilots (1969)
St. Louis Browns (1885-1953)
St. Louis Cardinals (1900-2012)
St. Louis Maroons (1885-1886)
St. Louis Perfectos (1899)
St. Louis Terriers (1914-1915)
Syracuse Stars (1890)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-2012)
Texas Rangers (1972-2012)
Toledo Maumees (1890)
Toronto Blue Jays (1977-2012)
Washington Nationals (1886-2012)
Washington Senators (1892-1971)
Washington Statesmen (1891)


6/17/2013 12:02 AM (edited)
Definitely in.
6/15/2013 11:33 PM
So does the Orioles franchise include the earlier unaffiliated Orioles but NOT the Browns?
6/16/2013 12:32 AM
Shhhhh ... you'll bring Bilfert back from the dead with questions like that.

Count me in.
6/16/2013 2:47 AM
hey dahs-  I'm not seeing the Baltimore Browns in the database... I guess I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible as far as searches in the database go...  but yeah- if I missed any teams in the database, just let me know !
6/16/2013 10:44 AM
Welcome Tainter & josh ! 
6/16/2013 10:44 AM
6/16/2013 12:06 PM
never play this I will give it a try
6/16/2013 12:25 PM
welcome fellas !  glad to have ya !
6/16/2013 1:25 PM
6/16/2013 2:50 PM
wouldn't be the same without you, Dusty !  hope you don't mind me getting it going !
6/16/2013 10:38 PM
I'm in
6/17/2013 8:37 AM
awesome frozen !  welcome back !
6/17/2013 1:09 PM
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