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Coaches retire all the time and there are new coaches all the time.  Just because we have some high profile forum guys retiring, that is not indicative of the rest of HD.
6/17/2013 12:34 AM
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People have been predicting the doom of this website since at least 2005.  The HD playership may ebb and flow, but I don't foresee them shutting down the game at all...this is one of their bigger money makers I think, which may not be saying much though either.

There's no real way to combat being burned out.  Usually if I coach 2 teams for too long, I start to tire of the game (though I've done it for much of the last year or so, but it is wearing on me a bit, especially since I haven't reached D1 yet).  I can't believe some guys on here coach 4, 8, 10 teams at a time...especially 7 teams in game-a-day worlds....that would burn me the hell out in no time.

My best advice to new users in HD is to have the guts to stick around and become successful isn't like a console game where you pick it up, play a season and win the national championship...there's a lot of learning/strategizing involved, friend/foe making, and this is the best college basketball of any kind, anywhere ever, so I hope that all the newbs give this thing an honest go.

HD/WIS is poorly advertised, but maybe the market just isn't there.  Personally I feel like not a lot of people know about it.  Despite my rambling, I think HD will continue basically forever, regardless.  It sucks losing guys like billyg because you come to enjoy them not only in the game, but in the forums as well, sitemails perhaps.  With that said, I don't want HD to lose its personalities it has here on the boards.  A chatter-less message board would tune me out as well I think.  K that's it...filibustering 101 lol.

6/17/2013 12:43 AM
Pretty much. I used to keep track of how many coaches there were per world. I doubt it's gone down significantly. I'll take a quick check.
6/17/2013 1:33 AM
Hey Trevor, I peaked at 13 teams under 2 ID's.  I'm at 7 now, but am really just burning credits at this point.  I'm one win away in Tark from reaching my goal of being the first coach ever to win 2000 games in a single world.  Been at Northeastern State since season 3 (dcy0827 ID).  After 70+ seasons at the same school, I'm gonna get my 2000th win and probably retire from that school after this season.  It's just not fun anymore.  When the credits finally go, I probably will too.  It's an interesting game, but playing every day for eight straight years (okay, maybe a day off here or there, but not all) eventually just wears on you.

If this game was advertised better, it would probably make a killing, but getting the word out has been a big problem ever since I started.  WIS always seems to rely on us to do their jobs and bring the new blood in.  The game will probably survive (for the near future anyway), but it peaked a long, long time ago.  Now it's just a gradual descent until they finally pull the plug, which granted, may take awhile.  It's definitely NOT as good of an environment as it was four or five years ago, not even close. 
6/17/2013 1:46 AM
I used to have 2 teams now I am up to 7 and I have thought about going to 8. The game has become more fun for me as I have won 2 NC's within the past few years and I am just getting more involved in D1 (3 current teams). I think it will ebb and flow. You can't expect the people who were here at the beginning to stay forever without substantial updates to the game. 
6/17/2013 8:20 AM
Talk about ebb and flow all you want, but my numbers indicate that user population is down about 15% since this time last year.  Can those losses be absorbed for the near future?  Absolutely.  Will this game exist in one year?  Almost certainly.  Will it exist in five years?  Maybe, but I have serious doubts.
6/17/2013 9:01 AM
People have been predicting the doom of this website since at least 2005. 

Exactly, but there are plenty of people who participate in most games on here, including HD. In fact, from just looking at information and not doing any analysis, it appears there are more players in HD than in, say, NBA Simleagues.

The baseball games have always done the best on this site, particularly MLB simleagues, but I haven't yet heard of them needed to close a game down because of lack of interest.

And as I said, there are several games which appear to generate less interest than HD does, so I doubt they'll shut it down anytime soon.
6/17/2013 9:25 AM
Clutch Racing Dynasty closed, presumably because of lack of interest.
6/17/2013 9:47 AM
Okay, I didn't know that, but I'm not surprised.

Still, I have serious doubts that will happen to HD, at least not anytime in the near future, but I guess anything is theoretically possible.

6/17/2013 9:52 AM
The level of customer service does not do much to help the situation, though.
6/17/2013 11:28 AM
Posted by hitman1979 on 6/17/2013 11:28:00 AM (view original):
The level of customer service does not do much to help the situation, though.
There's this guy! Nice to see you back around!
6/17/2013 2:18 PM
Same to you thomper.  Although if this continues I won't be back for long.
6/17/2013 2:19 PM
Posted by stinenavy on 6/17/2013 9:47:00 AM (view original):
Clutch Racing Dynasty closed, presumably because of lack of interest.
I'm guessing the soccer game won't be far behind. Tried it for a bit, man did it suck. 

6/17/2013 2:29 PM
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