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The Icon Progressive League Rules:

Basic Rules:

Draft order is determined after game #120.
2) You will need to win 40 games by game #120 to qualify for the top 3 picks. If you don't qualify, then you will get the 4th pick in round 1. If there is more than 1 team, then the team with the most amount of wins will get the 4th & then the next most the 5th, & so on. This is for round 1 only. After round 1, the 1st pick will be the team with the least amount of wins.
3) If you trade away a pick before the draft starts, you will get enough picks to cover your empty roster spots. If you trade away a pick during the draft, then you will have to wait until the timed draft is over to make up any empty roster spots in the supplemental draft.
4) We will have 6 position & 4 pitching fictitious AAA players. They will all be below average quality.
5) You may only trade the current season & following 2 season's draft picks.
6) You may not draft so your team is over 25 players.
7) You are required to change stadiums when they become extinct.
8) Team name must be real team name.
9) If a player isn't listed in the available players pool, he is not eligible to be drafted.
10) If an owner's keeper makes it into the available players pool & is drafted before the original owner says anything, the player is the property of the new team.
11) We will use DH in the AL only.
12) No use of waiver wire.
13) Live play is limited to next series.
14) Injuries will be turned on.
15) Trade deadline will be at game # 120, but you may call up any AAA player all season long.
16) Trades involving "players to be named later" are allowed, but only for auto-generated AAA players.
17) Only players that have played for your franchise or auto-generated AAA players are allowed on your team.
18) Any player who played every game for an expansion/defunct team or has fewer than 25 IP/50 AB will not be eligible to be drafted by any team.
19) For recruitment purposes, teams that do not own a 1st round pick and change ownership will receive a supplemental pick at the end of 1st round.

Keeper Rules:

1) Career Keepers-
Any player who has played his entire career for one team (or entire WiS career) will belong to that team. If a player has played for several teams but has only racked up 50 AB or 25 IP in a season for one team he will also belong to the team for which he played the bulk of his career. So if Player A plays four full seasons for the Dodgers, then goes to the Cubs where he only nets 30 ABs and is traded to the Mets where he gets another 30 he will be still be considered a Dodgers Career Keeper.
2) Team Icons-Any player whose first ten or more eligible WIS seasons are with the same team, and who has had no more than 3 WIS seasons with other teams will be designated a Team Icon and belong to the team whom he played 10 years for. After his tenure with your team is up, you are eligible to keep or cut the player at your disgression.
3) Any Career Keeper/Team Icon with fewer than 60 IP/ 150 PA may be placed in AAA or on the MLB roster to start the season. Also, any Career Keeper/Team Icon may be placed on the I.R. during a season he didn't play for your franchise.
4) Any players who were assigned to your roster as Career Keepers must be kept for the duration of their career.
5) Any players who were assigned to your roster asTeam Icons must be kept for the duration of their career that they played for your team.
6) Any Career Keeper/Team Icon who racked up more than 25 IP/50 AB with a defunct franchise (Brewers, Giants, Marlins, Orioles, Padres, & Twins) will be the property of the active franchise.
7) Every other player who does not fall in to one of these rules will be eligible to be drafted by any team he appeared in 1 game for (any team that shows up on his B-R page at the time of the draft).

6/19/2013 4:56 AM
Texas Rangers
Stadium: Ameriquest Field

Ivan Rodriguez-Det/NY(A)/Hou/Mon
C: Rod Barajas-AZ/Phi/Tor/NY(N)/LA/Pit
1B: Phil Nevin-Hou/Det/Ana/Chi(N)
1B: Julio Franco-Phi/Cle/Chi(A)/TB/Atl/NY(N)
2B: Alex Cora-LA/Cle/Bos/NY(N)/Mon
2B: Mark MeLemore-Ana/Cle/Hou/Sea/Oak
3B: Hank Blalock-TB
SS: Michael Young(TI)
OF: Vladimir Guerrero-Mon/Ana
OF: Kevin Mench-Tor/Mon
OF: Gabe Kapler-Det/Col/Bos/TB
DH: Travis Hafner-Cle/NY(A)

SP: Jamie Moyer-Chi(N)/Stl/Bos/Sea/Phi/Col
SP: Adam Eaton-Phi/Col
SP: Ismael Valdez-LA/Chi(N)/Ana/Sea
SP: Kevin Brown-LA/NY(A)
RP: R.A. Dickey-Sea/NY(N)/Tor
RP: Dave Bush-Tor
RP: Chan Ho Park-LA/NY(N)/Phi/NY(A)/Pit
RP: Akinori Otsuka(CK)
RP: Antonio Alfonseca-Chi(N)/Atl/Phi
RP: Joe Nathan(CK)
RP: Dave Burba-Sea/Cin/Cle
RP: Frank Francisco-Tor/NY(N)
RP: Brian Shouse-Pit/Bos/KC/TB

Erasmo Ramirez-P(CK)~Chad Allen-OF(CK)~Rick Bauer-P(CK)

IR: Rick Helling-P-AZ


TRADED PICKS: Devil Rays own their 2005 2nd rounder
8/15/2013 6:57 AM (edited)
Their round 1 pick is #19. Their round 3 & on is the #2 pick. We are about to start the draft. If you are looking for something different, this is the league for you.
6/19/2013 4:56 AM
Updated roster.
6/21/2013 4:02 AM
They have aquired Hank Blalock. Roster has been updated. The 1st round of the draft is underway.
8/6/2013 2:39 PM
The Rangers just added Jamie Moyer-P.
8/11/2013 11:57 PM
The Rangers have added Frank Francisco-P & Alex Cora-2B.
8/15/2013 6:58 AM
2004 League Needs 1!!!!! Topic

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