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In the context of moving up to D1, how much more weight does an NT berth earned through a CT championship carry than an At-Large bid?

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6/21/2013 1:20 AM (edited)
Hi guys,

The reason I bring this up is because I've been comparing my resumes, one for which I made D1 and the other which I haven't, and it seems a bit puzzling why I haven't made it in Knight yet (though with basically a guaranteed NT appearance, I'm a lock)...I can't say I feel 100% confident that even with a 1st round exit in the NT, without a CT win that I'll be eligible to move up to D1, I feel that the process has been changed/hardened over time.  So here are the resumes.

Armstrong Atlantic State in Tark, I moved up to D- South Carolina in season 47...

46 colonels19 23-8 7-3 12-4 4-1 10-6   74 197 B CT Champion
NT (1st Round)
45 colonels19 21-9 7-2 11-6 3-1 13-3   105 237 B- CT Champion
NT (1st Round)
44 colonels19 17-11 8-5 8-5 1-1 7-9   170 275 C+  
43 colonels19 19-9 4-4 14-4 1-1 8-8   140 275 C+  
42 colonels19 21-7 11-4 9-2 1-1 12-4   116 257 C+  
41 colonels19 14-14 8-5 5-8 1-1 7-9   126 119 C  

And my SW Minnesota State team...the current season still withstanding...

61 colonels19 27-0 13-0 13-0 1-0 16-0 3 13 110 - Conf Champion
60 colonels19 26-4 10-2 14-0 2-2 15-1   49 127 B Conf Champion
NT At-large Bid
NT (1st Round)
59 colonels19 11-17 2-9 8-7 1-1 6-10   175 180 C+  
58 colonels19 19-11 6-6 11-4 2-1 13-3   58 42 B PI (1st Round)
57 colonels19 23-6 11-1 11-3 1-2 14-2   46 128 B NT At-large Bid
NT (1st Round)
56 colonels19 18-11 9-4 7-6 2-1 11-5   108 203 C+  
55 colonels19 15-13 7-7 7-5 1-1 9-7   201 275 C  
54 colonels19 9-19 5-8 3-10 1-1 5-11   192 148 C-  

Basically, if I don't make D1 with an NT bid this year, my opinion of the job system is that it's ******....fair or foul?  Can you understand my frustration?
6/21/2013 1:18 AM (edited)
Small differences but....AAS resume has back-to-back NT appearances, SW Minn St. doesn't.  Last four seasons at AAS were all winning seasons, SWMST had a losing record two years ago (I'm not counting anything about this season when comparing).  Two minor differences, but it may have been just enough to make the difference between one resume being good enough and the other one not.
6/21/2013 1:39 AM
By the way, I voted for the "You're insane" choice but that doesn't have a damn thing to do with this thread.  That's for Colonels in general.
6/21/2013 1:40 AM
I don't think the NT bid itself is valued any differently, but I'd expect CT Championships add their own value that is contributing. Plus what emy said. I also voted that you are insane, but in my defense you did make it an option...
6/21/2013 3:40 AM
I think the only value it has is that it is one more win.

There's a pretty straightforward explanation in the FAQ on moving up.   I know I am forgetting something but it is basically:



Post Season Successs

You need more of them to move up.

6/21/2013 7:18 AM
It's not that a NT bid is worth more or less if won through the CT or not. However ...

The two issues are pretty apparent here -- in one resume you made back-to-back NTs in the most recent seasons and have no losing seasons in the last four; in the other, you don't have back-to-back NT appearances, and your second most recent season was a losing one.

Makes total sense to me.

6/21/2013 7:29 AM
I voted for none at all, but count me on the you're insane list as well.
6/21/2013 7:37 AM
I think a CT is probably a bonus on a resume--if your team is going to make the tourney at-large, you'll get the NT points towards your resume, but if you are going to make it and then win the CT, you'll get a small bonus. If you're not going to make the NT without winning, well, you're getting lots of bonus points for winning the CT because you'll get a tiny CT bump (maybe) plus a big one for making the tourney. 
6/21/2013 8:09 AM
I didn't want to make it seem like I was ******** about not making it to D1 last year in Knight, I had already come to terms with that fact and hopefully my NT appearance this year does the trick.  I lost v. a human that I beat by 11 in my 2 previous meetings after I posted this, so count this up as a jinx extraordinaire, and hopefully I beat that chooch jetwildcat tonight ;)

Even with the losing season, I think one could make a pretty strong argument that SW Minnesota State 57-60 is better than Armstrong Atlantic State 43-46.  Again it's neither here nor there at this point, but I find it to be an interesting argument...because it involves my ongoings of course lol.

Lastly, those that voted "You're insane"...no explanation needed...I wanted to amp this poll up a bit and just see who's who around here.  Interesting results thus far...I liked emy's first post, the best...then his second post lol...great stuff guys, thank you and certainly if you haven't voted or posted and have an opinion, weigh in!

6/21/2013 7:27 PM
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