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In Version 1 of the Sweet Sixteen League 16 participants took turns owning a season of each of the 16 original franchises. Each league season each owners got a different franchise. Thus every owner got a turn owning the Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers etc. Each league season all 16 of the original franchises must be selected. In each season the owner built a franchise using any player in franchise history.

In version 2, Instead of using any player in franchise history, you will use a particular season for each franchise. You may use any season from 1901-2012 in the franchise history. For example, for the Yankees you may use 1927, 1939, 1998 or any other season you wish. For franchises which have moved cities, you may use any season as well-for example for the Senators/Twins you may use the 1925 or 1933 Senators or the 1965, 1991 or 2004 Twins (or any other season in franchise history).

The test will be to see which owners can select the  correct "best" team for each franchise.

For Version 2, 12 owners have elected to return, leaving 4 spots open.

For season #1, after 16 owners have entered there will be a random draw (using to determine the order of team selection. For subsequent seasons, team selection will be in reverse order of the prior season W/L Pct. with cumulative W/L Pct. being the tiebreaker (lowest Pct. goes first). Since everyone will  eventually be owning all 16 teams, I don't think tanking provisions are necessary.  I will post cumulative W/L records for each owner and each franchise after every season

Promptly after the completion of each regular season, the commissioner will post the draft order for team and stadium selection for the following season. Since this is a one-round draft, the first full day after the draft order is posted will be off the clock. At the end of the first full day if the draft is not completed the commissioner will post times for day 3 of the draft and the draft will continue off the clock for day 2. At the end of day 3, any owner who has not made a draft selection will be deemed to have withdrawn from the league and the commissioner will immediately recruit for a replacement.

As far as team names are concerned, you may use any name used by the selected franchise as shown below. The stadium used must be a stadium used by the team name selected-i.e. if you decided to use the Brooklyn Dodgers name you cannot use Dodger stadium in Los Angeles. As team names are selected during the team selection, they will be shown in BOLD below. Please use the actual exact team name, including the year chosen (i.e.1939 New York Yankees), for the season you have selected as I will keep records for each franchise by season so we can, for example, see which Yankee team had the best record in Sweet Sixteen league play.


1. Atlanta Braves 1966-2012, Milwaukee Braves 1953-1965, Boston Braves 1941-1952 & 1912-1935, Boston Bees 1936-1940, Boston Doves 1907-1910 and Boston Beaneaters 1901-1906

2.Baltimore Orioles 1954-2012, St. Louis Browns 1902-1953, Milwaukee Brewers 1901

3. Boston Red Sox 1908-2012, Boston Americans 1901-1907

4. Chicago Cubs 1903-2012, Chicago Orphans 1901-1902

5. Chicago White Sox 1901-2012

6. Cincinnati Reds 1901-2012

7. Cleveland Indians 1916-2012, Cleveland Naps 1903-1914, Cleveland Blues 1901-1902

8. Detroit Tigers 1901-2012

9. Los Angeles Dodgers 1958-2012, Brooklyn Dodgers 1931-1957 & 1911-1913, Brooklyn Robins 1914-1930, Brooklyn Superbas 1901-1910

10. Minnesota Twins 1961-2012, Washington Senators 1901-1960

11. New York Yankees 1913-2012, New York Highlanders 1903-1912, Baltimore Orioles 1901-1902

12. Oakland Athletics 1968-2012, Kansas City Athletics 1955-1967, Philadelphia Athletics 1901-1954

13. Philadelphia Phillies 1946-2012, Philadelphia Blue Jays 1944-1945, Philadelphia Phillies 1901-1943

14. Pittsburgh Pirates 1901-2012

15. St. Louis Cardinals 1901-2012

16. San Francisco Giants 1958-2012, New York Giants 1901-1957

Division alignment will be geographic and will vary from season to season based on the teams selected-
for example, a Brooklyn Dodgers team will be placed in the NL East while a Los Angeles Dodgers team will be placed in the NL West.

Seasons 1901-2012, Salary Cap $120 Mil, No clones, WW, AAA or DH.

If interested in playing in Version 2 please sign up below and vote on whether or not we should require purchase of a $10 gift certificate to join the league.

Because of the nature of the league, replacement of owners midway through the 16 seasons becomes difficult so while I realize that medical situations or changed financial conditions may arise that make continuation impossible, I do request that you not sign up unless you currently expect to be able to play all 16 seasons. In version 1 we had 14 owners who played all 16 seasons and one owner who played 15 seasons.
6/22/2013 6:48 AM
Returning Owners:

1. dspahlinger
2. bev148
3. DarthDurron
4. elduro25
5. jmc44
6. mulder
7. pinotfan
8. shysters3
9. specsman
10. trumpet664
11. vark48
12. winterhawk

New owners:
13. firecapt
14. beauchamp
15. shawbigred
16. pmars2001

6/24/2013 3:33 PM (edited)
I like the idea, but have a question. Maybe it's right in front of me and I don't see it but. Can the same franchise/season be used over and over? Example: Can the '27 Yankees be used multiple times? Even up to 16 times? Or once used do they become blacklisted?
6/22/2013 11:51 AM
Yes, the same team can be used multiple times. Everyone has the opportunity to choose which season they want to use for each franchise. Actually I think there is likely to be more variability in the Yankees than some other franchises which had fewer great teams.
6/22/2013 12:20 PM
I have two questions.  1. There are a some teams that don't have 25 SIM eligible players for each season.  Can we pick those seasons and use 200 thousand filler players to complete the roster?   2.  What will the rule be on using combined season stats?  In other words, if a player was with two teams during the season, are we limited to using only the time he played for our team, or can we use the combined stats?  
6/22/2013 1:09 PM
celticus, I meant to copy the following from the league rules:

In some cases when you load a franchise season, WIS will show less than 25 players on the roster. For example, loading the 1921 Yankees shows 22 players on the roster. To cover this shortfall, there are 2 steps:

1. Rather than just loading the team, change the setting for minimum games played for position players to 0 and search for 1921 Yankees and see if any additional players are found. For the 1921 Yankees OF Ping Bodie appears. (14 position players are found rather than 13 by just loading the team). Do the same search for pitchers. For the 1921 Yankees, this did not find any additional pitchers.

2. For the remaining shortfall (in the above example, 2 players are still needed), draft players from the same year (1921 in this example) with a maximum salary of $500,000.

That should answer question 1.

For question 2, the answer is we will be limited to using only the partial season for the franchise selected. I'll incorporate that into the league rules as well.
6/22/2013 3:30 PM
If you've got room and will have me, I'll take a team. Thx
6/22/2013 5:24 PM
OK now need 3
6/22/2013 9:47 PM
I'll take a spot.
6/23/2013 11:18 AM
OK down to 2
beauchamp, I'll add you to access to the league private forum.
6/23/2013 12:08 PM
I'd like to join if you'll have me.
6/23/2013 2:40 PM
OK only one to go !
6/23/2013 7:48 PM
I'll take the last spot
6/24/2013 2:15 PM
Terrific ! I'll give you immediate access to the league private forum and send out info tomorrow about the Season 1 draft.
6/24/2013 3:31 PM
Only Need 1 for Sweet Sixteen League Version 2 Topic

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