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I am installing Fastbreak offense (28 practice min) this year, from Motion. I assume the IQ will increase more quickly if we play it from the outset in addition to practicing it. Any idea how much more quickly? My assistant is carping at me to run the offense we know in games. LOL
7/1/2013 10:14 AM
I'm not sure IQ acts like player ratings and improves faster with playing time; maybe someone else can help answer that questions.  But changing offenses takes a couple of seasons.  You're probably better off running motion this year (because the IQs are already there) and switching to running FB next year when the IQs come up a bit.
7/1/2013 1:53 PM
Actually, IQ won't increase any faster if you play it than if you don't play it.  It doesn't make any sense that this is the case, but it indeed is the case. 

Also, fwiw, your Wooden UNCP team will then be FB/FCP, but I really think you need to sell out more for ATH and SP during recruiting to make this work properly for you and make that next step up with that team.  53/46 really isn't good enough at D2.  In fact, it's barely good enough to be running just FCP (with Motion) much less the FB/FCP combo, imo.
7/1/2013 2:12 PM
Thanks for the feedback. I have a few lunkers slowing me down right now (3 C, 2 PF). Tried to recruit more ATH/SP this year, understanding that it will take a couple years to turn over the roster.

Odd to think that playing the new offense in games doesn't shorten the IQ curve, but I'll switch back to running the motion offense for now while I monitor IQ.
7/1/2013 2:25 PM
I'm doing the same thing (changing to fb/fcp from motion/man) and was actually wondering this same situation.. glad someone asked it and got some expert opinions.  i find it crazy that PT doesn't increase it quicker.. kinda absurd really since its essentially extra "practice"
7/2/2013 9:57 AM
technically PT does increase it, but the amount is just miniscule. Someone ran a study on playing O and D with no IQ, and it was something like an entire season of 1 O and D (playing only, no practice) got him to D-...  There's no value in that-- maybe 30 practice minutes would get you the same thing. 
7/2/2013 11:00 AM
A few seasons back I moved to George Washington. I immediately switch to practicing fastbreak and full court press.The first season I used the offense and defense that came with the team while practicing the offenses I wanted to use in the future. The 2nd season I played fastbreak and fullcourt press. My 2nd season record dropped in part because I prefer to schedule competitive teams on my ooc schedule. The 3rd season is when my team became competitive. After the 4th season I made the jump to Cincinnati and I will follow a similar path.

60 plague 24-6 11-2 11-2 2-2 14-2 23 22 48 B Conf Champion
NT At-large Bid
NT (2nd Round)
59 plague 23-7 12-1 9-4 2-2 13-3 23 26 61 B- Conf Champion
NT At-large Bid
NT (2nd Round)
58 plague 8-19 5-8 3-10 0-1 4-12   123 25 C  
57 plague 17-11 9-4 7-6 1-1 9-7   107 133 C+  

7/2/2013 6:10 PM
Very helpful...thanks.
7/3/2013 12:59 PM
Installing new offense Topic

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