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I only have 5 players
7/13/2013 3:49 PM
Posted by good_beef on 7/13/2013 1:14:00 PM (view original):
This is the EASIEST Pick 6 yet & most likely I will be about DONE when the 3rd round is posted!  I might need to fill 1 or 2 starting positions, IF they double up (not likely) but in the 4th round (looking like Auto Pilot for me) I am probably looking for backup/fielding replacements - ONLY & I can get them anywhere, so doubling up is not an issue?  So.. Less than 2 rounds to go, for my team - where is the difficulty factor?
Well aren't you special.
7/13/2013 4:55 PM
Posted by hurricane86 on 7/13/2013 3:49:00 PM (view original):
I only have 5 players
Thank You
7/14/2013 8:24 AM
20 in

waiting on brucel, georgedeer, phillyboy, toddleduc
7/14/2013 8:56 AM
In- sorry for the delay!
7/14/2013 11:41 AM
21 in
7/14/2013 12:50 PM
Posted by uncleal on 7/11/2013 11:14:00 PM (view original):
So what's the rule on stadiums this draft? Are we drafting them, or just picking any stadium, or...?
Where's the video?
7/14/2013 3:44 PM
I am in.  Was out of town.
7/14/2013 7:20 PM
Round 4            
Aklopp Wilson Hack Seymour Cy McCovey Willie Stanky Eddie Dahlen Bill Foulke Keith
bheid408 Meridith Cla Milacki Bob Reardon Jeff Thome Jim Giambi Jason Schang Wally
bmbigdog44 Sweeney Bill Hack Stan Wilson Hack May Carlos Jarvis Pat Astrodome
bottomlee Cuyler Kiki Jeter Derek Lowe Derek Hoffman Trever Ontiveros Steve Napoli Mike
brucel Smith Zane Saito Takashi Kershaw Clayton Kent Jeff Lombardi Ernie Wingo Al
daddyzander Saberhagen Bret Spahn Warren Peavy Jake Lazzeri Tony Dahlen Bill Hack Stan
erne6 Tannehill Jesse Titcomb Cannonball Sparks Tully Sandberg Ryne Rizzuto Phil Butler Brett
georgedeer Robinson Frank Jeter Derek Raines Tim Yount Robin Niedenfuer Tom Marmol Carlos
good_beef Biggio Craig Benjamin Mike Thomas Gorman Gonzalez Mike Smith Zane Azcue Joe
hurricane86 Yankee Stadium III Dietz Dick Kent Jeff Sheffield Gary Larkin Barry Stratton Scott
mikemundt Perry Gaylord Deleon Jose Helton Todd McGee Willie Reiser Pete Cuyler Kiki
mllama54 Thome Jim McGraw Tug Robinson Frank Schoendienst Red Fernandez Tony Simmons Ted
moneybonn Saberhagen Bret Singer Bill McGraw Tug McGee Jake Beck Rod Cabrera MIguel
phillyboy107 Lazzeri Tony Smith Elmer Simmons Ted Munger Red Rogers Steve Marquard Rube
rback League Park Seymour Cy Valo Elmer Score Herb Foulke Keith Dotel Octavio
reddtrain Hollocher Charlie Bresnahan Roger Hernandez Willie Hall Tom Rusie Amos Stratton Scott
rmarsh915 Kauffman Stadium Herman Billy Wheat Zack Betancourt Rafael Simmons Ted Soria Joakim
rsvp Krause Harry Steele Elmer Doyle Jack Fox Nellie Lee Cliff Shibe Park
schwarze Milligan Jocko Ewing Buck Cullenbine Roy Seymour Cy Wheat Zack Siever Ed
shawbigred Molina Yadier Fox Nellie Aurilia Rich Suzuki Ichiro Schilling Curt Montgomery Jeff
The Taint Giambi Jason Bonham Tiny Ramirez Hanley Karsay Steve Kell George Perez Neftali
toddleduc Beltran Carlos Sheffield Gary Beck Rod Betancourt Rafael Nen Robb Soria Joakim
uncleal Davis George Lange Bill Titcomb Cannonball Saberhagen Bret Perry Gaylord Kershaw Clayton
uptowngbv Molina Yadier Schoendienst Red Saito Takashi Hernandez Willie Frohwirth Todd Nen Robb

Neftali Perez is not in the database. Ineligible pick.
7/15/2013 6:04 PM (edited)
Picks after R4

Aklopp 10
bheid408 12
bmbigdog44 12+S
bottomlee 16
brucel 9
daddyzander 6
erne6 10
georgedeer 13
good_beef 18+S
hurricane86 7+S
mikemundt 8
mllama54 8
moneybonn 10
phillyboy107 17
rback 11+S
reddtrain 11
rmarsh915 11+S
rsvp 10+S
schwarze 13
shawbigred 11
The Taint 10
toddleduc 11
uncleal 7
uptowngbv 10
7/15/2013 6:07 PM (edited)
Neftali Perez was SM to me as a pick. He is not in the database so that pick is ineligible.
Copy of the SM:
The Taint
7/13/2013 9:15:00 PM
Round 4
Jason Giambi
Rod Carew
Hanley Ramirez
Steve Karsay
George Kell
Neftali Perez
7/15/2013 6:06 PM
waiting for rback
7/15/2013 6:57 PM
Round 5            
Aklopp Joost Eddie Giles Brian Ramirez Manny Edmonds Jim Rhodes Arthur Pineiro Joel
bheid408 Target Field Nelson Roger Sabathia CC Tucker Tommy Ramirez Manny Zimmerman Heinie
bmbigdog44 Lyons Denny Gore George Burgess Smoky Herzog Buck Hall Dick Maddox Nick
bottomlee Stephens Vern Rollins Jimmy Holmes Tommy Dykstra Lenny Fenway Park Pineiro Joel
brucel Latman Barry Dibble Rob Quinn Jack Sanders Ken Hill Aaron English Woody
daddyzander Wright David English Woody Kiner Ralph Weying Gus Shore Ernie Abernathy Ted
erne6 Charlton Norm Northrup Jake Rhodes Arthur Hall Dick Kiner Ralph Jones Andruw
georgedeer Johnson Bob '67-O's Lowenstein John Doerr Bobby McMahon Don Drabowsky Moe Smith Dave
good_beef Sanchez Rey Rolen Scott Horner Bob Carr Chuck Latman Barry Reyes Dennys
hurricane86 Daily Ed Kilroy Matt Gonzalez Luis Kiner Ralph Boone Bret Perez Tony
mikemundt Bell Jay O'Neill Paul Lopez Javy Weaver Jerad Charlton Norm Liriano Francisco
mllama54 Myers Randy Williams Bernie Molitor Paul Rolfe Red Sanguillen Manny Dibble Rob
moneybonn Goslin Goose Avila Bobby Kiner Ralph Hershiser Orel Maddox Nick Jackson Grant
phillyboy107 Evers Johnny Posada Jorge Howard Ryan Glasscock Jack Regan Phil Baldwin Mark
rback Ramirez Manny Clarke Nig McCarty Lew Lidge Brad Zimmerman Jeff Henke Tom
reddtrain Gonzalez Luis Grabarkewitz Billy Feliz Neftali Oswalt Roy Howe Steve Berry Joe
rmarsh915 Berra Yogi Combs Earl Henry Bill Zimmerman Jeff Percival Troy Berry Joe
rsvp Farrell Turk Nelson Roger Hudson Daniel Ward John LoDuca Paul Romano Johnny
schwarze Williams Cy Goslin Goose Hamilton Josh Falkenberg Cy Northrup Jake Teixeira Mark
shawbigred Lopez Javy Boone Bret Kiner Ralph Charlton Norm Harvey Brian White Gabe
The Taint Hodapp Johnny Tucker Tommy McDowell Jack Flick Elmer Quinn Jack Kendall Jason
toddleduc Lee Derek Trosky Hal Dean Dizzy Haddix Harvey Jenks Bobby McMahon Don
uncleal Peters Gary Sheets Ben Perez Odalis Sanders Ben Higuera Teddy Avila Bobby
uptowngbv Mize Johnny Boone Bret House Tom Cormier Rheal Harvey Brian Hiller John
7/16/2013 12:08 AM
Well, that overshot a fair bit, didn't it?
7/16/2013 12:22 AM
You got your starters covered.....
7/16/2013 12:26 AM
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