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I think the decade draft is a great way to learn about players in smaller chucks. My knowleadge of 80's players is much, much better now. When I started on WIS I knew jack wrt to the player base. Sky was the historian and I designed teams. We have 1 championship under my 'justdamn' name, it was the 1st team with this current design called "The Spice Must Flow". I built it, sky ran it...57W and a cakewalk PO's. So if you see 'justdamn', you know what it means
7/18/2013 11:44 PM
I'm pretty stoked.  I gave a list of like 10 proxies to smokey for my upcoming pick and my top two are still there.  Even if Leebo picks my #1, I'll be pretty jacked with my #2, and a good chance I get one of the remaining 10 in my 3rd pick on the way back.  The rebounding big men are getting pretty thin though.  I don't envy the teams that started with two guards.  The rebounding bigs that are left have pretty poor interior defense.
7/19/2013 3:24 AM
Just like DDL #1 its ABB order correct?
7/19/2013 3:45 AM
dskantor - David Thompson, Zelmo Beatty, Sam Lacey

eleibowitz - Artis Gilmore, Swen Nater
husker75 - Elvin Hayes, Bob Love
cmcafeeky - Bob Lanier, Clifford Ray
tanguma44 - Billy Cunningham, George McGinnis
shawbigred - Nate Thurmond, ML Carr

98average - Nate Archibald, Don Buse
natenoy - Rick Berry, Wes Unseld, Michael Ray Richardson

appleseed1 - Marques Johnson, Bobby Jones, Tree Rollins
seapilots - Moses Malone, Norm Nixon
carbonjones - Jerry Lucas, Larry Bird

smokey57 - Dave Cowens, Willie Wise

rubnsly - Jerry West, Marvin Barnes
coachcroft - Walt Frazier, Paul Westphal

kdforester - Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Dave Twardzik
thomcat - Dan Issel, Walt Bellamy
skypilot - Bill Walton, Dan Roundfield
steelers821 - Wilt Chamberlain, Rudy Tomjanvoich

longtallbrad - Mel Daniels, Tom Boerwinkle
jhsukow - Julius Erving, Billy Paultz
amerk1080 - Bob McAdoo, Cedric Maxwell
alecmcafee - Paul Silas, George Gervin
dh555 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kevin Porter
bernardo/tanguma44 - John Havlicek, Robert Parish
7/19/2013 4:50 PM (edited)
Guy's I bumped SDL#1 in the 'Theme League Classifieds". For you new members, the SDL is the Split Decade League, It's identical to the DDL except it covers X5-X4 decades. I think it will have a different flavor wrt the DDL. That and I sending the "WayBack Machine" in the opposite direction, SDL#1 will cover 1995-2004. Here's your perimeter decade. Let's see if we can fill the SDL for a mid August launch. GL
7/19/2013 10:57 AM (edited)
Yes nate, ABBABAB... w/2 picks in rounds 9&10. Random draft order, random division assignments and unlimited salery cap. Wahooooo!
7/19/2013 11:00 AM
That's round #2 done. Now the crazy stuff!!!  I can't believe how well this off-the-clock draft is going, great job everyone.
7/19/2013 12:29 PM
Elei, thanks for keeping the RBD updated in the CAfe.
7/19/2013 12:35 PM
with 6 picks to go til my 2nd rounder i had 4 guys i realllly wanted and 2 others id be ok settling for....the order went maxwell/nater/nixon/porter... then paultz and an undrafted guy...great minds think alike i guess?

cant believe maxwell and nater lasted that long...thought both would be late 1st/early 2nd picks....i think eleibowitz has the best combo so far....his efg% and creb% between his two bigs is off the charts

porter and nixon were the two best pgs left imo and i was thrilled to get one of them....the 70s is extremely weak at pg and ast% is gonna be hard to come by....porter is hands down the best passer in the decade and that alone made me think we would have been gone by my 2nd round pick...his turnovers dont scare me at all...check out the a/t leaders for the decade(at least 1800 mins)...youll see porter right near the top...kareem is gonna love this guy

7/19/2013 1:57 PM
Posted by smokey57 on 7/19/2013 12:35:00 PM (view original):
Elei, thanks for keeping the RBD updated in the CAfe.
Np smokey..
7/19/2013 2:45 PM
For anybody interested my top 7 for this league are:

Bill (Walton) and 
7/19/2013 4:12 PM
Posted by appleseed1 on 7/19/2013 4:12:00 PM (view original):
For anybody interested my top 7 for this league are:

Bill (Walton) and 
Love Tree but only issue is he fouls a ton..
7/19/2013 4:50 PM
I actually had Richardson above porter on my board. having said that, pairing him with Kareem is a great fit.
7/19/2013 5:19 PM
wow...i totally forgot about mrr....would have been a tough choice between he and porter had i not forgot...he has much better d and rebounding
7/19/2013 5:32 PM
In the 70's you definately have to do ast by commitee. In 70's leagues I've been able to get +30apg with no player over 7 apg. There are a good number of 4-6 apg players in the draft. The nature of the 70's causes you to distribute ast across your team, I think it makes for a better overall floor game.
7/20/2013 2:46 AM
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