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8/5/2013 9:36 PM (edited)
DDL Season #2 - It's the 70's..and I wanna rock!

Commish - smokey57
Format: Single season, Forum Draft, Era Limited, Single Instance player availabilty
Forum Draft: ABBABA... draft sequence. Rounds 9 & 10, two picks per round.
Random Draft Order: Random Draw
Random Division Assignment: Prior to draft beginning divisions are assigned and posted. Team rosters are update as the draft proceeds. (helps to know who's in your div/conf during the draft)
Era: 1970-79 (will change with each new DDL)
Available player pool: active WIS players, seasons 70-71 through 79-80 (set your filter..smokey hates the word "oop's", 12 games in)
Salary cap: unlimited (build an 70's beast)
No clones
No Waiver Wire
No Rookies
No Net
No Whining
(well..maybe alittle, but only during the draft)

DDL Championships - DDL#1 (80's) - Badja
                                          DDL#2 (70's) - ????

The 24 members were randomly drawn for draft position and again for division assignment. The results were as follows.

Random Draft Order

1) dh555                 7) steeler821        13) skypilot              19) rubnsly
2) jhsukow             8) thomcat             14) shawbigred       20) alecmcafee
3) husker75           9) bernardo           15) carbonjones      21) appleseed1
4) seapilots          10) cmcafeeky       16) tanguma44        22) kdforester
5) amerk1180      11) 98average       17) longtallbrad       23) natenoy
6) eleibowitz         12) smokey57       18) coachcroft          24) dskantor

7/11/2013 11:50 PM (edited)

Random Division Assignments

Atlantic                    Central                              Midwest                          Pacific              
dskantor                 98average                         rubnsly                            longtallbrad
eleibowitz               natenoy                             coachcroft                      jhsukow
husker                    appleseed                          kdforester                      amerk
cmcafeeky            seapilots                            thomcat                           alecmcafee
tanguma                 carbonjones                     skypilot                            dh555
shawbigred           smokey                             steelers                            bernardo

8/7/2013 7:32 PM (edited)

Rosters By Division (RBD)

Fast Break
dskantor - D. Thompson, Z. Beatty, S. Lacey, S. Mix, C. Hawkins, L. Allen, 
                  J. Brewer, O. Birdsong, D. Greenwood, J. Eakins, G. Ballard, D. Ford
Attack of the Killer Tomato's
eleibowitz - A. Gilmore, S. Nater, N. Van Lier, L. Hudson, C. Russell, J. Bridgeman, 
                  K. Kunnert, J. Hardy, P. Lumpkins, R. Robbins, D. Schlueter, M. Kupchek
The Godfather
husker - A. Hayes, B. Love,  P. Maravich, J. Sikma,  B. Melchionni, J. Keyes, 
               G. Goodrich, T. Van Arsdale, G. Petrie, L. Elmore, M. Leaks, S. Lantz
Monty Python's HG
cmcafeeky - B. Lanier, C. Ray, A. Dantley, J. Lucas, L. Kenon, C. Walker,
                      M. Calvin, S. Hawes, R. Thom, W. Sojourner, 2 scrubs
The Empire Strike's Back
tanguma - B. Cunningham, G. McGinnis, K. Washington, S. Watts, M. Johnson, W. Jabali, 
                   D. Hillman, T. Furlow, I. Harge, G. Peeples, T. Dishinger, G. Gerard
Animal House
shawbigred - N. Thurmond, M L Carr, A. Clark, T. Robinson, R. Boone, L. Jones, 
                       B. Netolicky, JJ White, T. Knight, J. Edwards, L. Cannon, C. Rowe 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
98average - N. Archibald, D. Buse, R. Kelley, M. Webster, T. Tyler, L. Shelton,
                       A. Williams, B. Christian, J. O'Brian, W. Washington, 2 scrubs
Dirty Harry
natenoy - R. Barry, W. Unseld, MR Richardson, F. Brown, C. Edge, P. Ford,
                  D. Van Arsdale, B. Robinzine, EC Coleman, J. Van Breda Kolff, C. Williams, J. Thomas (scrub)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
appleseed - Mq Johnson, B. Jones, T. Rollins, B. Gross, J. McDaniels, H. Catchings, 
                     J. Price, E. Tatum, J. Beasley, N. Williams, G. Freeman, M. Howard
Blazing Saddle's
seapilots - M. Malone, N. Nixon, S. Wicks, M. Riordan, J. McMillian, C. Lee, 
                    B. Weiss, G. Kennedy, J. Block, R. Ebron, D. Snyder, D. Awtrey
Salem's Lot
carbonjones - J. Lucas, L. Bird, J. Jones, L. Dampier, A. English, D. Dawkins, 
                         D. Collins, S. Parker, D. Chaney, J. Merriweather, P. Jackson, G. Karl
Basketball Jones
smokey - D. Cowens, W. Wise, A. Adams, C. Perry, Q. Buckner, D. Bing,
                 L. Brown, W. Reed, J. Brisker, T. McClain, W. Jones, W. Simon

The Sting
rubnsly - J. West, M. Barnes, J. Wilkes, G. Heard, J. McElroy, T. Owens, 
                R. Smith, J. Sloan, A. Jeelani, D. Vuaghn, B. McKinney, H. Porter
coachcroft - W. Frazier, P. Westphal, G. Johnson, D. Robisch, D. DeBusschere, J. Shumate, 
                      C. Ford, M. Mitchell, J. Fox, L. Hollins, 2 scrubs
A Clockwork Orange
kdforester - Magic Johnson, O. Robertson, D. Twardzik, B. Knight, G. Ligon, K. Hughes, 
                     L. Steele, T. Boswell, D. Johnson, W. Szczerbiak, B. Winters, K. Benson
Five Easy Piece's
thomcat - D. Issel, W. Bellamy, L. Wilkens, J. Drew, R. Simpson, C. Powell, 
                  E. Jordan, RA Brown, R. Theus, E. Williams, M. Counts, R. Lee
Revenge of the Jedi
skypilot - B. Walton, D.Roundfield, G. Williams, M. Lucas, P. Smith, R. Williams,
                 S. Wedman, N. Walk, J. Caldwell, J. Mullins, C. Dudley, M. Olberbing
The Warrior's
steelers - W. Chamberlain, R. Tomjanovich, C. Murphy, B. Bridges, B. King, G.T. Johnson, 
                  M. Thompson, M. Guokas, G. Adams, D. Bradley, 2 scrub's

All the President's Men
longtallbrad - M. Daniels, T. Boerwinkle, W. Davis, B. Kauffman, J. Silas, P. Cross,
                        P. Short, L. Walton, D. Wohl, D. Tolson, W. Cooper, B. Feher
Heaven Can Wait
jhsukow - J. Erving, B. Paultz, E. Smith, M. Cheeks, H. Hairston, A. Leavell, 
                 R. Denton, H. Gilliam, B. Nash, J. Marin, B. Clemens, G.L. Johnson
Tommy, Lenny & the Exorcist
amerk - B. McAdoo, C. Maxwell, C. Jones, P. Chenier, F. Walker, WB Free,
               B. Cartright, E. DiGregorio, N. Johnson, W. Ladner, E. Monroe, F. Taylor
alecmcafee - P. Silas, G.Gervin, B. Dandridge, T. Henderson, B. Taylor, O. Moore,
                       C. Scott, R. Brewer, M. Gale, C. Johnson, S. Moncrief, scrub
Apocalypse Now
dh555 - K. Abdul-Jabbar, K. Porter, M. Green, J Green, J. Cleamons, M. Landsberger,
              A. Scott, E. Johnson, L. Green, B. Shephard, B. Willoughby, P. Cummings
Return of the Jedi
bernardo - 
J. Havlicek, R. Parish, S. Haywood, M. Lewis, L. Neal, Z. Abdul-Aziz,
                   D. Freeman, G. Lehmann, K. Carr, R. Behagen, B. Beard, C. Robinson

8/6/2013 12:36 PM (edited)

Team Names
(remember 70's movie titles)

husker: GENCO Olive Oil Company
sukow: Heaven Can Wait  (I have the DDL to play in)
smokey: Basketball Jone's (1975) (I gotta basketball jones..)
skypilot: Revenge of the Jedi
steelers: The Warriors
appleseed: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Lets do the time wrap again)
eleibowitz: Attack of the Killer Tomato's
amerk1180:Tommy, Lenny & the Exorcists (this is one twisted team)
longtallbrad: All the President's Men
rubnsly: The Sting
shawbigred: Animal House (toga!..toga!..toga!)
thomcat: Five Easy Piece's (and seven not so easy pieces)
seapilots: Blazing Saddle's
The Empire Strike's Back
bernardo: The Return of the Jedi
dskantor: Fast Break (any break will do)
natenoy: Dirty Harry
98average: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
dh555: Apocalypse Now (I love the smell of napalm in the morning)
carbonjones: Salem's Lot
kdforester: A Clockwork Orange
cmcafeeky: Monty Python's HG
alecmcafee: Supermen

8/7/2013 7:34 PM (edited)

Alphabetical Listing
Zaid Abdul-Aziz
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Alvan Adams
George Adams
Lucius  Allen
Nate Archibald
Dennis Awtrey
Greg Ballard
Marvin Barnes
Rick Barry
John Beasley
Butch Beard
Zelmo Beatty
Rod Behagen
Walt Bellamy
Kent Benson
Dave Bing
Larry Bird
Otis Birdsong
John Block
Tom Boerwinkle
Jim Brewer
Ron Brewer
Junior Bridgeman
Bill Bridges
John Brisker
Tom Boswell
Dadley Bradley
Freddie Brown
Larry Brown
Roger A. Brown
Don Buse
Joe Caldwwell
Mack Calvin
Larry Cannon
Kenny Carr
M. L. Carr
Bill Cartright
Harvey Catchings
Maurice Cheeks
Wilt Chamberlain
Don Chaney
Phil Chenier
Bob Christian
Archie Clark
Jim Cleamons
Barry Clemons
Doug Collins
Wayne Cooper
Mel Counts
E C Coleman
Dave Cowens
Pete Cross
Pat Cummings
Billy Cunningham
Louie Dampier
Bob Dandridge
Mel Daniels
Adrian Dantley
Daryl Dawkins
Walter Davis
Randy Denton
Ernie DiGregorio
Terry Dishinger
John Drew
Charles Dudley
Jim Eakins
Roy Ebron
Chalie Edge
Len Elmore
Julius Erving
James Edwards
Butch Feher
Chris Ford
Don Ford
Phil Ford
Jim Fox
Terry Furlow
Walt Frazier
World B. Free
Donnie Freeman
Gary Freeman
Mike Gale
George Gervin
Gus Gerard
Herb Gilliam
Artis Gilmore
Gale Goodrich
Johnny Green
Lamar Green
Mike Green
David Greenwood
Bob Gross
Happy Hairston
Ira Harge
John Hardy
John Havlicek
Steve Hawes
Connie Hawkins
Elvin Hayes
Spencer Haywood
Garfield Heard
Tom Henderson
Darnell Hillman
Lionel Hollins
Mo Howard
Lou Hudson
Kim Hughes
Dan Issel
Warren Jabali
Phil Jackson
Abdul Jeelani
Clemon Johnson
Dennis Johnson
Eddie Johnson
Gus Johnson
George L. Johnson
George T. Johnson
Magic Johnson
Marques Johnson
Mickey Johnson
Neal Johnson
Bobby Jones
Caldwell Jones
Jimmy Jones
Larry Jones
Wil Jones
Eddie Jordan
George Karl
Bob Kauffman
Rich Kelley
Goo Kennedy
Larry Kenon
Julius Keyes
Bernardo King
Billy Knight
Toby Knight
Kevin Kunnert
Mitch Kupchek
Sam Lacey
Wendell Ladner
Mark Landsberger
Manny Leaks
Allen Leavell
Clyde Lee
Ron Lee
George Lehmann
Mike Lewis
Goose Ligon
Bob Love
Jerry Lucas
John Lucas
Maurice Lucas
Phil Lumpkins
Pete Maravich
Jack Marin
Cedric Maxwell
Bob McAdoo
Ted McClain
Jim McDaniels
James McElroy
George McGinnis
Billy McKinney
Jim McMillian
Bill Melchionni
Joe Merriweather
Mike Mitchell
Steve Mix
Sidney Moncrief
Earl Monroe
Otto Moore
Jeff Mullins
Calvin Murphy
Bob Nash
Swen Nater
Lloyd Neal
Bob Netolicky
Norm Nixon
Jim O'Brian
Mark Olberbing
Tom Owens
Charlis Paulk (scrub)
Billy Paultz
Sonny Parker
George Peeples
Curtis Perry
Howard Porter
Kevin Porter
Geoff Petrie
Cincy Powell
Jim Price
Clifford Ray
Micheal Ray Richardson
Willis Reed
Mike Riordan
Oscar Robertson
Red Robbins
Cliff Robinson
Truck Robinson
Bill Robinzine
Dave Robisch
Tree Rollins
Dan Roundfield
Curtis Rowe
Campy Russell
Dale Schluester
Alvin Scott
Charlie Scott
Walt Szczerbiak
Lonnie Shelton
Billy Shephard
Pervis Short
John Shumate
Walt Simon
Ralph Simpson
Jack Sikma
Paul Silas
Jerry Sloan
Elmore Smith
Randy Smith
Dick Snyder
Willie Sojourner
Larry Steele
Earl Tatum
Brian Taylor
Fatty Taylor
Reggie Theus
Rod Thom
Joe Thomas (scrub)
David Thompson
Mycal Thompson
Neal Tolson
Rudy Tomjanovich
Dave Twardzik
Terry Tyler
Wes Unseld
Dick Van Arsdale
Tom Van Arsdale
Jan Van Breda Kolff
Norm Van Lier
David Vaughn
Neal Walk
Chet Walker
Foots Walker
Bill Walton
Lloyd Walton
Kermit Washington
Wilson Washington
Slick Watts
Marvin Webster
Scott Wedman
Bob Weiss
Jerry West
Paul Westphal
JoJo White
Sidney Wicks
Lenny Wilkens
Jamaal Wilkes
Art Williams
Chuck William
Earl Williams
Gus Williams
Nate Williams
Ray Williams
Bill Willoughby
Brian Winters
Dave Wohl

8/7/2013 7:36 PM (edited)


Round 1
1) dh555 - Kareem Abdul-Jabber (C)
2) jhsukow - Julius Erving (SF)
3) husker75 - Elvin Hayes (PF)

4) seapilots - Mose Malone (C)
5) amerk1180 - Bob McAdoo (C)
6) eleibowitz - Artis Gilmore (C)
7) steelers821 - Wilt Chamberlain (C)
8) thomcat - Dan Issel (C)
9) bernardo/tanguma44 - John Havlicek (SG) 
10) cmcafeeky - Bob Lanier  (C)
11) 98average - Nate Archibald (PG)
12) smokey57 - Dave Cowens (C)
13) skypilot - Bill Walton (C)
14) shawbigred - Nate Thurmond (C) 
15) carbonjones - Jerry Lucas (PF)
16) tanguma44 - Billy Cunningham (SF)
17) longtallbrad - Mel Daniels (C)
18) coachcroft - Walt Frazier (PG)
19) rubnsly - Jerry West (PG)
20) alecmcafee - Paul Silas
21) appleseed1 - Marques Johnson (SF)
22) kdforester - Magic Johnson (PG)
23) natenoy - Rick Barry (PG)
24) dskantor - David Thompson (PG)

Round 2

25) dskantor - Zelmo Beatty (C)
26) natenoy - Wes Unsel (C)
27)  kdforester - Oscar Robertson (PG)
28) appleseed1 - Bobby Jones (SF)
29) alecmcafee - George Gervin (SG)
30) rubnsly - Marvin Barnes (C)
31) coachcroft - Paul Westphal (SG)
32) longtallbrad - Tom Boerwinkle (C)
33) tanguma44 - George McGinnis (SF)
34) carbonjones - Larry Bird (PF)
35) shawbigred - M. L. Carr (SG)
36) skypilot - D. Roundfield (C)
37) smokey57 - Willie Wise (SF)
38) 98average - Don Buse (PG)
39) cmcafeeky - Clifford Ray (PF)
40) bernardo/tanguma44 - Robert Parish (C)
41) thomcat - Walt Bellamy (C)
42) steelers821 - Rudy Tomjanovich (SF)
43) eleibowitz - Swen Nater (C)
44) amerk1180 - Cedric Maxwell (SF)
45) seapilots - Norm Nixon (PG)
46) husker75 - Bob Love (PF)
47) jhsukow - Billy Paultz (C)
48) dh555 - Kevin Porter (PG)

Round 3
49 dskantor - Sam Lacey (C)
50 natenoy - Micheal Ray Richardson (SG)
51 kdforester - Dave Twardzik (PG)
52 appleseed1 - Tree Rollins (C)
53 alecmcafee - Bob Dandridge (SF)
54 rubnsly - Jamaal Wilkes (SF)
55  coachcroft - Gus Johnson (PF)
56 longtallbrad - Walter Davis (SG)
57 tanguma44 - Kermit Washington (PF)
58 carbonjones - Jimmy Jones (SG)
59 shawbigred - Archie Clark (PG)
60 skypilot - Gus Williams (SG)
61 smokey57 - Alvan Adams (C)
62 98average - Rich Kelley (C)
63 cmcafeeky - Adrian Dantley (SF)
64 bernardo/tanguma44 - Spencer Haywood (C)
65 thomcat - Lenny Wilkens (PG)
66  steelers821 - Calvin Muphy (PG)
67 eleibowitz - Norm Van Lier (PG)
68 amerk1180 - Caldwell Jones (C)
69 seapilots - Sidney Wicks
70 husker75 - Pete Maravich
71 jhsukow - Elmore Smith
72 dh555 - Mike Green

Round 4
10:00 dh555 - Johnny Green
11:00 jhsukow - Maurice Cheeks
12:00 husker75 - Jack Sikma 
1:00 seapilots - Mike Riordan
2:00 amerk1180 - Phil Chenier
3:00 eleibowitz - Lou Hodson
4:00 steelers821 - Bill Bridges
5:00 thomcat - John Drew 
6:00 bernardo - Mike Lewis
7:00 cmcafeeky - John Lucas
8:00 98average - Marvin Webster
9:00 smokey57 - Curtis Perry


10:00 skypilot - Maurice Lucas
11:00 shawbigred - Truck Robinson
12:00 carbonjones - Louie Dampier
1:00 tanguma44 - Slick Watts
2:00 longtallbrad - Bob Kauffman
3:00 coachcroft - Dave Robisch
4:00 rubnsly - Garfield Heard
5:00 alecmcafee - Tom Henderson
6:00 appleseed1 - Bob Gross
7:00 kdforester - Billy Knight
8:00 natenoy - Freddie Brown
9:00 dskantor - Steve Mix

Round 5
10:00 dskantor - Connnie Hawkins
11:00 natenoy -  Charlie Edge
12:00 kdforester - Goose Ligon
1:00 appleseed1 - Jim McDaniels
2:00 alecmcafee - Brian Taylor
3:00 rubnsly - James McElroy
4:00 coachcroft - Dave DeBusschere
5:00 longtallbrad - James Silas
6:00 tanguma44 - Mickey Johnson
7:00 carbonjones - Alex English
8: 00 shawbigred - Ron Boone
9:00 skypilot - Phil Smith

10:00 smokey57 - Quinn Buckner
11:00 98average - Terry Tyler
12:00 cmcafeeky - Larry Kenon
1:00 bernardo/tanguma44 - Lloyd Neal
2:00 thomcat - Raplh Simpson
3:00 steelers821 - Bernard King
4:00 eleibowitz - Campy Russell 
5:00 amerk1180 - Foots Walker
6:00 seapilots - Jim McMillian
7:00 husker75 - Bill Melchionni
8:00 jhsukow - Allen Leavell
9:00 dh555 - Jim Cleamons

Round 6
10:00 dh555 - Mark Landsbergber
11:00 jhsukow - Happy Hairston
12:00 husker75 - Julius Keyes 
1:00 seapilots - Clyde Lee
2:00 amerk1180 - World B. Free
3:00 eleibowitz - Junior Bridgeman
4:00 steelers821 - Cincy Powell
5:00 thomcat - George T. Johnson
6:00 bernardo - Zaid Abdul-Aziz
7:00 cmcafeeky - Chet Walker
8:00 98average -Lonnie Shelton
9:00 smokey57 - Dave Bing


10:00 skypilot - Ray Williams
11:00 shawbigred - Larry Jones
12:00 carbonjones - Daryl Dawkin
1:00 tanguma44 - Warren Jabali
2:00 longtallbrad - Pete Cross
3:00 coachcroft - John Shumate
4:00 rubnsly - Tom Owens
5:00 alecmcafee - Otto Moore
6:00 appleseed1 - harvey Catchings
7:00 kdforester - Kim Hughes
8:00 natenoy - Phil Ford
9:00 dskantor - Lucius Allen

Round 7
10:00 dskantor - Jim Brewer
11:00 natenoy - Dick Van Arsdale
12:00 kdforester - Larry Steele
1:00 appleseed1 - Jim Price
2:00 alecmcafee - Charlie Scott
3:00 rubnsly - Randy Smith
4:00 coachcroft - Chris Ford
5:00 longtallbrad - Pervis Short
6:00 tanguma44 - Darnell Hillman
7:00 carbonjones - Doug Collins
8: 00 shawbigred - Bob Netolicky
9:00 skypilot - Scott Wedman

10:00 smokey57 - Larry Brown
11:00 98average - Art Williams
12:00 cmcafeeky - Mack Calvin
1:00 bernardo/tanguma44 - Donnie Freeman
2:00 thomcat - Eddie Jordan
3:00 steelers821 - Mycal Thompson
4:00 eleibowitz - Kevin Kunnert
5:00 amerk1180 - Bill Cartright
6:00 seapilots - Bob Weiss
7:00 husker75 - Gale Goodrich
8:00 jhsukow - Randy Denton
9:00 dh555 - Alvin Scott

Round 8
10:00 dh555 - Eddie Johnson
11:00 jhsukow - Herb Gilliam
12:00 husker75 - Tom Van Arsdale
1:00 seapilots - Goo Kennedy
2:00 amerk1180 - Ernie DiGregorio
3:00 eleibowitz - James Hardy
4:00 steelers821 - Matt Guokas
5:00 thomcat - Roger A. Brown
6:00 bernardo - George Lehmann
7:00 cmcafeeky - Steve Hawes
8:00 98average - Bob Christian
9:00 smokey57 - Willis Reed


10:00 skypilot - Neal Walk
11:00 shawbigred - JoJo White
12:00 carbonjones - Sonny Parker
1:00 tanguma44 - Terry Furlow
2:00 longtallbrad - Lloyd Walton
3:00 coachcroft - Mike Mitchell
4:00 rubnsly - Jerry Sloan
5:00 alecmcafee - Ron Brewer
6:00 appleseed1 - Earl Tatum
7:00 kdforester - Tom Boswell
8:00 natenoy - Bill Robinzine
9:00 dskantor - Otis Birdsong

Round 9 (2 picks/turn)
10:00 dskantor - David Greenwood & Jim Eakins
11:00 natenoy - E C Coleman & Jan Van Breda Kolff
12:00 kdforester - Dennis Johnson & Walt Szczerbiak
1:00 appleseed1 - John Beasley & Nate Williams
2:00 alecmcafee - Mike Gale & Clemon Johnson
3:00 rubnsly - Abdul Jeelani & David Vaughn
4:00 coachcroft - Jim Fox & Lionel Hollins
5:00 longtallbrad - Dave Wohl & Dean Tolson
6:00 tanguma44 - Ira Harge & George Peeples
7:00 carbonjones - Don Chaney & Joe Merriweather
8: 00 shawbigred - Toby Knight & James Edwards
9:00 skypilot - Jeff Mullins & Joe Caldwell

10:00 smokey57 - John Brisker & Ted McClain
11:00 98average - Jim O'Brian & Wilson Washington 
12:00 cmcafeeky - Rod Thom & Willie Sojourner
1:00 bernardo/tanguma44 - Kenny Carr & Rod Behagen
2:00 thomcat - Reggie Theus & Earl Williams
3:00 steelers821 - George Adams & Dadley Bradley
4:00 eleibowitz - Phil Lumpkins & Red Robbins
5:00 amerk1180 - Neal Johnson & Wendell Ladner
6:00 seapilots - John Block & Roy Erbon
7:00 husker75 - Geoff Petrie & Len Elmore
8:00 jhsukow - Bob Nash & Jack Marin
9:00 dh555 - Lamar Green & Pat Cummings


Round 10
8/3/13 (2 picks/ turn)
10:00 dh555 - Billy Shephard & Bill Willoughby
11:00 jhsukow - Barry Clemens & George L. Johnson
12:00 husker75 -  Manny leaks & Stu Lantz
1:00 seapilots - Dick Snyder & Dennis Awtrey
2:00 amerk1180 - Earl Monroe & Fatty Taylor
3:00 eleibowitz - Dale Schlueter & Mitch Kupchek
4:00 steelers821 - 2 scrub's
5:00 thomcat - Mel Counts & Ron Lee
6:00 bernardo - Butch Beard & Cliff Robinson
7:00 cmcafeeky - 2 scrubs
8:00 98average - 2 scrubs
9:00 smokey57 - Wil Jones & Walt Simon


10:00 skypilot - Charles Dudley & Mark Olberbing
11:00 shawbigred - Larry Cannon & Curtis Rowe
12:00 carbonjones - Phil Jackson & George Karl
1:00 tanguma44 - Terry Dishagen & Gus Gerard 
2:00 longtallbrad - Wayne Cooper & Butch Feher
3:00 coachcroft - 2 scrubs
4:00 rubnsly - Billy McKinney & Howard Porter
5:00 alecmcafee - Sidney Moncrief & scrubs
6:00 appleseed1 - Garry Freeman & Mo Howard
7:00 kdforester - Brian Winters & Kent Benson
8:00 natenoy - C. Williams & Joe Thomas (scrub)
9:00 dskantor - Greg Ballard & Don Ford


7/7/2013 8:38 PM
7/7/2013 9:05 PM
dh you sob!!! lol  
7/7/2013 9:45 PM
well...looks like all my ******** about having a random order paid off haha
7/8/2013 12:15 AM

Lookin at the Central...that's going to be a messy division.

7/8/2013 5:26 PM
7/8/2013 5:48 PM
21st. draft pick, and in the Central.  I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore.  I'll Take Network.
7/8/2013 6:16 PM (edited)
I will take the classic

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

7/8/2013 6:38 PM
Posted by smokey57 on 7/8/2013 9:51:00 AM (view original):

Team Names
(remember 70's movie titles)

husker: GENCO Olive Oil Company
sukow: Heaven Can Wait  (I have the DDL to play in)
smokey: Up in Smoke
skypilot: Revenge of the Jedi**

This was actually the original title. All the PR material was made and shipped to theaters, then Lucas decided it inappropreate and all the PR material was destroyed (sort of..) The movie was then released as Return of the Jedi. Yes, smokey knows where there is 1 poster...can you spell "priceless". 

I'm sure everyone knows but GENCO Olive Oil was the name of Don Corleone (Vito Andolini) (The Godfathers) legit??? company.
7/9/2013 4:01 AM
husker, that may have been a
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