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To make a case for the new draft schedule...that's 4 missed/late picks today!!!
7/27/2013 6:21 PM
Round 6
10:00 dh555 - Mark Landsberger
11:00 jhsukow - Happy Hairston
12:00 husker75 - Julius Keyes
1:00 seapilots - Clyde Lee
2:00 amerk1180 - World B. Free
3:00 eleibowitz - Junior Bridgeman
4:00 steelers821 - George T. Johnson
5:00 thomcat - Cincy Powell
6:00 bernardo - Zaid Abdul-Aziz
7:00 cmcafeeky - Chet Walker
8:00 98average - Lonnie Shelton
9:00 smokey57 - Dave Bing 


10:00 skypilot - Ray Williams
11:00 shawbigred - Larry Jones
12:00 carbonjones - Daryl  Dawkins
1:00 tanguma44 - Warrren Jabali
2:00 longtallbrad - Pete Cross
3:00 coachcroft - John Shumate
4:00 rubnsly - Tom Owens
5:00 alecmcafee - skip
6:00 appleseed1 - skip
7:00 kdforester - Kim Hughes
8:00 natenoy -
9:00 dskantor -
7/27/2013 8:42 PM (edited)
NOTICE - Guy's when you are commish of a draft league you start to see the patterns wrt when members draft. After doing this for a 2nd time I'm seeing the same patterns. I think we can make the draft more enjoyable with some changes to our scheduling. I propose this 1) draft M-F only, 10:00am-9:00pm (eastern), 2) 30 minute time slots and 3) 2 picks in rounds 9 & 10. This will cut the time to draft a team to about  two to two and a half weeks. Everyone gets to have 1 pick a day, no waiting a couple of days between picks. Hopefully not drafting on the weekend will reduce members being skipped. If we can make better use of the proxy system this should work well. Please come participate in a discussion in the CAfe. Thx.
7/27/2013 6:26 PM
hey, Smokey what do you think about 1 off the clock 4 single picks then two rounds of 2 picks and one last round of 3 picks :) or cut the picks to 9 rounds...does anyone really need minutes after 9 rounds and no cap? after that it is dressing and spices picks plus dessert :)
7/27/2013 8:06 PM
tang, I was unsure of 2 picks in rounds 9 & 10. This draft is too competative to do more than 1 pick thru round 8. I don't so much want to shorten the draft as organize the draft. Better organization will shorten the draft as a side-effect. wrt my team design I need 8-9 solid players, plus 3-4 option players. Note, we had designated scrub's in DDL#1, for DDL#2 I drop that idea and nobody said a word about it. The reason, we all want those 12 players, in the DDL they are pretty important. I know you were really busy IRL during DDL#1, I hope you get the time to really enjoy DDL#2....
7/27/2013 8:24 PM
also, the first 5 picks 30 minutes is kind of short. Couple of reasons, those are the backbone of the team and there's always a guy in front of you who messes your plans, haha cough, cough, CJ in your case Smokey...and it has an impact in decision making... plus making proxy's above 3 players isn't something good for mental health, right SIM addicts!
7/27/2013 8:27 PM
Kim Hughes
7/27/2013 8:27 PM
well, 1 off the clock the next 5 hour slots then 30 minutes slots and the 11 and 12 pick can be done together... that's like a week in savings lol
7/27/2013 8:32 PM
Posted by kdforester on 7/27/2013 8:27:00 PM (view original):
Kim Hughes
see... there's always a person who picks that player you hope is gonna fall into your hands...
7/27/2013 8:34 PM
hey smoke do we have a list of 2 or 3 scrubs like we did in the 80's league so if we don't need to we can basically skip our last 2 picks? That could help the draft go way faster if people let you know in advance. 
7/27/2013 8:35 PM
You too Bernardo....
7/27/2013 8:36 PM
Bernardo: yeah, he is another dude, Ill be gunning for in open league challenge!!
7/27/2013 8:36 PM
I think what happens now late in the draft, people don't care as much if they get skipped because we're just picking bench guys and later it could get worse if you're picking guys you don't even think are going to play
7/27/2013 8:37 PM
7/27/2013 8:38 PM
for strategy purposes I will not pick any scrub I rather make a pick in the 11-12 rounds just for mismatches purposes...since there's is no cap. It is just bad manners skip dessert :) right Bernardo!!
7/27/2013 8:42 PM
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