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No Salary Cap, No WW, No Rookies, No Trades

Everyone always likes to compare superstar players.. Would Jordan's skills have fit with the Heat in place of Lebron to win the title this year? Could Lebron have won a title on any of those 90's Bulls squads? What about if Magic and Bird had swapped places? Who had the better team around them? That's the premise of this league. Taking championship teams.. and shuffling the superstars around.

1. Join and select a Finals team from NBA history (no ABA teams allowed). You may wait awhile to select a team if you so desire. However, once the league fills I will give a final 24 hours for owners to select a team. At that point any owner's who have not selected a team will be put in a random order and asked to select teams in a mini timed-draft.

Example: I select the 2012-2013 Miami Heat.

2. Your highest sim salary player is CUT from your squad. Announce who this is when you select your team.

3. After all owner's have selected a team. We will hold a one round draft in reverse order of team selection. The draftable players will be the CUT players. These players cannot be twisted. Note: You may not select a clone of another player on your roster and you may not select your CUT player back.. UNLESS THE DRAFT LEAVES YOU NO CHOICE.. like you pick last and your player is the only one left.

4. You may twist up to 3 players on your team 1 year forward or back in time. 

5. If you are short players you may use sub 500k scrubs from your franchise's history to fill out the squad.


Team Selections:
1.87-88 Lakers - jhsukow - Byron Scott CUT

7/10/2013 11:10 PM (edited)
IN...Draft position will dictate what team I take
7/9/2013 11:26 PM
My current plan is to let people select teams when they sign up. So if you selected now you would get first team choice and last player choice. Or you can hang out and wait for others to pick first which seems to be your desire. If it appears noone wants to select teams early on I may have to assign an order for team selection as well.

Anyway, welcome.
7/9/2013 11:37 PM (edited)
I will pick a team after a few others have done so.. sticking me in the middle of the draft somewhere and giving others the first choice of teams and players.
7/9/2013 11:37 PM

1987 Lakers

Player on the team with the highest salary, Byron Scott.
7/10/2013 2:34 AM
what about the waiver wire, will it be activated? If you haven't thought about it : it would be by far better if it would be deactivated, otherwise its too strong to select a team just out of financial reasons (twists/cuts make huge payment jumps possible)
7/10/2013 6:33 AM
Yes no ww
7/10/2013 7:45 AM
Added a few rules clarifications.. and to avoid a large group og owners stalling until the end to try to grab the top pick.. I have decided anyone who hasn't selected a team at the end of the signup process will be given 24 hours to do so before I assign a random order to the remaining owners.  
7/10/2013 12:19 PM
Since I have the last player pick, could I end up with Byron Scott back? What if a team doesn't "shuffle"?
7/10/2013 1:38 PM
You might.. not much I can do about it. That scenario led me to some of the rules addittions overnight.
7/10/2013 2:08 PM
just as a suggestion : you could determine the draftorder by the salary of the cut players. The team that cuts the most expensive player would pick first because it has the hardest loss to make up for. I know this method might be not fair as well but it could be an option and it would prevent stalling too. And there would be another big upside, it would slightly favour teams who won their championship with one Big Franchise Superstar, which have some serious disadvantage right now.

+ you can sign me in anyways i will defenitely play here however the rules turn out, since the theme is really great
7/10/2013 9:52 PM
I appreciate your thoughts about the draft order but I think I will stick with it as is. There are many things that make a team valuable.. such as what guys a team has to twist.. the quality of the other guys on the team.. besides just the Salary of the star player. Anyway, welcome.
7/10/2013 11:10 PM
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