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7/10/2013 8:32 PM

Oriole, it's now been 15 days since your last post.  I think I can speak for everyone that we would love to get an update.  While I cannot speak to your predecessor's skills as a programmer, I will give him credit for his communication skills - which honestly were the best I've ever seen.

I hope you are not taking all the negativity personally and you can see through it.  As much as we complain, we DO love this game, or at least we love the potential that is there for this game.  We wouldn't invest our time and money if we didn't.

I'm starting to wonder if I should go through the trouble of maintaining my beta team at present time, as I have no idea where we're heading with this.  With the amount of work that is involved in this version, I'd rather not waste my time if this beta is going to be canned a month from now. 

If you expect us coaches to invest in testing 3.0, then you need to invest time in us.  Even a weekly update communicating your vision and plan for the next 1-2 weeks is better than we have now - nothing.  Share your project plan and assign specific areas you want us to test.  If you haven't noticed the energy of this board is pretty depleted.  I've seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of feedback that is being provided on the beta, which I think is due to lack of direction on what you want us to test.

If this is test is still legit - then communicate and share your plan for revolutionizing this game.  If WIS has bitten off too big of a challenge and 3.0 is dead, we won't be happy, but at least we can quit wasting our time.  Either way, can we end the silence?


7/11/2013 7:28 AM
7/11/2013 1:25 PM
is norbert gone?
7/11/2013 1:28 PM
were have you been jeff4noles LOL...PLUS 0NE PLUS 10 MILLION!!! chetty1963
7/11/2013 1:29 PM
Posted by jeff4noles on 7/11/2013 1:25:00 PM (view original):
is norbert gone?
Yeah he got moved a few weeks ago.
7/12/2013 12:10 AM
7/13/2013 9:40 PM
The interest by the developer and WIS in their own game is quite amazing.
7/14/2013 12:33 PM
I honestly don't want to leave this game, but the communication and the service that we, as paying customers, are receiving is truly astounding and NOT in a good way. If we are going to pay $10 a month to play this game, then we are entitled to atleast have a clue in what is going on with this game. Oriole, if you want me to continue to contribute to your paycheck, I suggest you take your head out of your ***, take a breath of fresh air, and let us know what the hell is going on with this game
7/14/2013 10:51 PM
My fear is that he is indeed working on HIS idea of what this game should be and we will end up with another JConte roll-out and another six months to fix what he did on his own, when this beta was designed for us to test and adapt 3.0.
7/15/2013 2:36 AM
As most coaches here know, I have backed WIS, Norbert & Oriole through this entire beta test. I've tried to see the positive as much as humanly possible. I want to apologize to every one of you. 3.0 has not only reached a stand still as far as we all know, but has gone backwards. The game play has gotten worse instead of better and now Oriole is giving us zero respect as paying customers. Oriole, you may not agree with the beta test, but many coaches have given there time to try and help, and a lot of us have given more time than we could really afford to give, all in hopes of helping WIS come up with a better product. And we don't even deserve the time of day from you? Unbelievable!
All of this said, I haven't completely given up on the final product. But I am close. Very, very close.

7/15/2013 9:12 AM (edited)
I used to pay over 100 bucks a month to WIS, and i think 80 a month just on GD. Cuz I wasn't good enough to get rewards LOL. Now? I pay 20 bucks a month, and even that is too high. I'm gone from GD, and as much as I love the community, I've just had it with WIS. 

The AN issue here is that WIS has no competition. They have the best product on the web and that is good enough for them in this niche market, so improving it probably seems pointless. Until someone develops a game engine that is better than this one and has a website that is as user friendly as WIS (these are the best and most useable forums I've ever seen, for example) Fox and WIS will not put in the effort to continually improve this site. They're coasting.

That said, if anyone wants to develop a new engine, contact me.  I'd be more than happy to assist.
7/15/2013 12:38 PM
Gentlemen, I understand you are disgruntled at this point. We are making significant changes and we have three members of our team working on this full time. We are still looking to create a better beta, but the changes that I have added over the past two weeks needed to be tested. My focus right now it to get a better game engine, and with most of the current beta seasons in Recruiting, it seemed to be a good time to make a good deal of the changes needed to improve this game.  I can assure you that I have been giving much of my time to these problems as well, and I'm looking forward to hearing your input on the new changes. I'm looking to have a new version out by tomorrow and I hope you are willing to stick around for a bit to help me understand the needed changes. I know you don't like me, and I get that, but you have already given me so much of your time, please just stick with me for this next month, and I really will help improve this game. I know that your support is critical. These last two weeks I've concentrated on the engine, and this week I'll be more engaged with you guys to find out some weirdness with the new changes. I have modified a significant amount of code and created some tools to allow me to run a series of tests. If you find any consistent weirdness please post any of the relevant average attributes of the position, and I'll run some tests on my side and determine the issues. 

7/15/2013 4:11 PM
Oh we like you, it's just that we don't have a lot of faith in ur bosses. In the future though it would be great if you could give us a shout to restore the faith so that we don't start to think we're just a bunch of mushrooms.

7/15/2013 7:25 PM
Five minutes every day to come on here and post "today I looked at how the engine does long passes" or whatever would go a long way towards relieving the disgruntlement.  That, and fixing the game. :)

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