NBA Progressive/Regressive

Players Don't Retire or Get Hurt!!!!!

The Project Genome League (PGL)



The NBA as he knew it began to crumble apart. The owners that pay him, (quite well) to represent them, began going bankrupt  everywhere. The top players in the league all migrated to the top teams. Turning cities into basketball wastelands.

Players not getting paid, fans not showing up to games, and soon the NBA was left with only 12 teams with owners and complete rosters

So David Stern did the one thing he does best: He began to lock everyone out.

He locks out the players. He locks out the remaining owners. He locks out concession workers, bus drivers, referees.


Until the NBA collapsed

David Stern didn’t want this to be his legacy however. So he hired the best scientific mind he could find. He wanted to create a league where the players could play forever and never get injured.  He found such a mind in Dr. Einstein Von Brundle Doofenshmirtz.  The great Dr. had been working on a new technique where he can take a blank egg and inject the DNA Code of anyone into the egg. So Stern removed all old socks, jerseys, towels and gym bags from the Basketball Hall of Fame for the Dr. to extract the DNA of the greatest players ever. What happened next was amazing. The Dr. actually figured out a way to clone any player in history of the NBA , but he could also activate their DNA  to move forward or backwards (Benjamin Buttons style). He will also inject every egg with the Project X Serum to completely eliminate injuries. Creating A league with a deep enough player pool that teams can be rebuilt quickly and we can watch our favorite players forever.

Dr. Einstein Von Brundle Doofenshmirtz decided that if the best players of all-time were to play in a capped progressive/regressive league, then it would be possible to for all teams to be competitive year in and year out. The only issue he had was what to do with the active NBA players when they run out of seasons? He decided to donate a cryostasis chamber to each franchise, so they could keep players in limbo until they are ready to play again. The chambers can only hold 2 players at a time.

Stern decided to have the Dr. create two versions of each player. Ultimately creating two separate worlds with exact copies containing the greatest basketball players of all time. And on this day, The Project Genome League (PGL) was created.

David Stern began working to find 12 owners to put together teams in each world. Not only could they compete amongst themselves in their worlds, they could also compete against each other to determine a champion every season.  David Stern’s vision of a league with two Michael Jordans in separate conferences making money got him so excited that he retired immediately. With his legacy intact.

For the to get off of the ground, two commissioners and 24 owners have to be found to pit the greatest players against each other… and themselves.

I will be donating a $50 gift card to the team with the most league points (see post below). I wll be getting free seasons, so it's my way of giving back.

7/16/2013 12:21 PM (edited)

PGL Rules

1.    The two conferences will operate as their own 52 million dollar cap progressive/regressive leagues.

This includes separate commissioners, drafts, eligible player pools, free agency pools, and statistics. Trading across conferences is not allowed.


2.    Two commissioners will be needed. I’ll be the commissioner for one conference.

Commissioner responsibilities will include running drafts, maintaining eligible player pools, rosters, contacting other owners when necessary, and anything else to keep the league moving. If multiple people want to be the second commissioner, I’ll go with whoever has the most experience.



3. The two initial drafts will be held simultaneously. Every off-season the two off-season drafts will also be held simultaneously.


4.    At the end of every season cuts and trades can be made. An off-season draft will be held to replace retiring, injured, and cut players.


5. I will personally be putting up a $50 gift card to the owner with the most league points (see Below) since I will be getting free teams for starting each season. The gift card will be paid after every 5 seasons the league continues.


Player Drafting/Progression Rules


1.    Drafted players will be exclusive within the conference.

Obviously there will be two LBJs, two MJs, two Wilts ECT, in the league; one in each conference.


2.    Players will progress a season at a time from one season to the next.

A drafted player can be yours from the time you draft him until he runs out of seasons. When a player is drafted you must declare whether he will be moving forward in time or backward in time. Once a player is drafted he gains veteran status and must continue down the progression/regression chosen by the original owner. Also, all players in this league are indestructible. We will not use IR. A player will simply jump to his next available season. In the case of players that are still active but run out of seasons, they become paused. The owner loses the rights to him and cannot be used again until he gains another season in the database (This scenario will only occur when you choose one of these players and move them forward in their career). To avoid confusion: All rosters must be turned in 48 hours after the last game of the Finals. At that time, if Wis has not released the new seasons (13-14,14-15, etc…) those players go into your cryostasis chamber. And can be used once they have another available season in the database. You only have room for 2 players in cryostasis.


3.    All undrafted players are considered rookies. A rookie player can start with the 1st or last season in  the database.

A rookie player is any player that has been drafted for the first time in a conference. During the initial draft, you do not have to decide which season you are using until after the draft when you post your roster. This is to give you flexibility in dealing with the draft/cap year one. During the off season drafts, you will have to post the year of the rookie player you are using when you draft him. 


4.    A cut players age will be paused in the free agency pool.

A player that has been cut is considered to be a veteran. Veterans must continue down the progressive/regressive path chosen for him by his original owner.


5.    We will have no IR. A player will simply jump to his next available season.


6.    A retired player… Returns.

A retired player has run out of seasons in the database and is retired in RL.  All retired players will respawn into the system after they run out of seasons frrom either direction. Only players that retired in RL are available for rookie respawn in this league. They are eligible to be drafted and the owner chooses their progression/regression. Players with active ongoing NBA careers are simply paused until more seasons become available for them and can be put into cryostasis.


The First Draft


1.    Snake style: A B B A B A B A B A B A


2.    The initial draft order for each conference will be random.

I’m not sure how to make it random and confirmable. We can go off of the lottery or there are websites that will give me a random order.


3.    The first two rounds of the draft will be untimed.

This is to ensure that everyone has a core to build off of, without being skipped. This may be untimed, but it is within reason. When this league starts, you're expected to be active in the draft. Within 48 hours of going on the clock without a pick, your team will likely be offered to another owner.


4.    Rounds 3-10 will have will have one hour time slots between and .

With 12 teams in each draft, this should be a round a day for a week. Hopefully we can do it quicker than that and get ahead of schedule.


5.    Rounds 11-12 will be on the same day with half hour time slots between and .


6.    Rounds 3-8: An owner that misses his time spot can be skipped by the next owner in line. The skipped owner can continued to be skipped until it’s their turn to pick again. Rounds 9-12: Owners can be skipped twice.

An owner cannot be skipped twice. The draft will be stopped until a conclusion is met.


7.    Owners need to sitemail the next two people behind them in the draft order after picking.

If you can’t, let everyone know when you pick. If you know you won’t be around for your draft spot, you can send a proxy to the next two owners behind you.


8. Initial draft picks can not be traded.

You can make a trade after the draft, before you post your roster, but don't hold the league up. I'm only allowing this really in case someone screws up and ends up way over the cap. Don't do that though.


9.    After the first draft is complete, owners have to post their rosters in the private forums declaring what years they are going to use for their players.

Stay under the 52 million cap!!! Please do this in a timely manner.







1.  Before an off-season draft, teams have to post their rosters to the Team Roster thread.

Post who you are keeping, cutting, sending/returning to/from IR, how many picks do you need in the draft, and what is your team salary is before the draft. Cut players will be added to the draft pool.


2. Trades can be made after the season before the draft.

If you want to make a trade, you should probably start discussing it during the season. Trades must be completed before you submit your roster and we draft. 1st round draft picks can be traded. Players on IR can be traded. You can announce a trade ahead of time, to take place at the end of the season. Do that at your own risk because it won't be final until the end of the current season i.e. they can drop out of it or make another trade.


3. Have your roster set in a timely manner.

It really shouldn't take longer than a week after the league championship for the next draft to start.



Off-season Drafts


1.    Fixed style. A A A A ECT.

The lowest win team will get the highest pick in each round.


2.    Teams will be slotted for the draft based on previous season performance.

Tie breakers will be determined. No lottery. The GC's should be incentive enough to not tank.



3.    There will be several designated 239K players that can be drafted as “roster fillers”.

Finding 239K roster fillers in a progressive that are rookies can be pain. Roster fillers are to be placed on rest and not on your depth chart. This is also designed to help keep teams under the cap; if you are close to the cap during a draft, you can just ask for one or two of the roster fillers.


6.    The first round will be untimed. 

24 hours maximum limit before you can be skipped.


7.    Rounds 2 and on will have one hour time slots between and .

Depending on how many picks teams need determines the amount of rounds.


8.    An owner can't be skipped in both the first and the second round.

The draft will be stopped until a conclusion is met. After round 2, owners can be skipped twice.


9.    Owners need to sitemail the next two people behind them in the draft order after picking.

If you can’t, let everyone know when you pick. If you know you won’t be around for your draft spot, you can send a proxy to the next two owners behind you. This is to keep the draft moving… don’t be the guy everyone is waiting on if you can avoid it.


10. Be under the cap before and after the draft.

The point of the cap is keeping things competitive. There will have to be a penalty for having to cut players after the draft, because it doesn’t give the other owners in your conference a chance to draft them that season.


The Gift Card will be distributed based on a point system after 5 seasons. 


Point System: Playoffs

5 points to the four teams that lose in the first round

6 points to the four teams that lose in the second round

7 points to the two teams that lose in the conference finals

9 points to the conference champion that loses in the finals

12 to league champion


Bonus Points:

.1 Per Win

2  Winning Division


Plateau Bonuses:

1 Finishing with 50-59 wins

3 Finishing with 60+ wins


7/17/2013 7:28 PM (edited)
This is similar to a league I have recently taken over. (Yes a lot of the rules are plagiarized. Thanks Gin wherever you are).
7/16/2013 12:23 PM
7/16/2013 12:24 PM
7/16/2013 12:24 PM
i just think its too similar to the ppl onslaught...the only real difference is no ir and you can start a players career from his last season

that being said....if you do get enough interest im sure id play

7/16/2013 4:37 PM
Posted by dh555 on 7/16/2013 4:37:00 PM (view original):
i just think its too similar to the ppl onslaught...the only real difference is no ir and you can start a players career from his last season

that being said....if you do get enough interest im sure id play

It is. Im hoping i can get enough interest from some owners. The PPL isnt my baby, I just adopted it. i came up with it because of some of the complaints around the PPL. Wanted. Something that would give us a nice player pool and not be a ton of book keeping on my part.
7/16/2013 8:45 PM

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