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Clash of the Titan's #1

LBJ  vs  Durant : ca. 2012-13 
Both these players put up incredible seasons in 2012-13. Let's celebrate their historic's how.
Each team must have either 2012-13 LeBron James or 2012-13 Kevin Durant
(1st come, 1st choice)
12 LeBron James teams in the Eastern Conference
12 Kevin Durant teams in the Western Conference
The best LBJ & Durant teams will meet in the league Finals, for the
"Clash of the Titan's"

Salary Cap = $50M
LBJ = $9.7M
Durant = $9.8M

Format - open league

No LBJ or Durant other than 2012-13 on teams.
No Wilt or MJ
No Rookies
No Clones
No Waiver Wire
     Lebron James Conf.  (east)         vs                 Kevin Durant Conf.  (west)
1           skypilot                                                                    smokey57
2           jhsukow                                                                  amerk1180
3          98average                                                               kdforester
4          thomcat                                                                   onslaught
5          malone9975                                                            natenoy
6          copernicus                                                             krishnaman
7          gerryred                                                                    skypilot
8          smokey57                                                                benjihall
9          tanguma                                                                 malone9975
10        logain                                                                        jkaye24
11        onslaught                                                                hoopsdude      
12        drichar138                                                               coolmay_one

Suggestions for future "Clash of the Titan's"
CP3 vs Stockton
Dr J vs Bird
Rodman vs Wallace
Kobe/Shaq vs Garnett/Pierce
8/17/2013 9:11 PM (edited)

A new theme from the, somewhat twisted, mind of smokey57!!!
Should be a great battle...

Do I have any Taker's???

8/8/2013 4:58 PM (edited)
In, Durant
7/22/2013 12:39 PM
Please try again closer to the start of the NBA season.
7/30/2013 4:56 PM
kd, I'll try this idea again, maybe in the fall would be better. I'm joining a few $42m OL, even though I hate them, to see if I can find new owners to to get into the theme leagues. We'll see....thx
8/3/2013 1:36 AM
I have been lobbied to try to fill this league again. So here it is...
8/5/2013 3:20 PM
NOTICE - The salary cap has been lowered to $50M
8/5/2013 5:43 PM (edited)
in with LeBron...BTW it is salary not salery
8/5/2013 4:02 PM
thx, fixed it
8/5/2013 6:27 PM
Posted by malone9975 on 8/5/2013 4:02:00 PM (view original):
in with LeBron...BTW it is salary not salery
Its also not celery. Is this thing back on i kinda killed my team in my forum.
8/5/2013 11:11 PM
Ya it's 'on' slaught..sorry for the confusion. It will stay 'on' too, I'm pretty sure we can fill it. Besides, I've been lobbied pretty hard to lower the 'celery sap', so it's $50M now and we need to build new teams anyway. I really liked my $55M team...crap. Is everyone OK with the $50M cap? I only lowered it to attract more owners. Too many owners told me the 'cap' was too high.
8/6/2013 11:57 AM
Yes there was a bit too much "celery"
8/6/2013 1:26 PM
With the cost of LBJ ($9.1M) and Durant ($9.8M) that $50M is fairly moderate. We won't be building any monsters on $41M for 11 players that's for sure. lol  This should be a good challenge.
8/7/2013 5:27 AM
Lebron please
8/7/2013 12:32 PM
Got it. copernicus. thx
8/7/2013 10:12 PM
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Clash of the Titans #1 - (full - thx) Topic

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