We can't see projections and Kirby doesn't have a development pattern yet.    The other two aren't anything special.
7/28/2013 6:40 AM
I'm gonna guess Kirby is gonna be a stud being the first overall pick. And Martin may be looking to walk at the end of the season, or when his contract is up because I can't see it. Don't know that I'd do it.
7/28/2013 12:57 PM
Tough to say, Kirby being a #1 overall is a tough thing to give away. The other two you are giving up arent bad and they are still very cheap. you are getting a very good SP that will be good for at least7-8 more seasons but you have him for only the rest of this season and next. His patience isn't very good so he is very likely to want to go to FA, where you will only get a type A. I would only do this trade if I were you if I knew this trade game me a very very good chance at a WS win.
7/28/2013 1:26 PM
You are a new player who is 6-8 with a franchise that has not been .500 since season 2. I'm thinking that means you are not a contender and probably don't become a WS team with this pitcher. I'd say no.
7/28/2013 3:30 PM
I would suspect the owner who is dangling Martin is doing so because he doesn't like what the player is asking for long term.  Another sign the player is earmarked for free agency.

7/28/2013 4:04 PM
It looks like a hustle.  
7/28/2013 6:09 PM
Hi willy -  it doesn't look like a hustle to me.  Pablo should be a perennial Cy Young contender, if he's properly managed.  Of the pitchers you would give up, only Kirby is the true prize, and he's 2 or 3 seasons away from being relevant.  And development is an uncertain process- 1 catastrophic injury, and Kirby's no longer a stud.  Any deal that brings in a guy like Pablo is worth considering.

BUT—  what's Pablo's contract status?  (The window that opened up wouldn't show me.)  If he's not under contract for next season, RUN AWAY from this deal, or counter with a deal that drops Kirby.  Pablo Martin under long-term control is a fantastic asset.  Pablo as a 1 season rental is a total screw job.  If Pablo is in the last year of his contract, the other owner knows whether Pablo is willing to re-sign.  If Pablo is unwilling, and the other owner wants to dump him on an unsuspecting newcomer, then you're getting screwed.  If Pablo is willing to sign long-term, then the deal is worth considering, and I'd suggest going for all 5 seasons you can possibly sign a player for.  

So I'd suggest keep negotiating.  If there's any question about control over Pablo, walk away.  Or agree to trade the 2 other players, but hold Kirby.  

1 final alternative: if it's your first season, make no major trades and just get to know the world members and watch the talent develop.  People who've been there longer have an intrinsic advantage, having watched players and seen multiple scouting reports.  Patience is always the safest approach at the start, and unless the vet who proposed the trade is trying to swindle you, they should agree.

Good luck-
8/1/2013 12:48 PM
I could see Pablo's contract. He will become a FA after next season, so this trade is for ~2 seasons and Type A comp. I am not a fan of your side of the deal as you are not close to competing for anything. Like the above poster, I would caution you to make any major deals your first season.

Additionally, Brisker has no business being in AAA as he is done developing and should be a pretty good workhorse reliever.
8/1/2013 3:32 PM

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