Multi-Franchise Lg. Season XXIX - MLB106471-18 in Topic

Multi-Franchise League Season XXIX - MLB106471

Tired of joining High Cap Leagues and having no chance once the first 8 teams are in? Tired of getting your first high level Franchise and never seeing the league fill? Hopefully this league will solve those problems.

Imagine adding Walter Johnson to the Astros or Larry Walker and Big Unit to the Cubs. Get your favorite Franchise that help they need to compete at this level.

We will work on the points system. Your Franchises can add up to 4 points. See values below.

You have Access to all players in the historical lineage of the team according to
*****The multi-team draft tool makes building a team simple.

-No DH, No Clones, Injuries, Trades
-Yes to WW within Theme
-AAA: 6/2 Above Average (Assigned)
-You must have minimum 3 players from your chosen franchises on your draft roster.
-No Twisting. Player must be in chosen Uni for year used.
-Stadium in use at one time by one of your by franchises
-50 Live to qualify for PL.  Playoffs MUST be played Live
You may not choose both ends of a franchise
8/16/2013 10:25 AM (edited)
Season I (Live, 160mil): dms3: Braves/Mariners/Rockies
Season II : Bilfert: Astros/White Sox
Season III: markeking: Athletics 
Season IV (Live): dtownlove10: St. Louis Cardinals
Season V: garyx23: Astros/Expos/Royals
Season VI: The Taint: White Sox/Twins
Season VII: mac195: Dodgers/Rockies/Mariners
Season VIII(Live): tajohn: Indians/Orioles (1885-1899)
Season XI: The Taint: Athletics/Athletics (1885-1890)
Season XII: markeking: Yankees/Marlins/Brewers
Season XIII: rmarsh915:Twins/Indians
Season XIV: fortywins: Giants 1951-2009/Padres/Angels/Brewers (this was a 79 win team!)
Season XV: cornfedhick: 1901-1950 Boston Red Sox/Royals/Mets (Congrats on your 1st Championship!)
Season XVI: Bilfert: 1901-1950 Indians/1951-2009 Yankees
Season XVII: ronthegenius 1885-1950 Cardinals/1885-1899 Orioles/Wolverines/Brewers
Season XVIII: alston: 1901-1950 Indians/1951-2010 Red Sox
Season XIX: markeking: Early Orioles/Rockies/Expos/1901-1950 A's
Season XX: skonley: 1885-1950 Giants/1901-1950Tigers/1885-1899 Orioles
Season XXI: 1901-1950 Athletics/Astros/Royals
Season XXII: 65gtfastback: 1901-1950 White Sox/Senators
Season XXIII (Live): tato526: 1885-1951 Cardinals/Reds/Padres
Season XXIV: brianjw: Orioles (1885-1899), Reds, Diamondbacks, Expos, Wolverines and Brewers
Season XXV: Bilfert: 1885-1950 Phillies/1951-2011 Yankees
Season XXVI: donaldjtrump: 1950-2012 Yankees, 1900-1950 Senators
Season XXVII: Yaz_Benders: 1885-1950 Cardinals, 1885-1899 Orioles, Houston Astros
Season XXVIII: In Progress
7/28/2013 1:04 PM

Tier 1: 2 points may be used 2 times each  
A's 1901-1950 CLOSED
A’s 1951-2012 x2
Braves 1885-1950 x2  
Braves 1951-2012 CLOSED
Cardinals 1885-1950 CLOSED
Cardinals 1951-2012 CLOSED 
Cubs 1885-1950 x1
Cubs 1951-2012 x2
Dodgers 1885-1950 x2  
Dodgers 1951-2012 x2
Giants 1885-1950 CLOSED
Giants 1951-2012 x1
Indians 1901-1950 CLOSED
Indians 1951-2012 x2 
Phillies 1885-1950 CLOSED
Phillies 1951-2012 x2 
Pirates 1885-1950 x1    
Red Sox 1901-1950 x1 
Red Sox 1951-2012 CLOSED
Senators 1901-1950 x2  
Twins 1951-2012 x 1   
White Sox 1901-1950 CLOSED
White Sox 1951-2012 x2  
Yankees 1901-1950 CLOSED 
Yankees 1951-2012 CLOSED

Tier 2: 1 point may be used 3 times each  
Astros x2 
Marlins x3  
Mariners CLOSED
Mets x3 
Orioles 1901-2012 x3 
Orioles (1882-1899) x1   
Padres x2 
Pirates 1951-2012 x3
Rangers x3
Reds x3
Tigers 1901-1950 x2
Tigers 1951-2012 x1

Tier 3: 1/2 point may be used 3 times each  
Angels x3 
Blue Jays x3
Brewers x2
Diamondbacks CLOSED
Rays x2
Rockies x1   

Any extinct franchise prior to 1920 ie:  
Boston Reds (From Players League 1891-92) x3 
Cleveland Blues/Spiders(1887-1899) x3  
Detroit Wolverines x3  
Philadelphia Athletics (1885-1890) x3 
Indiana Hoosier-Feds (1914) x3  
Louisville Colonels:(1885-1892) x3
Chicago Wales (1914-1915) x3
9/11/2013 8:59 AM (edited)
Blue Bolded Teams Are Entered

1. joshkvt - New Red Sox (2), Old Giants (2)
2. tato526 - Old Cardinals (2), New Yankees (2)
3. gusv - Old Yankees (2), New Braves (2)
4. Fireballers - New Yankees (2), Old Indians (2)
5. Yaz_Benders - Old Indians (2), Royals (1), Expos (.5), D-Backs (.5)
6. Dahsdebater - Old Phillies (2), Old Tigers (1), Rockies (.5), Rays (.5)
7. braveboy73 - Old Giants (2), New Braves (2)
8. hurricane66 - New Cardinals (2), New Tigers(1), Mariners (1)
9. 11kwyetman28 - Old A's (2), Brewers(.5), Mariners(1), Expos(.5)
10. obnyy -  Old Cardinals (2), Mariners (1), Royals (1)
11. vinman300 - Old Yankees (2), Old Red Sox (2)
12. blaisebbss8 - Old White Sox (2), Old Orioles (1), Diamondbacks (.5), Expos (.5)
13. tato526 - Old White Sox (2), Old Phillies (2)
14. vinman300 - New Cardinals (2), New Giants (2)
15. jocrane14 - New Twins (2), Old Pirates (2)
16. blaisebbss8 - Old A's (2), Old Orioles (1), Astros (1)
17. obnyy - Old Cubs (2), Padres (1), Rockies (1), Diamondbacks (1)
18. Steve9955 - New Red Sox (2), New Tigers (1), Royals (1)

sitemail:obnyy, joshkvt, gusv, tato526, Fireballers, Yaz_Benders, braveboy73, 11kwyetman28, vinman300, blaisebbss8, jocrane14, steve9955
9/11/2013 9:00 AM (edited)
I picked 8th in honor of Yogi Berra last time, this time it is 10th for The Scooter, Phil Rizzuto.  
7/28/2013 1:14 PM (edited)
New Red Sox and Old Giants, please

Will pick a second when we're almost full
7/28/2013 2:09 PM
old san Luis new yankees
7/28/2013 3:06 PM
Old New York Yankees and New Dodgers for me ... 
7/28/2013 5:21 PM
Old Indians, Padres, new Pirates please
7/28/2013 5:29 PM
Awesome, thanks for kicking us off guys!
7/28/2013 9:34 PM
I'll try the Expos, Dbacks, Royals and old Indians thanks.
7/29/2013 7:32 AM
Excellent, thanks for joining Yaz!  Also the Old Indians are the first team closed.  Did not see that coming.
7/29/2013 10:28 AM
I'm gonna take a team, but I'll pick later after some more people select theirs.
7/29/2013 2:10 PM
I'd actually like to switch it up to the old Indians and new yankees please. Thanks/
7/29/2013 3:05 PM
Posted by Fiireballers on 7/29/2013 3:05:00 PM (view original):
I'd actually like to switch it up to the old Indians and new yankees please. Thanks/
Order is restored to the universe. You got it.
7/29/2013 10:25 PM
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Multi-Franchise Lg. Season XXIX - MLB106471-18 in Topic

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