what's going on with fatigue?  I understand in the lowest cap leagues but I've got issues everywhere
12/6/2013 8:22 PM
I was thinking the same thing myself. Even my teams in pitcher's parks are suffering.
12/6/2013 11:31 PM

Pitch counts are way up across all the leagues. We all seem to have drafted better hitters, or at least more patient hitters. (Or, in some cases, we're playing lots of extra innings.)

Go to Team Rankings > Pitchers > Extended, and look at the NP/G column. The league average is normally around 125. In 3 leagues so far it is at 135 or higher. That's going to lead to lots of fatigue, especially for the teams that get much over 135.

12/7/2013 4:46 PM
My teams are a combined 7-24 in 1-run games so far in round 2 - this has been an atrocious start.
12/9/2013 2:16 PM
I will do a first post of Standings sometime this week.  Waiting for the sample size to be meaningful.
12/9/2013 4:55 PM
I wish "Use Mopup only when losing" meant "Use Mopup only when losing"
12/11/2013 3:50 PM
Just a few days ago, my teams were a combined 16 games over .500.  Since then, I've had seven consecutive 2-4 cycles which means I should be back to an even .500 after this evening's 2-4 cycle.
12/12/2013 1:50 PM

Last four cycles...

1-5, 6-0, 5-1, 1-5.   

Just a typical 13-11 run.

12/30/2013 6:09 PM
The division alignment for my six teams is somewhat remarkable.   Currenlty, I have 4 good teams, and 2 mediocre teams.  But my four good teams are all in tough divisions.  And my two medicore teams are in weak divisions.

In each league, I averaged the wins of the first, second and third place teams, and compared them to the wins of the first, second and third place teams in my divisions.  My team is highlighted in red.

60M Theme
Average: 1st = 55.3, 2nd = 51.0, 3rd = 46.0
My Division:  1st = 51,  2nd = 49, 3rd = 47
Division Strength = -5.3 wins (below average)

80M Theme
Average: 1st = 54.3, 2nd = 50.7, 3rd = 46.8
My Division: 1st = 56, 2nd = 55, 3rd = 53
Division Strength = +12.2 wins (above average)

90M Theme
Average: 1st = 53.7, 2nd = 49.7, 3rd = 48.2
My Division: 1st = 55, 2nd = 53, 3rd = 51
Division Strength = +7.4 wins (above average)

100M Theme
Average: 1st = 57.5, 2nd = 50.0, 3rd = 47.0
My Division: 1st = 62, 2nd = 55, 3rd = 52
Division Strength = +14.5 wins (above average)

110M Theme
Average: 1st = 53.8, 2nd = 51.3, 3rd = 45.3
My Division: 1st = 54, 2nd = 54, 3rd = 50
Division Strength = +7.6 wins (above average)

120M Theme
Average: 1st = 56.1, 2nd = 52.0, 3rd = 45.7
My Division: 1st = 51, 2nd = 49, 3rd = 40
Division Strength = -13.8 wins (below average)

Note that in each of my four "tough" divisions (80M thru 110M), the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams are all over .500.   It's likely that I will miss the playoffs in one or more of these divisions due to the strength of the third place team. 

Ironically, one of my two mediocre teams is in first place in the weakest division I play in.  Of course, I'd much rather switch some of my stronger teams into the weaker divisions and not have to sweat out the wildcard race.

For what it's worth, there are 11 divisions across the six leagues that have three teams over .500.  So on average, each owner will be in slightly under 2 of these "tough" divisions.   Since I'm in 4, I wonder how many people are in zero...
1/3/2014 9:48 AM (edited)
luck/unlucky and strange statistics i noticed on my teams so far

Zane Smith is 10th in the league with a 2.84 ERA which gets him a 12-13 record. On the plus side i have a mop up with a 2.53 ERA and a 3-1 record.

Pedro 8th in the league with a 2.61 ERA and is rewarded with an 11-11 record.

Bob Milacki has 14 IP with a 6.28 ERA and still managed to get 11 saves with an 0-1 record.

Steve Karsay has 33 saves in 32.2IP. i wonder if a closer with more than 30 saves ever ended the season with more saves than IP?

Hornsby has a higher OBP 372 than SLG 345. the only other player on my team with that is Ozzie Smith 319 obp 307 slg which i can understand. 
1/17/2014 10:54 AM
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