Luck of the Draw 2.0 -- 1972 Topic

New owners...Please sign up for the wait list if you're interested. Returning owners get first priority for the 24 slots (but not for team assignment), but we usually have a few new owners each season.

No WW 
No Trades 
Yes to AAA (6/2 - average quality)
 NO DH in 1972 (DH only in odd numbered years starting in 1973)
You must use a stadium your team played in that year
No clones.
Teams Assigned By Luck Of The Draw
You can use SimLive for the next game or next series, but don't jump ahead beyond that.
Name your team whatever you like.

We started in 1969 for a second go around with this theme.  1971 is just starting playoffs.

This twist-theme league is progressing through the seasons; we started with 1969. We use the top 24 teams each season, dropping the remaining in seasons with more than 24 MLB teams. Divisions are aligned by the winning percentage the teams actually had that season (tie-breaker is alphabetical by city name). It's possible that the teams left out may actually be better "twist" teams than those included, but as always it is Luck Of The Draw so you will play with whoever you get and like it. With this alignment, even the rotten teams have a shot at the playoffs, and we all know that anything can happen in the playoffs.

Once we are full, I'll use the last 2 digits of each owner rating to give out the teams. The lowest number gets the team with the highest winning percentage. If there is a tie, I'll use the 3rd digit to break it, with the lowest getting the best team. Each year we'll get different teams using the same method.

This is a standard twist league, which means you can use anyone who played for your team that season according to Use any season of any eligible player as long as he made at least one appearance for your team that year. 

Use any $200K player from any franchise any season to fill out your roster. You don't have to take the backups from your actual roster if you want to use $200K players instead. ($200K means $200K, not $201K.) 

The 1972 World Series winner will become the Commish for the 1973 season; we get things started for the next season around the 100-120 game mark (except this time when I - a first-time winner - neglected my Commish duties until reminded!)
8/8/2013 1:39 PM (edited)
Once we have 24 owners committed, the numbers used to assign teams will be posted here.

1971 Owners Returning (23):

In From the Waitlist (1):


1971 Owners Not Returning (1):


1971 Owners Not Yet Heard From (0):

Carry-Over Wait List for 1973:
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Teams, Alignment, Assignments:

NL West            
Pittsburgh Pirates 96 59 0.619 rickysdad44 01  
Cincinnati Reds 95 59 0.617 georgedeer 06 106
Oakland Athletics 93 62 0.600 antoncresten 06 906
Chicago White Sox 87 67 0.565 pmars2001 08  
NL Central            
Detroit Tigers 86 70 0.551 ff09 10  
Houston Astros 84 69 0.549 hoopsrus 15  
Boston Red Sox 85 70 0.548 akira_hokuto 16  
Chicago Cubs 85 70 0.548 specsman 17  
NL West            
Los Angeles Dodgers 85 70 0.548 jkorn 18  
New York Mets 83 73 0.532 cstrohmier 28  
Baltimore Orioles 80 74 0.519 llcoach 35  
New York Yankees 79 76 0.510 tabasko 37  
AL East            
Minnesota Twins 77 77 0.500 shawbigred 39  
Kansas City Royals 76 78 0.494 sgsmith 44  
California Angels 75 80 0.484 stroh23 49  
St. Louis Cardinals 75 81 0.481 halo23 60  
AL Central            
Cleveland Indians 72 84 0.462 gees51 61  
Atlanta Braves 70 84 0.455 jeff4noles 74  
Montreal Expos 70 86 0.449 eschwartz67 80  
San Francisco Giants 69 86 0.445 lastinspace2 81  
AL West            
Milwaukee Brewers 65 91 0.417 sevenfifty5 85  
San Diego Padres 58 95 0.379 bluesguy 90  
Philadelphia Phillies 59 97 0.378 dewelch71 94  
Texas Rangers 54 100 0.351 Poddy 96  


8/8/2013 9:53 PM (edited)

Sitemail list:

antoncresten; bluesguy; cstrohmier; dewelch71; eschwartz67; ff09; gees51; georgedeer; halo23; hoopsrus; jeff4noles; jkorn; lastinspace2; llcoach; pmars2001; Poddy; rickysdad44; sevenfifty5; shawbigred; sgsmith; specsman; stroh23; tabasko; akira_hokuto


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I will try it
8/5/2013 6:58 PM
I'm in again...
8/5/2013 6:59 PM
Posted by 2chair on 8/5/2013 6:58:00 PM (view original):
I will try it
I've put you on the wait list.
8/5/2013 7:18 PM
I'm back
8/5/2013 7:23 PM
I am back for '72!
8/5/2013 7:57 PM
I'll join the waitlist
8/5/2013 10:05 PM
You got it.
8/6/2013 12:10 AM
8/6/2013 10:10 AM
8/6/2013 10:20 AM
8/6/2013 11:35 AM
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Luck of the Draw 2.0 -- 1972 Topic

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