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In an OL, I have a pitcher (2004K scrub Phil Redding) I picked up off the WW mid-season.  Until last night he was my mop up man, and had a 90/90 fatigue rating.  I switched him to starter, figuring he'd take the mound at 90%.  Now that the little baseball is next to his name, his fatigue level is suddenly 78/80.  I know this happens pretty frequently, so why can't WIS fix this glitch? 
8/7/2013 1:28 PM
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As a SIM novice, but knowing enough statistics to be dangerous, my assumption is that there is a difference in calculating fatigue for RP and SP and that this is done so as not to disadvantage RP.

Now, I didn't figure out the exact function, but here is what seems to happen.  Your RP pitches a limited number of innings, and uses them in smaller bunches, say 1 IP per appearance. Once this guy has pitched as an RP and you switch him to SP, the SIM recalculates his fatigue factors based on new projections of how long it takes to reach the IP limit (in the case of the guy converted from RP to SP its reduced. Probably if you went the other way around, the fatigue factor would increase).  So, you RP goes from 90/90 to 78/80 because, (1) his pitch count and IP go up as an SP and if its set at, for example, 50-60 pitches or around 5 innings, his fatigue prediction increases because after one game, if he makes the 5 IP, he is pitching more innings (say 5 versus 1.66) and he will reach his IP limit sooner; (2) because he is scheduled to throw more IP in his start, he needs to rest more to recover. 

This is just my guess.  I have no idea if this is what really goes on, but logically it makes sense.
9/3/2013 9:55 PM
That's an interesting idea, but I switch my pitchers back and forth between starter and reliever a lot, and the problem I mentioned above never seems to occur except when involving a pitcher I picked up off waivers.  

Or maybe it does occur with non-WW pitchers and I haven't noticed?  I don't know.  If other owners have noticed this happening with non-WW pitchers, maybe they could post in this thread...
9/4/2013 12:20 AM
My 1 lone question, as a dangerous statistical clone of the "radlynch" username,
is simply this:

Eye have seen this happen with minor-leaguers, & just figure it's me... Eye do not
always re-convert my minor-leaguers to see who the real clone is, in real life... But,
when eye do, eye generally find him to be a pitcher that can be searched-out using
all 3, SP, P, & RP... So yes, there does also seem to me a difference in fatigue no#s
depending on which role they project & calculate...

Yes, it seems a daring taunt and dare from "Sparky", to assume that my pitcher will
be used in his next appearance, in the same manner as the current appearance...

As U can probably tell, "Sparky" leaves me speechless sometimes... He's the boss.
&, of course, all of our home games are played in "Glitchville"... Hope it is a glitch !!!
9/4/2013 2:10 AM
Screwy fatigue Topic

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