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You get 2 franchises, $150 Million capNo: Clones, AAA, WW, twisting. Yes:  DH. 24 team league with no live game requirement to qualify for playoffs. Must use a stadium used by one of your franchises. There are a few restrictions: The Yankees/Highlanders franchise is banned (this is a Yankee-free league).
Other franchises are broken down into lists:
A List:
Giants - 2
Cardinals - 2
Red Sox - 2
Indians - 1
B List:
A’s - 5 (full- can no longer be picked)
Tigers - 1
Braves - 3
Cubs - 3
Phillies - 3
C List:
Dodgers - 3
Reds - 1
Pirates - 1
White Sox - 4
Baltimore Orioles (1885-1899) (not to be confused with the Browns/Orioles franchise) - 3
(note on the 1885-1899 Orioles:  It is OK to use Orioles Park IV if you select this franchise) 
D List:
Senators/Twins -4
Browns/Orioles - 3
Seattle Mariners (started 1977) - 2
Arizona Diamondbacks (started 1998)
Colorado Rockies (started 1993)
Houston Astros/Colt .45’s (started 1962) - 1
Kansas City Royals (started 1969) - 1
Angels (started 1961)
Marlins (started 1993)
Milwaukee Brewers/Seattle Pilots (started 1969)
NY Mets (started 1962) - 1
San Diego Padres (started 1969) - 1
Tampa Bay Rays/Devil Rays (started 1998)
Texas Rangers/Washington Senators (started 1961) (not to be confused with the Washington Senators of 1901-1960 who became the Twins)
Toronto Blue Jays (started 1977) - 1
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos (started 1969)
Louisville Colonels (1885-1899)
Cleveland Spiders/Blues (1887-1899)
If you pick a team from the “A” list, your 2nd team must come from the “D” list. If you pick a team from the “B” list your 2nd team can come from either the “C” list or the “D” list. If you pick a “C” list team your 2nd team can from either the “B” list or the “D” list. Teams from the “D” list can be paired with any team from the “A”, “B”, or “C” lists.
There can be up to 5 instances of any franchise (excepting the banned Yanks). The combination of franchises, however, must be unique. For example if someone picks the Cardinals & Royals combo, 4 other owners can pick the Cardinals but they’d have to pair them with a franchise from the “D” list other than the Royals (and all different than each other). First come, first serve on the franchises and on unique combos.
 You can have 2 teams but they will be placed in separate leagues. Will initially do random alignment and then adjust to make sure owners don’t have 2 teams in the same league.
Make sure you review Baseball reference for franchise history:
Sign up here for your franchises.  I will choose 6th and will set up the league at that time.  Note:  League has now been set up.  Will site mail new owners as they sign up for a team here in forum.
Let the “A” list mad scramble for Walter Johnson begin!
1.  2chair - Braves & Pirates
2.  jpccr - Giants & Senators/Twins
3.  dodgebob - Dodgers & Braves
4.  skunk206 - Phillies & White Sox
5.  kriz - Cards & Royals
6.  hogger0223 - Senators/Twins & Reds
7.  ghsisler - Tigers & White Sox
8.  alston - Indians & Mariners
9.  good_beef - A's & 1890s Orioles
10.  mdkrolak - A's & White Sox
11.  celticus - Phillies & Dodgers
12.  jjper1 - Cubs & White Sox
13.  ghsisler - A's & Browns/Orioles
14.  RWHAY - Giants & Mets
15.  dumpster - Phillies & Browns/Orioles
16.  specsman - A's & Dodgers
17.  dcates - Red Sox & Mariners
18.  Chisock - Red Sox & Senators/Twins
19.  urband - 1890s Orioles & Browns/Orioles
20.  frank_drebin - Cardinals & Astros
21.  RWHAY - Cubs & Blue Jays
22.  thejuice6 - Cubs & 1890s Orioles
23.  thebubbaq - A's & Senators/Twins
24.  spoonfed - Braves & Padres
8/26/2013 10:53 AM (edited)
8/9/2013 9:31 AM
I'll try a Giants/Senators combo.
8/9/2013 9:31 AM
Dodgers and Braves, please
8/10/2013 8:57 AM
Phillies and White Sox
8/10/2013 11:14 AM
Cards and Royals please. 
8/10/2013 9:36 PM
senators/twins and  Reds for me please
8/10/2013 10:03 PM
I'm going to select the Tigers and White Sox.  I will set up the league and site mail the number to all who have signed up.
8/10/2013 11:23 PM
Indians and Mariners
8/11/2013 10:51 AM
I would like the A's (B) & O's (C) but since Orioles Parks I, II & III are not available, can I play in Orioles Park IV, which is on the same exact site as Orioles Park II & III?  If this is not OK, I will just have to play in one of the 4 PHIL A's ballparks?
8/12/2013 5:03 PM
Hi good_beef!  I think using Orioles Park IV sounds reasonable.  It is listed as being in use in 1901-02 and if it is on the same site as II & III it is very likely what the 1899 version was (or extremely close).  I will update the initial posting to let any future 1890s Orioles owners know it is OK to use Orioles Park IV.

The A's and 1890's Orioles are yours.  Welcome!
8/12/2013 5:29 PM (edited)
I'll take A's/White Sox.
8/12/2013 5:53 PM
Phillies/Dodgers, please
8/12/2013 5:58 PM
I'll try White Sox & Cubs combo...thanks
8/12/2013 7:42 PM
I'm going to select the A's and the Browns/Orioles as my 2nd team.
8/14/2013 6:07 AM
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Double Franchise Lg $150M cap -full/waitlisting Topic

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