PowerBall League 

This will be a 24 Team League using the Standard WIS Format

To start, everyone will nominate 1 player for the league. We will use a regular lineup of roughly 13 hitters and 11 pitchers.

All nominated players must be within these guidelines:
Hitters must be between $4-$5 Million, with at least 500 PA.
Starting Pitchers between $5-$6 Million, with at least 175 IP.
Relief Pitchers between $1-$2 Million, with at least 50 IP.
This will get us 24 players.
In addition, everyone will get 10 average AAA players (6/4).

The 25th player will be determined this way: Everyone will pick an exclusive number 1-35 when you sign up for the league. (First come/first serve). Once the league is full, the next Powerball drawing that has one of the 24 numbers chosen by the 24 owners will determine who gets to pick the 25th man. If you are that lucky PowerBall winner you get to choose the 25th man. It can be any player and season you want, no rules or restrictions. Think of it as a Tribute to your Favorite player.

After we have our 25 main roster players and our 10 AAA players, but before the season starts, everyone will assign a number, 1 to 35 to each one of their 35 players. You'll then send the assignment of numbers to me in a SiteMail. 
In addition to your 35 players assigned numbers, your Team will also be assigned 5 randomly drawn numbers from 1 to 35.

On the first drawing of the PowerBall, after the season starts, the teams that have 1 of their 5 Team numbers drawn will be required to drop a player. The player you will have to drop will be determined by the next PowerBall drawing. Whichever number that is will correlate to the number you assigned to your players at the beginning of the season. That number and every number drawn after that will also pick the team/s for the next drawing and so on....

So as an example: Let's say the first drawing is on a Wednesday. That Powerball number is 8. Any Team that was assigned an 8 at the beginning of the season will Drop a player. The next drawing on Saturday will determine which player. Maybe the number drawn on Saturday is 24. You assigned #24 to Joe XXXX. You must now drop Joe and replace him with a player from the Waiver Wire. That player will now take Joe's number 24 for future drawings. In addition, number 24 drawn on Saturday is used to determine which team/s will drop a player for the next drawing on Wednesday.

There will only be 1 rule on Waiver Wire replacements and that is the player you Claim must play the same Primary Position as the player you had to drop.

The Transaction Deadline won't be used so we will be dropping and Claiming players for the entire season.

The Salary Cap will be set at $160 Million to allow everyone extra cash for Claiming players.

PowerBall Penalty:
You will have until the next drawing to drop and claim a new player when your number is drawn. If you fail to do so within this timeframe you will forfeit playoff eligibility. This may sound harsh but it gives everyone 3 to 4 days to drop and make a Claim.

The 25th Man Rule: If you are the owner who got to pick the 25th man and his number comes up in a PowerBall drawing you can exercise an exclusive right to keep said player without penalty. Just another perk for winning the first PowerBall drawing!

24 Team League
No Clones
No Trades
No Live Play
Injuries Off
1 random alignment
Everyone will use WIS Stadium.

Owners List: bheid408;

8/11/2013 12:04 PM

Nominated Players:
1B- 1951 Ferris Fain - reddtrain (14)



8/11/2013 6:57 PM (edited)
I will pick my player after 12 or 13 owners have joined and picked theirs first.
8/11/2013 12:10 PM
I'll take a shot at this...

My player is 1951 Ferris Fain (1B) - and I'll take PB 14.

8/11/2013 2:29 PM

Good pick to start.
Thanks reddtrain!

8/11/2013 6:56 PM

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