8/11/2013 2:37 PM
1928 History Rewritten Progressive League

We need one new owner and could handle two!

The History Rewritten was established 6 years ago by NailOne and we are still going strong 43 seasons later. One of our owners has decided to cut back; we also have a duplicate owner that would be willing to let his team go to a good owner. The available teams will be described in the following post. We are finishing our 1927 season by mid-August and will be getting ready for the 1928 season just as soon as possible. Join us as we play our way through the history of ML baseball.
The History Rewritten Theme is a progressive, partial roster keeper theme that started with the 1885 season with plans to work our way to the present day baseball season (some years down the road). As a first season owner/GM you'll be exempt from the 13 keeper rule as we want you to build a team with your vision.
The History Rewritten Progressive Theme league is founded on:
1.) $80 MM salary cap (penalties apply, but not for 1st year of new owners)
2.) Returning 13 "keepers" carried over to the next season for a sense of franchise
3.) One round rookie draft every season (one round for each league)
4.) Drafted players are exclusive to a team within each league (total of 15 exclusive players allowed per team - 5 pitchers max)
5.) No AAA, clones nor DH on a team
6.) Trades -- Ok, but exclusive players are traded only within a league
7.) WW okay, but must stay within in theme year (cannot be exclusive players)
8.) Exclusive stadiums in each league

Check out our constitution (rules and regs) at click here:

Check out our exclusive players at this link:

We have our own private forum site, so if you can't see these links please let me know and I we'll grant you access.

What makes us different?
1.) A salary cap (to test your research & GM skills)
2.) A 13 keeper requirement (can you build a dynasty, a one shot wonder or will you struggle to fit within the cap?)
3.) Exclusive players list (draft to build a team, without wading through months of draft threads)
4.) Salary cap penalties for missing the keeper requirement (display your planning & GM skills)
5.) A number of committed owners that enjoy the league (usually one or two new players every other season -- fairly stable, fun bunch)

We've got a good core of guys that play season after season and hope to be the longest running progressive theme at WifS. Come test your GM skills with a great bunch of owners.

Please post or sitemail me (sockless_joe) if you are interested in joining our league.

Current owners list with bold owners confirming return (sitemail list):
bamajama; Blueorange; btoy1975; bud4875; benfc; Bullmoose; CarlosVal; cstrohmier; gigrant; hacker7; lagermcale; lefty13; maddove117; mountainjack; Poddy; sockless_joe; riznitch27; scrimy; stroh23; tycho88; yogi20; zeuspole; (YOU!); (YOU2!)
8/11/2013 2:52 PM (edited)
Available Team : Steelers
Current Ballpark: Comiskey Park (I) (HR LF/RF:-1/-2 1B:1 2B:0 3B:10
Prior Owner: fire13

The owner is picking his 1928 rookie debute player this week.  This team will have a top 3 draft pick for the 1929 rookie class.

There are other period specific stadiums available if you do not like Comiskey Park (I).

Exclusive Players:
Johnny Bassler B Steelers (fire13)
George Grantham B Steelers (fire13)
Dave Harris B Steelers (fire13)
Joe Harris B Steelers (fire13)
Bump Hadley P Steelers (fire13)
Johnny Morrison P Steelers (fire13)
Jesse Petty P Steelers (fire13)
Charlie Root P Steelers (fire13)
Red Ruffing P Steelers (fire13)
Bill Walker P Steelers (fire13)

The 1927 roster consists of:
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Fred Frankhouse 1927 St. Louis Cardinals SP $1,454,359
Bump Hadley 1927 Washington Senators SP $6,459,445
Herb Pennock 1927 New York Yankees SP $5,387,540
Jesse Petty 1927 Brooklyn Robins SP $7,493,904
Eppa Rixey 1927 Cincinnati Reds SP $6,168,353
Charlie Root 1927 Chicago Cubs SP $7,745,720
Jing Johnson 1927 Philadelphia Athletics RP $1,315,254
Johnny Miljus 1927 Pittsburgh Pirates RP $2,809,611
Johnny Bassler 1927 Detroit Tigers C $2,305,577
Bob O'Farrell 1927 St. Louis Cardinals C $1,874,251
Johnny Schulte 1927 St. Louis Cardinals C $2,627,587
Joe Harris 1927 Pittsburgh Pirates 1B $3,936,796
George Grantham 1927 Pittsburgh Pirates 2B $4,735,711
Les Bell 1927 St. Louis Cardinals 3B $2,294,266
Specs Toporcer 1927 St. Louis Cardinals 3B $1,429,524
Johnny Butler 1927 Brooklyn Robins SS $3,093,868
Doc Farrell 1927 New York Giants SS $1,920,290
Clyde Barnhart 1927 Pittsburgh Pirates OF $3,549,743
Cliff Heathcote 1927 Chicago Cubs OF $2,175,739
Freddy Leach 1927 Philadelphia Phillies OF $4,947,680
Les Mann 1927 New York Giants OF $614,802
Bernie Neis 1927 Chicago White Sox OF $1,548,929
Ben Paschal 1927 New York Yankees OF $676,815
Pid Purdy 1927 Cincinnati Reds OF $808,632
Billy Southworth 1927 St. Louis Cardinals OF $2,069,122

8/11/2013 2:52 PM
The second team:

Available Team : Chicago Scraper
Current Ballpark: WhatIfSports Park (HR LF/RF:0/0 1B:0 2B:0 3B:0)
Prior Owner: sockless_joe

The owner will pick a 1928 rookie debute player this week. This team will have a top 3 draft pick for the 1929 rookie class.

There are other period specific stadiums available if you do not like WhatIfSport Park.

Exclusive Players:
Ray Blades B
Joe Judge B
Red Kress B
Marty McManus B
Earl Webb B
Hack Wilson B
Watty Clark P
Tommy Thomas P

The 1927 Roster

Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Red Faber 1927 Chicago White Sox SP $2,164,152
Carmen Hill 1927 Pittsburgh Pirates SP $7,788,718
Eppa Rixey 1927 Cincinnati Reds SP $6,168,353
Tommy Thomas 1927 Chicago White Sox SP $8,745,778
Garland Braxton 1927 Washington Senators RP $4,717,767
Watty Clark 1927 Brooklyn Robins RP $1,768,948
Johnny Miljus 1927 Pittsburgh Pirates RP $2,809,611
Joe Pate 1927 Philadelphia Athletics RP $781,010
Don Songer 1927 New York Giants RP $793,554
Pat Collins 1927 New York Yankees C $2,430,607
Harry McCurdy 1927 Chicago White Sox C $2,506,690
Johnny Schulte 1927 St. Louis Cardinals C $2,627,587
Joe Judge 1927 Washington Senators 1B $4,557,529
Doc Gautreau 1927 Boston Braves 2B $1,463,640
Chuck Dressen 1927 Cincinnati Reds 3B $5,516,365
Specs Toporcer 1927 St. Louis Cardinals 3B $1,429,524
Doc Farrell 1927 Boston Braves SS $3,999,039
Marty McManus 1927 Detroit Tigers SS $3,099,534
Topper Rigney 1927 Washington Senators SS $883,708
Ray Blades 1927 St. Louis Cardinals OF $1,555,558
Les Mann 1927 Boston Braves OF $339,686
Ben Paschal 1927 New York Yankees OF $676,815
Billy Southworth 1927 St. Louis Cardinals OF $2,069,122
Earl Webb 1927 Chicago Cubs OF $3,037,578
Hack Wilson 1927 Chicago Cubs OF $7,182,116
8/21/2013 9:28 PM (edited)

Come on 

Come on

Come on, you know you want to join and play

8/21/2013 10:04 PM
8/26/2013 11:03 PM
Sockless is the keeper minimum 13 or 15?

A fun league with challenging decisions each offseason. Give it a try folks.
8/31/2013 1:46 PM
13 returning players.  You can have up to 15 exclusive players (5 pitchers max)
9/7/2013 10:08 AM
Be that one
9/12/2013 8:15 PM
Simple . . you join, we start
9/14/2013 4:08 PM
great league great commissoner great managers - Join!!!
9/18/2013 5:58 PM
Great group of owners and one of the longest running leagues in whatifsports.
9/19/2013 12:38 AM
I'll do it!
9/22/2013 10:02 PM
Awesome Sinatra, let me contact you via sitemail.

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