i just picked up my first ever d1 team in phelan and i was wondering if some of you d1 vets on the fourms could give me some team specfic and general tips. you can post here or shoot me a sitemail if u want too. thx in advance

my team:
8/19/2013 2:01 PM
I'm far from a D-I expert, but...

It's going to take a few seasons to build this team unless you are willing to cut some guys, but even then you've only got one senior so it's not going to be easy with regard to recruiting cash.

On quick glance you need to SIGNIFICANTLY increase your team's athleticism and defense. Right now your skills in those categories resembles a moderate D-III team, not a D-I team.

Someone with more D-I experience can probably tell you more.

8/19/2013 2:27 PM
Honestly, cut as many of those Schulbs as you can. T r y to sign six players this year, redshift the best one and start the other 5.
8/19/2013 4:04 PM
Once recruiting is done, it's the same game.   You probably can't even do what Trentonjoe is suggesting with your budget.  But damn!   Not one of those players is athletic enough or plays good enough defense to get on a D1 court.  Welch, Roberts & Mosca need to be shown the door immediately.   Musselman, Harris & Stoller might be useful off the bench, but, god help you, I can see you having to start Musselman & Harris.   If you only cut those 3, then you still need to sign only 3.   You need a walk-on, but don't be tempted by senior x'fers - schools with more money will pay a premium for them at D1.  

 The strategy that will surprise you is Big 6 schools getting project players on their considering list (that really belong in low D1).  They're holding them as backup options in case they lose a battle.  You may want to be super patient and catch them when they come available again.   That might save your budget.  You won't be able to win any battle until you have a real budget.  If you haven't noticed before now, when you send 10 HVs all at once you only get one message back.  You'll pick up on that quick now.
8/19/2013 8:41 PM (edited)
cut everyone except Hua (coz he's a Sr and will be gone in 1 season), Williams and Musselman (because they are the most serviceable Jrs). I coach one of your nearby neighbors in Phelan, so I can't give you too much specific advice. Take your limited budget and scout 200 miles out (first search for recruits with the distance setting at 200, then look at what states that is). You could further filter your search for something like only players above say 40 ath and 40 def, maybe throw in a WE limit of 30 or so. See how many results turn up from which states. Ignore anyone with any "stars" (they won't talk to you anyway). That should leave you a couple (expensive) states. FSS the states that qualify that have a decent number of targets. First cycle you may want to send calls or letters as some of your targets still might blow you off, but if you have some targets you favor try offering a scholie and a start right away. You might just get listed. Not everyone who recruits is diligent about evaluating battles. If you show a ton of openings, some will think you have a ton of money. Not all (coz its not that hard to check your NEWS tab) but it can help keep some folks away. Find the best 6 freshman you can. Take a flyer on an ineligible (or 2, why not - theoretically they can both report). If you are broke but get your 6, no biggie, 3 walkons and fill them next season. You will suck this year either way. If you have players (presigning) that you are worried about losing late (probably won;t happen at this level) don't bother trying to fill your non frosh spots til after signings. Like rogelio says, keep an eye on the bigger schools to see who they end up casting off. You can pick up what are really pretty decent players (most likely wouldn't be on the radar of a successful big 6 if they sucked) that just didn't make the cut at that level...

Recruiting is the key, so be diligent. Look at everything 6 different ways and try to find players with complimentary abilities. You are unlikely to be able to land anyone that is good at everything like the big schools, so find one big that can rebound and another that can score for instance...

GL. You can hit me up if you have other questions, but like I mentioned, I'm at Columbia and in my 3rd season, so we might even be pursuing some of the same kids...
8/20/2013 8:02 AM
I would not try to battle anyone this year since your cash is so limited. Try to find guys with a ton of potential. Your team is going to be bad this year, but if you get a lot of good potential players, by the time they are seniors your prestige should go up, which will enable you to get better players. I would keep your seniors, since they will be open scholarships next year, but I'd focus on playing your new players as much as possible and use most of your seniors as backups.  I'd try to cut Roberts, Mosca and Welch., If it gets near signing and there are a couple more players considering you than you have room for, it would not hurt too bad to cut a senior, but if you keep your seniors, you'll have 5 scholarships, which is $75,000 next year, and then you can actually battle other low ranked schools
8/20/2013 9:02 AM
Are all those JRs going to be SRs in your 1st season? If so, keep them and cut everyone else except maybe Musselman (non-awful) and Harris (growing in the right places). Recruit who you can this season, taking quality over quantity, then hit the circuit next season with tons of cash. You will not be good this season or next. But with a decent player or two now, and 4-5 next season, you can be solid soon. 
8/20/2013 10:27 AM
Recruit for D first, then Ath, then everything else. 
8/20/2013 10:29 AM
I didn't take into account that the roster hasn't rolled yet. In that case, I I agree with the bulk of wronoj's advice. If Harris has some potential left he could be decent. 
8/20/2013 11:03 AM
The number one thing is to line up 6 open schollies for next season.  That will give you $90k + bonus cash to work with, rather than just $75k.  Since you're playing zone, then you can leverage that money into only 4 recruits.  I haven't been able to make that strategy work at D3, but I think it's very promising for a low D1 school like Army.  Just take 1 walk-on this season and then 1 or 2 every season thereafter.  That extra $15-30k in budget will turn out to be huge!  
8/20/2013 12:41 PM

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