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I have been at this game a while but do not feel I have my adjustments and end of game settings *winning/losing x minutes left [positioning/fouling, etc.] wired. I have scoured the Forum but know I would benefit from a discussion about default settings (e.g intentionally fould when down by x with y minutes left; when winning by x with y minutes left position defense @ ....) & changes to same either on this thread or via PM. Thanks, guys.
8/25/2013 12:26 PM
every situation is different, but the biggest piece of general advice i can give you is to make it possible for your end game settings to be meaningful. some people set them like, down 10 with 2m to go, run uptempo - thats useless, why even bother? game is already over. when i care (at least every NT game), i change end game settings by my opponent. there isn't really a stock answer, but usually when losing, you want to push your luck (technically, to increase volatility, thereby allowing luck a greater hand). if you are losing to a strong 3 point shooting team, maybe with 6m left down 5, you go to +3 uptempo. if you are losing to a poor 3 point shooting team, maybe you go -5 uptempo. its basically your opportunity to try things that are not what you would want to do normally. well, thats a lot of it, but not all of it. sometimes against certain opponents you are expecting a tight game against, you really dont want to just throw caution to the wind, maybe you cant decide between 2 strategies and so you use one and set the other if losing by 1 with 6m left, or something like that... 

anyway, its really not that easy to encapsulate how to play those in a single post, but maybe if you had an example game or opponent or something, it would  be easier to speak to that situation, and you could pick up the general ideas by extension?

on the foul if losing i generally dont change that much. i hate there isnt a 1:30 setting, i feel 2m is too long and 1m is not enough. it depends on my team, where i set things. with good 3 point shooting teams im usually more in the 6-7p with 1m range, with 2pt shooting teams (generally implies quality FT shooting to me, i dont like 2 point shooters who cant hit free throws) im down around 5p with 1m.
8/25/2013 2:50 PM
Thank you very much.
8/26/2013 2:29 PM
your welcome. but only because you like the who :)
8/27/2013 11:48 AM
End of Game Settings Topic

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