8/25/2013 11:18 PM
Oriole, I hate to beat a dead horse, but we really, really need you to step up and show leadership in this project.  I find it hard to believe you don't have 15 minutes to provide a quick update, at least on a weekly basis to share what you are working on, what your plan for the week is, and what testing help you need from coaches.

I hate to say it (as I'm a pretty optimistic guy at heart), but you are piloting a sinking ship my friend until you can show some commitment to regular communication.  We know you're busy.  So, are we - we have jobs and families, too. 

8/25/2013 11:31 PM
I agree. Start a pinned topic, no outside posts from coaches and tell us daily what is going on. If you don't - by the time something important needs to be posted you will have no one listening.
8/26/2013 1:30 AM
I agree 1000%!!! I know this has been brought up before, but the potential of profit from this site is tremendous if all the worlds were full. You would think by now whomever is in charge with this would have hired a couple college interns to finish coding this game. Surely it can't be that hard if you know what your doing and don't call me Surely LOL.
8/26/2013 10:23 AM
And when you give an update, make sure it can be followed through on.Or at least let us know that it can't.
8/26/2013 4:54 PM
Agree with Katz...Oriole, don't feel the need to respond to every random message from coaches.  Listen to what they are saying and understand how it affects your plan, but you'll drive yourself crazy trying to respond to everything.  I think a pinned topic that is updated daily (or at least every other day) will do a world of good, where we can understand where you're heading and see the progress being made.

But honestly, if this is beta is truly dead, pull the bandage off quickly and fess up, so we can quit spinning our wheels.  Your lack of communication makes me skeptical that there is truly effort being put into this and you are a real person leading this project. 

While 2.0 has much room for improvement, I can tolerate it until someone at WIS thinks it's important enough to improve this game.  What I can't tolerate is wasting time on something that's going nowhere.

8/26/2013 5:47 PM
I get that fellas. I'm sorry the updates aren't as fast and as furious as you would like them. I'm flushing out some of the rushing information right now. I'll go and start a thread right now and give you my updates. 

I'm reading all the posts, and I'm not responding to everyone because while it takes a few minutes to add updates, it doesn't just take a few minutes to respond to all the messages. I've been trying to spend most of my time making sure this engine is up to date. I wish I could show you what the code looks like, it's been rough sledding trying to make this machine deterministic. I can tell you how much progress I'm making, and it is significant from where it started. I am hoping that this beta release will hit the market soon, but like I said earlier, I'm not comfortable putting out a product that I do not know what is going on. The original goal was to get it out before College football started. I have postponed this (hopefully not too much longer) because I felt it wasn't ready. 

The tough part is that I came on this after the beta was already open. This product has been in beta for way to long, and I don't think it was ready when it went to beta. Now you are suffering through my hostile takeover, and I'm not at a point where the bug fixes are what is necessary, I feel that the game is still at a point that needs a little more work in the overhaul department. Bug fixes are right around the corner, I can estimate next week, but again, handling code and date estimates is not an easy thing. 

I'll go and create a new thread with the work that I have done over the last week and try to send updates as much as I can. Also, if you see a thread that you particularly like, or that you think I need to read immediately, or that I have missed, there is a star at the upper part of each thread. If you mark the ones that you think are important, this will help me shuffle through all of the topics that you think need responses. 

8/26/2013 7:36 PM (edited)
I don't think anyone is complaining about the amount of time Beta is taking Oriole.  We just feel in the dark about the direction.  Thanks for the response and hopefully we hear more about where the game is headed going foward.  We just want to be heard as changes are made so we don't have a game we don't want pushed on us in the name of saving time.   
8/26/2013 9:21 PM
You don't have to respond to every post. Just make a post. Thats it. five minutes, max. Every once in a while. Come on, man. 
8/26/2013 9:44 PM
birdwatcher said "Now you are suffering through my hostile takeover"

i take it he fired norbert and hired hisself

so what he owes me now is a school named St Oriole_fan
8/29/2013 3:42 PM
Oriole_fan---I've been noticing repetition in the PBP  (Foster throws to a covered Latham(Manuel,Logan,Sampson,) at the CSM 43 (long). Foster throws to a covered Latham(Manuel,Logan,Sampson,) at the CSM 43 (long). Pass is off the mark. Incomplete. )   This has happened on several occasions in a game on either team.  Also noticed that the Sacks went from 0 to 5 and 6 the second half for each team.  http://www.whatifsports.com/gdbeta/GameResults/BoxScore.aspx?gid=131030  Not something that is significant on either one but thought you might want to put those on your list. 
8/29/2013 5:56 PM
Oriole_fan said:
I get that fellas. I'm sorry the updates aren't as fast and as furious as you would like them.

I don't think you do get it, to be honest.  If you're talking about code updates, of course we'd like to see progress, but we would ALL rather see substantive improvements in the game engine RATHER than a wily-nilly "patch a day no matter what it does.  We want to see regular updates as to what work is being done.  As I've posted before, even a short post like "we continue to evaluate the dynamics of blocking on inside runs" would be appreciated.   Dropping a note on the board every 10-14 days when the natives are about to riot just reinforces the belief that the new game is a dead horse.

8/30/2013 12:45 AM
He does have a new pinned post that he updated on the 29th.
8/30/2013 12:57 AM
I didn't see that - thanks for pointing it out.

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