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Hey, i just started GD here took a job at Trinity (Texas) as my first job in the Bryant world.My team has been underhelming so far in the first two games was wondering if someone with some experience  want to take a look at my team and provide some insight at some ways to get some more points. I'm using a custom playbook i designed that is a pro base that also runs i on shorts and trips on longs, play calling many be a little to aggressive. Just changed my starting QB to the sophmore after 2 sub par starts from the senior, if anyone has any tips or anything would be greatly appreciated thank you.
8/28/2013 3:52 PM
Who to start?

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8/28/2013 5:21 PM
John Smith definitely. when it comes to QBs...think GI and TECH...followed by STR...and then for avoiding sacks/scrambling/rushing...ELU, SPD and ATH. Smith is better in 5/6 of those attributes
8/28/2013 7:13 PM
Smith is the winner.  Your freshman is TERRIBLE, cut him at the end of the season.  

Only use runs that get Bailey the ball.  He looks pretty good.  The rest of the RBs are subpar.

Most of the WRs wouldn't even see the practice field on my D3 team.  Brown is the only one really worth playing.

Porter is clearly the best TE.  But not really a pass catching guy.

O Line is average.  

Now you have to decide what to do with all that.  You don't have the weapons to go with a high flying offense.  I would suggest at least for this season and next, to move to a ball control offense geared around the ND Box and maybe the Wishbone.  Your running game is your strength, IMO.

Lastly, everyone knows to play heavy run vs I-Form on 3rd and short....and to play Nickel or Dime vs Trips on 3rd and long.  You need to change up a FEW things every now and again to try to take advantage of a defense that is set to stop the highly likely play.

8/28/2013 8:00 PM
Don't worry about this season, you don't have enough talent to compete anyway.  But for subsequent seasons, you really need to work on recruiting.  Learn what are important attributes for every position and don't get stuck with SimAI recruited players.  They'll kill your team.

8/28/2013 8:20 PM
Patience will be key. You're not gonna be good overnight.  Recruiting is the name of the game.  Definitely need to improve.

8/28/2013 8:24 PM
 Hey thanks Harriswb3 ya the freshmen was an assistant signing had 2 open scholars on last day, i think i'm going to try and run a wishbone thanks for your help bud.  
8/28/2013 8:25 PM
bhouska gave great advice.  Maybe you are thinking like me when I first started.  I had the INCORRECT thinking that all the teams were relatively equal, and that my "coaching genius" would show through via a high flying offensive philosophy and a stingy defense that blitzed like a bunch of crazy fools.

After about 5 or 6 games of getting my butt kicked, it became obvious that I did not have talent that was equivalent to others.  It then took me a season or two to figure out what talent to go after during recruiting.  Then it took me another couple of seasons to figure out how to actually SIGN the guys I wanted vs blowing all my money on battles and not winning those battles.  I knew I was on the right track because I was trying to recruit guys that the top teams were also recruiting/signing.

Just don't get frustrated because this is not like real life.  Its a game and you have to learn what the GAME will allow you to do and what it won't allow you to do.  Lots of good stuff in the forums and you will usually get pretty good advice when you ask.
8/29/2013 8:10 AM
btw...if you go with the bone...don't be fancy...just run, run, run, and then run some more.  Without extremely good talent, the passing game out of the bone is just total crap.
8/29/2013 8:11 AM
On defense, you don't have enough linebackers to play an effective 3-4 defense. I'd switch to a 4-3 and on obvious running plays crowd a lil closer to the line of scrimmage. But, like was said. You have to learn to play this game so don't be discouraged by not doing well your first few seasons......
8/29/2013 9:46 AM
Agreed with what they're saying, just learn the recruiting ropes and you'll get there. Recruiting, especially at the lower levels where you can see a larger talent gap, is critical. GL this season, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask someone, most coaches are willing to help and there are still a few "veterans" who have been around for quite some time
8/29/2013 11:01 AM
Posted by harriswb3 on 8/29/2013 8:11:00 AM (view original):
btw...if you go with the bone...don't be fancy...just run, run, run, and then run some more.  Without extremely good talent, the passing game out of the bone is just total crap.
I agree with this. I tried the bone with the idea I would recruit rb's with good receiving skills and just use them as runners on short downs.  Went for standard speed, elus, tech . Didn't make a bit of difference . Seemed to me any other formation , even ND is better as passing formation.
8/29/2013 1:59 PM
I did have some really, really great success with a full time passing game from the bone, a few seasons ago under another ID.  I believe it was a fluke, as I've not been able to do it with any other group of talent in over 30 seasons of full time wishbone offense on two different teams.  So while it is possible, it is extremely unlikely to be successful and it is very, very erratic.  One day you go 3-10 and the next 12-12.  One day all passes go to the RBs..the next day they go to the TE.  Hardly ever to the single matter how talented he happens to be.
8/29/2013 4:31 PM
Hey thanks everybody for all your help, its quite awesome to have this much suggestions so quickly. Try running a run base game plan for game today scored 3 points in first half switched back to my custom play book (edited to include more runs) for second half and almost came back to win putting up 21 points in second half. Just need a couple more tweaks but its coming along thanks again to everybody who took part in my poll and posted suggestions its nice to know there is people out there willing to help.
8/29/2013 5:15 PM
I still feel you're getting too bogged down on this season and how it's gonna go.  Don't.  That's a sure way to get frustrated and quit.  Until you learn to recruit successfully, you WILL NOT be successful.  Guaranteed.

8/30/2013 8:14 AM
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Assistance on scoring more points needed Topic

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